The In-Between-Ness and Lughnasadh

Lughnasadh haying season

Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, [and] look well to thy herds.
For riches [are] not for ever: and doth the crown [endure] to every generation?
The hay appeareth, and the tender grass sheweth itself, and herbs of the mountains are gathered. Proverbs 27, Bible


pictures of freecycle stuff and house in wv 049Good Greetings Beloved Friends and Readers.  I have been on quite a personal journey!  Joy is the destination for All People.  The way is through the shadow paving the way with LoveLight.  Love More and Expect Miracles.

Some changes have occurred in my inner Life.  fairyfarmgirl has gently let me know that she will serve as a “Consultant” to me.  I have been shoved out of the nest.  It is time for me to stretch my wings and fly.  Fairy will ever be present with me and flying alongside me as a Sister.  We are all One.  It has taken me nearly a month to integrate the new lessons I am learning… and still learning… and still integrating.  Life is a cascade of rainbows.   I met Fairy long ago when I considered myself a Farm Girl.  We decided to call our connection Fairyfarmgirl.  Fairy is from the Fairy Realm serves many other Liaison Roles. I bless you with Love.

I am growing from these experiences which at times have been very painful.  I have come to understand that pain is information.  It informs you where you must pay attention and transform.  It informs the way to trace and route out BS that must be Loved Free and transformed into Neutral Love.

This is a process of going through the Shadow, not ruminating the shadow, but forging through it with LoveLight and Courage.  The Lion’s Gate and Star of David Star Gates have opened up a new pathway to connecting with our ever present and innate wholeness. We are already Whole– we are always Holy.

It is the conscious connection that must be connected to.  It is a little like an old fashioned switch board.  We are the Operator connecting ourSelves to the LightLove.  It is up to us to do this.  There are plenty of Helpers, Guides, Angels, Concerned Benevolent Beings that are waiting simply for us to ask for help.  This is the time to find your Voice and ask for Help.  It is okay.  We are not meant to go along alone… to be separated from LoveLight.  This is not the way The Creator intended for us to Live.

Recently, I have spent time doing a living life review, where Fairy turned my attention to 1982 when I nearly died.  I had a NDE (Near Death Experience) and discovered that I was part of a greater whole. It was very challenging for me to understand this inter-connectivity when I my life was surrounded by  the deep 3D experience that surrounded me with, seemed in direct contradiction to… but was in fact an reality over laid over the Beauty and Love and Light inherent within, through out and around all life .

3D life is very much real.  This is the Reality we are shifting.  This is the work we are all doing.

This NDE is what opened space for me to connect to the Fairy Realm, the Angelic Realm, Mother Earth-Gaia, and to the Guides, Helpers and Beautiful Many.  It is what has forged the connectivity to the Benevolent Love Light Elder Healers of the Star Nations.

This ability to communicate with the wholeness, the Holy Connections of my Be-ing-ness is a gift that all of Humankind has.  I Am, You Are, We Are all One.

Each of us are a individual point of Love Light, unique and timeless, and yet part of the whole. Fairy and I have demonstrated this as a drop ceiling.  Each tile is unique and individual and yet part of the whole ceiling.

This now brings us all to the high point of Summer which I identify as Lughnasadh.  Others call it Lammas and still others just look at it as High Summer.  All perspectives are valid.  All are beautiful.   Look around, here in the Western Hemisphere all of nature is in a Fullness.  This Fullness is to be celebrated.  Connect to the Fullness of your own Inner Nature within yourSelf.

High summer is heralded by August leading up to Late Summer  ending at the September Equinox.

We are at the Fullness of High Summer in the Spiral of  Life.  The Season is Summer in her fullness.  The time is nearly mid-point.

The time is now to begin to harvest.

Pay attention to the Spiral, it is found everywhere you look.  Look and open your Mind and Heart to the Spiral. This will assist you in your Expansion of Awareness.

The Gardens are in a fullness.  The hay fields are being hayed made into rolls, bales and stacks.  Make Hay while the Sun is shining. As a child,the farmers used to shout this phrase to me as I watched them from the road.

The air is warm and at times hot, the sun is shining brightly.  The bugs are buzzing, the bees are busy and the Season of Summer is at its height.

I bless all with Love.  Enjoy the harvests within yourSelf and in nature.

Bees, Hampton Playground 3Take time to smell the scent of the newly mown fields.

Gaze at the fullness of the Green Green forest.

Love the fruits and vegetables and grains coming into their fullness from the garden, at a farm stand, and even at the grocery store.

This is the time!

It is the time of threshing grain, haying fields, putting up the the fruits of our labors for the winter to come.  This is the time to enjoy these fruits!

Prepare for the future.  Intention is part of the key.

Rose in the Morning

Run barefoot through the meadows with awe and wonder at the beauty of the spiral found in every flower blossom on the Earth… See the bouquet of white, red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, violet, and green.

Marvel at the the phases of the rose from bud to blossom to rose hips.

Look up at the sky and see the blue blue sky while gazing at the clouds feeling yourself clearly.  Clarity.

Starting today, here at the Fairy Farm we are celebrating Lughnasadh by picking fruits and vegetables at a pick-your-own farm.   Playing at a local lake.  Building a fire and making a lovely dinner on an open fire.

Over the next 4 days we will experience the fullness of Nature by being outside and in beautiful nature.  Through our travels we will pass fields being hayed.

It is a time to Be in the Fullness of Nature.

It is a time to cultivate a connection to the Fullness of your Be-ing-ness.

The big I AM that is ever present within your HEART and all around you at all times.

It is time.

There is a lot going on here on EARTH and throughout the cosmos.

There are Astrological Constellations, Planetary Alignments, Sextiles, Trines, Oppositions, Star Gates, and Planets going direct.

There are harvests being reaped, literally and meta-physically, there are ages coming to a close and new ages just opening.

There are energy Bridges appearing  and New Earth paradigms too.

There are Expansion of Awareness.  Peace is spreading in the HEARTs of Humankind.

There is a lot going on.

Be kind to yourSelf during this time and all times.  Take extra care with tending to your opening HEART.

Laugh with joy. Celebrate your life.   When you need to cry to release all that no longer applies to your life.  Let it go. In doing so, you open your HEART  to more joy and a greater connection to the fullness of you, the I AM that resides within  HEART.  Feel  the LoveLight that is all around you at all times, it is there even in the darkest moments.

Happy Lughnasadh and the In-Between-Ness.

I bless you with Love.  —Elizabeth






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