Lughnasadh– A Beautiful Weekend

Lughnasadh Weekend 2013  Hampton Falls 3

Red Clover growing under and between and alongside of the Blueberry Bushes at the farm

Red Clover

In fields of meadows, along sides of roads, in the ditches and between rows, Red Clover grows

Fills the Heart with Love

Healing woes where the Red Clover grows

Calms the nervous system, guards against invaders, helps the body glow where the Red Clover grows.

Salad and Tinctures, Balms and Flower Essences, Honey and Wine, Mead and Tea, Red Clover is wonderful in all these.

Companion to All plants not just one Red Clover grows among the fruits and vegetables, bushes and trees, the Farmer is best to let her be.

Friend to the Bumble and Honey Bee…

Red Clover loves thee and me and All that I see.

Elizabeth Loabe, August 2013 ©


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Lughnasadh Weekend 2013 Kingston Fire 1

Lugnasadh Fire at the Lake

The Fire begins with a loosely wadded ball of newspaper and some tubes of cardboard recycled and saved for this purpose.

A small pile of leaves are added to this mix

And then comes the twigs just picked from the ground and tested with a quick snapping in two

Then,  small pieces are placed in a circle ’round the top of this tinder pile

A match is struck and with a quick touch from the hand of woman

 Fire begins to to lap its hunger with the tinder under

There is the addition of breathe… making embers grow

And then suddenly the fire takes off and goes

Glowing  warmth contained in th’ fire ring

A transformative alchemical process

cookin’ corn and dinner and making s’mores

on this last day of Lugnasdh the harvest is born.

–Fire, Elizabeth Loabe ©


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