Global Water Meditation

Water is everywhere.  There is ONE Ocean– Humans like to say  there are different Oceans and Seas, and yet, there is only ONE ocean.  The Ocean circulates around the land masses of the continents and islands of the Earth.

It is time to connect to the water of the Ocean, and WATER of the Land.

A Beautiful Meadow of Wild Mustard leading to the sea.

A Beautiful Meadow of Wild Mustard leading to the sea.

Water has been very prominent in our experience this year.  In my life, we experienced flooding from burst pipes during the winter, flooding from the marsh, and storm surges.  Elsewhere, others have experienced flooding from rivers and lakes and streams.

What is the water trying to tell us?  I asked this of Fairy.  She answered, “It is an invitation to pay attention to water.  Pay Attention.  Create beauty.” 

For awhile now, I have blessed water with Love.  It is part of my daily living prayer to bless water and the Earth-Gaia, the realms of Flora and Fauna and Humankind.  I bless you with Love!

The Global Water Healing Meditation is from Peter Sineh.   I found it by chance on the internet.  I am inspired by its beauty and simplicity.

Simple is good.  The Universe is complex because it contains infinite components of simplicity.   Each part if simple in design… creative and beautiful and multi-dimensional.  Each facet of the universe begins with the spiral,

Water is the staff of Life.  It flows forth and creates life with the other components that then seed life.

Water is multi-dimensional.  It is called programmable.  This is not complete in definition.  Water is co-creative.  It is influenced by the atomic structures it flows through and around.  This is why some springs of water are healing and other springs of water are not. Water is healing in its clear, clean, pristine form– H20 and supporting dissolved atomic structures that are part of the water.


Flow for me this year and last year has been a theme of sorts.  Flow in all kinds of situations– Flow of water, flow of money, flow of energy.

Water is a form of Energetic Construct that interfaces with physicality.  It is an energy stream made into form and thus life giving and life sustaining.


Healing is simply returning one to the natural state of Love and all its attributes.  This is what healing creates.  Healing occurs when we first open and connect to Love within ourSelves.  This then sets the water to be co-creative with us within us and the water within us all then communicates with the water around us… and that water then communicates with the water around it… and the cascade effect ripples on and on and on.

The New Earth Paradigm is here– it is available to connect to and at the same time we all are still standing in the Old Earth Paradigm.

As we Love More we create Miracles.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  Blessing the water in meditation– and prayer is an act of Love.  Loving Water creates more Love in the world.  This then heals the water, heals the animals and plants, heals humankind.

This action requires our collective will.  It requires a critical mass of at least 11% of us doing this.

Take time each day as you are able to sit and say “bless you water or to simply say to it “Health.”

The water is already “Health”   It is the pollutants and atomic structures in water that does not belong.  By co-creating a connection to Health or Blessing with the water, this then transmutes that which does not belong in the water.  It in essence changes the agreement.

Let us do this together, as one.  I bless each and every one of you with Love.

With gratitude, I bless you with Love.  –Elizabeth

Water Meditation


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