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Elizabeth-Fairy Farm GirlGood Greetings All!

Today, I visited my little raised bed garden as I do 3 times a daily every day.

I watered all my window boxes, and hanging baskets from my rainwater collection bin.

Then, I made my way to my raised bed garden.  I have a raised bed garden that I wrote about a while back on the Fairy Farm Girl Digest… back in May 2013.  I had just planted my rose bush and other flowers.

Fairy Rose Bed 7

The Fairy Rose

Now my flowers are in full bloom.  My vegetables have been harvested or are about to be harvested… and my Rose Bush is blooming again!  The second blooming of my Rose:  The Fairy Rose.

Lately I have been seeing the Flower Fairies around my rose bush.

I have heard their laughter that sounds like the clinking of little bells.  I have had them tap me on my left shoulder and I turn to look at them and then they would tap me on my right shoulder.

I am familiar with this game we play. So I looked a second time over my right shoulder and then said aloud,  “Okay, I know you wish to speak to me.  So let us communicate.”

The message they had for me was although I live in an area where the follies of Mankind have placed artificial structures upon the dirt of the Earth, that Nature and the Fairy Realm are ever present.  And where ever there is land, nature finds a way.  They also told me they were pleased with my little wild raised box garden.

Fairy Rose Bed 5Many volunteer plants decided to grow there because of my continued Loving Prayers for the Earth. I felt so blessed to have their message of Loving Creation and Good will.

The plants reside next to 2 smart meters and are growing beautifully.  Love More and Expect miracles.  The artificial Energy creations of Humankind are rendered harmless through the transmutation into neutral Love.  I bless All with Love.

It has been a challenging summer for me, the human being, Elizabeth.  There has been much shifting, much change, and much activity in my daily life.  It has been interesting to say the least.

I have learned to let go of more.  I have forgiven a new layer of stuff, the gunk and junk that we all carry over from past lifetimes.  I have let go and surrendered my fears about abundance.  I have come to a place of great gratitude, greater than all previous states of gratitude.

`I arrive now at a new journey.  The Journey toward Plenty and Abundance in my real time life… moving from abundance of Loving in the Metaphysical Realm to Abundance and Plenty and Loving creation on the Earth Realm.

I am currently reading a great book, called “The Energy of Money,” by Maria Nemeth, PhD.  It was recommended to me by an amazing Metaphysical Colleague.

It has to do with the Law of Attraction Gurus not giving the full story on “the how to.”  I believe many of them did this by design.  It was designed to attract attention and profits.  This was their intention.  So, now the cat is out of the bag.

The game is up.  I now understand more of how to bring money intentions from the Metaphysical to the Earthly Realm into physicality for my use to fund my life.

I have always been excellent at attracting goods and service, just not money.  This has puzzled many including Me!  So now am finding the little errors in the translation of the Law of Attraction within myself.

Money is energy.  Energy is infinite.  Maria Nemeth, calls Money Energy, congealed Energy, energy slowed down to create form.  It permeates all aspects of modern life.  It is the tool of the modern age— where the bag and wheel revolutionized life for humankind, money has revolutionized life for those of the last 5000 years  and this new age that we are in which I call the New Earth.

Fairy Rose Bed 3So, back to my Fairy Rose.  The Rose has blossomed into incredible beauty in my little raised garden bed.

My garden bed is raised because I live next to a marsh that creates tidal flooding at least 2x’s a month or more.  So far the flooding has been no more than 3 feet.  The water comes in with the tide and then recedes with the tide.

This flooding usually leaves behind lots of stranded Jonas Crabs and the invading Green Crabs and of course salt hay.  I bless all with Love.

Water has dominated my life.  Flow has been the theme of the past 2 years.  Flowing like water.  Water seeks its own level.  It makes its mark on the Land.  It takes on form and is flexible, adaptable, changeable, useful, sacred, and essential.  I am learning so much from water.

As I watered my beautiful Fairy Rose this morning with the rainwater I collected from the wonderful rainstorms we have had for the past 3 days, I connected with the rain water, this wonderful nourishing fresh water for my plants.

Fairy Rose Bed 2As the water soaked into their dirt and the plants drank with their thirsty roots, and the leaves shivered with delight over being flicked with water droplets from my bucket of rain water, I felt their Love shimmer and a beam of sparkling luminosity filled the air around me.  I felt their delight.  I spoke to my plants as a beloved relations.

The Realm of Flora– so giving and generous, with their usefulness and beauty.  I bless the Realm of Flora with Love.

The Fairy Realm was my first contact with the more Luminous Formless Realms.  I bless the Flower Fairies that spoke with me this morning.  I bless Fairy Farm Girl for walking with me into this new Era of the New Earth.

I am so excited by life and living.  I am so happy and grateful for you and I and that resides within this realm of Living Love: Life.

As I watered my plants I focused on Peace.

I Choose Peace.  This is my Prayer.  Peace Here in My HEART.  Peace Every where!

I focused my Blessings of Love toward the People and Land of Syria, The Middle East, North Africa.

I focused my Blessing of Love toward the realms of Flora and Fauna of these areas.

I focused my Blessings of Love toward the water of Syria, the Middle East, North Africa the Earth:   Ocean Water, Fresh Water within the Earth, Rain Water that falls to the Earth, Evaporated Water that is Water Vapor:  All Water.

I then returned my focus to my plants.  I bless my plants with Love.  I Love you.  I bless the Earth with Love.  I Love You.  I bless mySelf with Love.  I Love mySelf.  I bless All with Love.

As I came back to a more Conscious Awareness, I heard the song of the crickets, singing so loudly it sounded like a cricket symphony, then the nearly clarinet sound of the Sea Gull punctuated their loving symphony, followed by the announcements of the Crows, the trill of the sparrows, the honk of the geese. The Twitters of the little finches.  They were all there all around me.  A dragonfly flew through my garden area.

It is time. The time is Now.  I bless you and all with LightLove.  I bless all with Love.


This journey took me 15 minutes.  Life is so full and diverse in just 1 minute– 15 minutes of focus while doing something I truly enjoy, is a cacophony of beauty.

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