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Elizabeth-Fairy Farm GirlGood Greetings to All!

Such an auspicious time, the Autumn Equinox is here in the Northern Hemisphere!  It is spring for those in the Southern Hemisphere.   Happy Equinox!

The Moon is Full!  The Moon last night was exceptionally bright. It pulled on me to move into a space of introspection and Love.   Inspiring me to simply Love More.  I spent the early night, yesterday, blessing all that is and praying for Benevolent Outcomes for those who I am asked to pray for.

Now is the time to really connect with a Space of Grace and Love and Forgiveness.  It is challenging energy for sure—bringing up  old hurts, new hurts, and stuff that has been allowed to fester far too long.   There are many all over the world who are in need of prayers and blessings, intentions and energy support.  As you feel your way through these energies, some will call out to you and in a space of Love you may choose to answer with a blessing, intention, prayer or direct action.  Connect with your Higher Self and Guidance using your intuition, allow your HEART to Letting LOVE Rule.

Today, here in the area of New England that I reside along the marsh and sea, it is a beautiful day.  The sun is streaming in the windows.  The air is cool and crisp and warming to the sun.  The birds are flocking.  The plants are having their last push to create new blossoms for the bumbles and honey bees.

We are in the last push of this part of the shift into an Expansion of Awareness and Body Upgrade.  The last push is the most exhausting part of the birthing process.  It requires digging down deep into the HEART and Soul of the Self and gathering the last bit of energy to push, push, push, push… and then all of sudden there is a whoosh, a release and something quite new has arrived.

I awoke today exhausted.  I am ready to just return to bed, and snooze the day away.  This is just not to be as I have to attend to the life that is around me.  But, oh, the prospect of sleeping more is such an inviting idea.

Lughnasadh Weekend 2013 RyeInstead, I will spend the day out in nature, walking along the beach, hiking in the forest, and meditating.  I intend to take my time, conserve and build my energy and take exquisite care of myself.

Exquisite Self Care is of utmost importance  at this time, during the astrological alignments, changes of the seasons, and solar flares/activity.   Give yourself permission to attend to you, to completely and fully LOVE YOURSELF.  In Loving the SELF, you create a greater capacity to LOVE others more fully and completely.  This is is a BIG opportunity to create more of what you would like to see show up in your life.

Focus on what you would like to see.  When your mind takes you on a detour to negativity land, put yourself in reverse and back up to the on ramp to Positive Land—LOVE More and Expect Miracles!

Saturn_during_EquinoxSaturn is in the House so to speak.  —And When this happens there is an opportunity to forgive stuff that comes up out of the depths of our subconscious, consciousness, and from the body/energy system.

Many are feeling quite grumpy in this energy.  I know I am.  ‘Yet another opportunity for deep personal work in the midst of having to continue intensely living life.’  There is no meditation retreat or hiding out in a cave for those of us with responsibilities.  Responsibility is of course very Saturnian.   Saturn also has a great capacity for LOVE and joy even if it is a bit on the serious side.  Thankfully, Wisdom requires a measure of humor or at least mirth.  Saturn also knows how to throw a party from organization to who gets along with who and how to make it so everyone has everything that will make for a smooth time.  Saturn is necessary even if it causes catalyzing influence that brings unwanted and unknown stuff to the surface.  What is really important is to be willing to deal with it all with compassion and LOVE.

 A Space of Grace is essential when stuff is unearthed during a Life Review while living.  There are many ways to get to this inner space—this inner posture of Grace.  I use blessing others and myself to get myself to this SPACE of GRACE, even when I am feeling anything but GRACE.  The action of blessing with the intention of opening my HEART and a SPACE of GRACE creates the space for GRACE to be activated within and throughout and around my body and torsion field.   It takes focus—putting the mind in reverse from the path of negativity and making a U-Turn for the on ramp to Positivity Land.

Four Days ago I was awakened at 4:44 in the morning with the song You got to Let Love Rule.  This song is performed by Lenny Kravitz.  I heard the whole song aurically in my ears but not through my ears.  It was a telepathic transmission from the Angelics.   It was a real WOW moment for me.  I have got to Let LOVE rule in Loving More of Myself.  By Loving More of myself, I assist in creating the New Earth through me.  Loving More means dropping judgement of the Self.  Neutral Love means to forgive oneself in the moment.  To truly Love and see all a as a process of learning and being.  This is a key that has been missing from my daily practice.  I got to Let Love Rule. You can listen to the song here.

For so long I have been hyper critical of myself.  Full of shoulds that I should have done instead of what ever I did do.  This is so very counter productive to actually changing the behavior driven by subconscious patterning.   Second guessing myself, holding myself in judgement for things that happened years ago, all of that gunk and junk is simply transmuted and released with Loving focus on Letting Love Rule.

I am no different than any one else of this journey of Self Actualization or Expansion of Awareness or Ascension— I have my stuff to deal with as you do as well.  We all do.  The process is greatly eased by Love, truly Loving yourself and in doing so creating a Space of Grace.  This is what is known as Ease, the action of Grace.

Judgement is a fear based response.  Within ,there is no space for judgement.  There is only space for discernment.  Discernment occurs in the moment not after the moment.  The Now Moment is the only moment.  This is a challenging principle to really truly grasp… to move beyond intellectual knowing, into heart wisdom and practice.  The message to me that has shifted all this analysis of myself into a space of grace is I got to let L O V E Rule.’  —And so it is.  Selah.  Blessed Be and Amen.

Enjoy the day that each day has to offer.  Look around and behold the beauty of nature, the wonder of the Realms of Flora and Fauna—the changing of the seasons.  The big Push as something quite new is emerging from each and every one of us: as each individual of the whole.  I Am:  You are:  We are:  One and yet each of us in our inter-connectedness of this ocean of consciousness are indeed individual.

autumn in nhThe true hues of each tree is now emerging upon their leaves as the season of Autumn begins here where I reside.  And from each of us, our true and beautiful hues are emerging creating the beautiful New Earth that we are indeed.

I bless you with Love.  Happy journey.  So it is. –Elizabeth

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Doing a Life Review while living is empowering if one connects with the Higher Self, Wholeness of Being, and the Angelics.  Otherwise, the mind goes into judgement and you are pushed out of a space of Loving Compassionate Neutrality.  Neutral Love assists one in being in a State of Expansion which creates more L  O  V  E.  LOVE then creates a Space of Grace and forgiveness ending the cycle of pain. Fairy Farm Girl



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