The Energy Deluge: September Equinox

EquinoxGood Greetings All!

Happy Day to you!  Happy Equinox Energy Week!

The Equinox is a what is called a power day– the Main Equinox Day of Energy.  I awakened at 4:30 am, ready to great the day.  I had a lovely cup of coffee and watched the clouds moving around in the pre-dawn light.  I decided to go for a pre-dawn walk and watch the sunrise on the beach.

I spent to some time getting ready for my walk– attending to the life around me and as I was just about to go out the door, the rain  began, as a deluge.

The clouds I had been watching, in a short time had joined together and made rain– lots of rain… it rained steadily for the entire morning— and then as suddenly as the rain had began it stopped.  By Noontime, the clouds had moved out to sea and the sun was shining— nothing but blue blue sky to see!

A lot of newness was experienced when I awakened from a nights sleep at 4:30 am.  I had a general feeling that everything was about to change– flow is in the house.  Yippie!  Flow and Ease– a Space of Grace.  So exciting!

Previously on Saturday,  this Equinox Weekend, I experienced a shift– an Expansion of Awareness and multidimensionality.  It really created within me an expansiveness– vastness– and I spent the rest of the day in a state of ease.  It took much focus to keep my feet on the ground!  A great day Saturday spent out in nature, in the company of beautiful people followed by a lovely walk on the beach.  The sunset was spectacular.

The High Equinox, we celebrated with watching a football game (an attempt at normalcy) while having a discussion on how to build a better suit for the players to wear.  We thought the helmets should have airbags.  The children thought that the football players apologize when they were too rough.

Then, while the game was going on, I decided to join a meditation  for Peace focusing on Syria and moving my focus outward to all people and all lands of the world.

I Choose Peace this is my Prayer.
Peace Here in My HEART
Peace Everywhere

I enjoyed listening to The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) while connecting with the millions of other people all over the world intending, praying for Peace and actively involved in the Peace Process and International Peace Day 9/21-9/22.

During half time, dinner was prepared and put into the oven.  After the game, we all had a lovely Sunday Supper and said grace with a focus on thanking the Earth for the abundance and bounty of food, thanking the people who have assisted us and intending for Peace for All people.

Recently, I had received a map of the World from Doctors Without Borders (they sent a fundraiser letter to me and a map of the world).  I hung up the map on the back of the back door in our kitchen.  So we could look at the map and discuss different places all over the world.  The kids like to point out the world’s continents look like they are puzzle pieces that belong together.  Each time, they notice this, it creates a new discussion of inter-connectedness and ‘Loving Your Neighbor.’

sandcastleAs soon as dinner was done, on the evening of the High Equinox, just before sunset, we headed for the beach to build sandcastles,watch the sun go down, and really feel connected to Earth, Water, Sky and Sun (Fire) as well as Ether.  To our delight we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves.  The kids starting building sandcastles straight away.

The Light was incredible– beyond spectacular.  I can only express this as a state of gratitude and wonder and awe.    We could see it streaming in from the Cosmos and the Solaris-Sun to the dirt of the Earth, Mother Earth Gaia and all her inhabitants.

Herring Gull

Herring Gull

The Sea gulls were like ballerinas in air, swooping down toward the

Lesser Black Backed Gull

Lesser Black Backed Gull

sea and the beach and then spinning

Lesser Black Backed Gull

Lesser Black Backed Gull

upward as if in a pirouette.  Amazing!

There are 3 distinct species of sea gulls that live on the Seacoast of NH.  Each species has a different call and look.  And yet they are all seagulls and they all tend to flock together.

The three types are Herring Gulls, Lesser Black Backed Gull and Greater Black Backed Gull– of the three types of Gulls, the Greater Black Backed Gull is the largest on the beach for sure.  And yet, they all get along, for the most part.

All of the Gulls are omnivorous, usually mate for life, and will move inland during a storm.  They all have a different language and yet seems to understand each other quite well.  PEACE is present even among the Gulls.

The waves of the ocean were so distinct and beautiful as we sat on the beach.  The children built sandcastles and we watched and supervised.  The light was something quite like no other that we have seen ever.  It was different.  We have arrived at a different space-place on the Flower of Life.

Today, I had the startling experience of seeing myself as fully self-sufficient and beautiful as I am– for a moment I saw myself as the Angels see us.  It was a WOW! moment completely and purely.  I just loved that this is what I am seeing now… not just intellectual knowing, but true wisdom feeling within my HEART and seeing with my eyes this luminosity that I have not seen in a long while since my last BIG LEAP. And then the realization that everything is always changing.  Life and Living is like water, it changes, and changes all it touches, it takes on form and acts on that form… it can not be compressed, contained and always seeks its own level.  I am beginning to see that the Soul is like Water– not on a poetic intellectual understanding– A knowing that we are all like water– as pure consciousness embodied in form.

In the early afternoon, I saw the movie Epic with my children.  And the BIG LEAP is like the the leaps that the “little forest people” take effortlessly.  The fluid motion that they move through life in harmony with the forest, the Earth, the realms of Flora and Fauna and others.  This movie had so many truths embedded within it.

After the movie we went on a walk and  found a wild apple tree. We decided to wild gather some apples.  We did as a group effort by reaching up to grab a large branch and shake the tree.  The the kids ran around picking up the falling apples.  We collected enough apples to last the week  and make an apple pie!

Apple TreeNothing compares to a freshly picked apple from nature… from the land to the hand with the assistance of the the Earth Gaia, Fairy Realm and the apple tree.  So delightful in the area that we live so many trees are wild, so many wild foods are available to sample and harvest if one wishes to do so.

While we were shaking the Apple Tree the crows were cawing and a hawk circled to take a look at what we were doing.  The apples fell that were ready for harvest easily as Nature (Mother Earth Gaia and the Tree) intends.

The Apples that did not fall with a gentle shaking of the tree were left to mature, they were left on the tree.  Peace.  We thanked the Apple Tree for her gifts and went on our way home.

Apple Trees are one of my favorite trees.  The Apple Tree symbolize Magic, health, wellness, joy and beauty as well as youthfulness.

I bless all with Love!  Enjoy the scenes of the Sea that I filmed at Sunset, September Equinox 2013.   I express Gratitude for each and everyone of YOU!  Thank you! Peace On. –Elizabeth

Dawn, North Beach, Hampton, NH

Dawn, North Beach, Hampton, NH



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