Beauty: Love More and Expect Miracles

field of grass

The Way to create Green Grass is to water it. What are you watering to create Green beauty in your Life. The HEART Chakra is the color green  It is close to this color expression of this amazing green grass.


Fairy Farm GirlGood Greetings and A Happy 2nd Day of October!  October is a month of change– Autumn is gearing up and nearing a fullness of color in the Temperate parts of Surface Earth… in other places it is spring… and yet other places the dry season or the wet season.  Throughout all of surface Earth– October is a month of Change. October is an opportunity for Expansion of Awareness and interconnection to the Deepening Flower of Life and Love– the New Earth Paradigm.

These times are very FEAR enhancing.  The Paradigm is falling and the New Earth Paradigm is just beginning to Rise.  It is very challenging for many to stay centered.  What is being seen in the Media does not make sense– to Elizabeth and we are feeling most are intuiting there is something more that is unseen at work.

The Game that is being played is not about what it seems to be about.

The blame and shame game that the powers that are (the Deep State) are trying to continue to play– are confusing to the mind.   The Mind wants to know ‘what will happen?’  And yet the HEART beckons something completely different.  The Field of Life– morphogenetic fields are being empowered and created in a crystalline structure with Love.  Love is streaming to the Planet Earth, Mother Earth-Gaia, all Realms of Flora and Fauna and Humankind.

Flower of Life

Humankind is feeling this enhanced connection to LOVE and yet the reality around has not changed drastically– or has it?

BIG changes are rarely seen until these BIG changes have occurred.  Almost all shifts occur in small shifts… like lawn growing… it does not seem like it is growing until it is so tall that the growth is perceived.

The shift is incremental and because you are shifting and you are not perceiving it until you have shifted– resting on a new petal of the Flower of Life.

This unfolding is continuous… there is always a new place to rest on.  Life is a journey of unfolding Love and Beauty within and through and by the Flower of Life.

The Mind wants to know ‘what will happen?’ This question is unanswerable because you are creating the answer in the Now moments.  The Now Moments are created by  your individual and collective Feelings and Focus of Attention.  So, if what is being created for the future is in the Now, pay attention to what you are creating.

In order for energy constructs to continue these constructs must be fed.  FEAR feeds the Old Paradigm Energy Constructs.

It obscures the LOVE that is already present here on Earth.  It obscures the abundance that is available for all to partake in– it obscures the interconnection that All are part of.

Throw off the cloak of Fear– go through Fear– and expose the LOVE that is here and available for you to connect to, work with, create with, breathe in– Let the Light Shine Through.  Use this LOVELight to take action in your lives with and by acting in accordance and in alignment with Love and thus, creating Beauty.

green gaia heartAll are part of the Flower of Life. Empower LOVE Constructs by Loving and Accepting the Beauty that you are and that is all around you.  This is a new way of looking at Life.

Try it out. Practice makes progress. 

Spend some spare moments being willing to see the BEAUTY around you.  BEAUTY is the active expression of LOVE.  Seeing beauty empowers LOVE. Beauty is green.  Notice how green the realm of Flora is.  The leaves of the tree, the grass so green, the stems of flowers, the leaves of herbs and vegetables, the seaweed, the ocean..all deep beautiful green.  Green is Golden.  It holds within its Green Ray nourishment to the Soul, the HEART, and the Body.

We speak of the BEAUTY that takes the breathe away– the sunrise and sunset, the tree, the flower, the LOVE shared between a mother and child.  True BEAUTY is within the Core, the HEART of All Life.  True Beauty transcends skin deep.  True Beauty is recognized immediately and yet can be only alluded to. 

Notice how you are feeling. When you feel fearful, self correct before you become in Fear.   Disconnect from the outer life (largely a very real illusion) and instead, look into your eyes, listen with your ears, smell with your nose, touch with your hands, the Beauty around around you. 

Cultivate this LOVE for yourSelf  as you stand in this Flower of Life surrounded by Beauty.

See the Beauty that you already are… the Beauty within your Soul through your senses.

Really breathe in the Beauty that you are.

Feelings of Fear only Empowers the Old Paradigm. Empower the New with your Love, Love of yourSELF and others.  We Love each and every one of you.– All of Humankind.

When you start to feel fear, take a Deep breath, hold for a moment exhale slowly and naturally.  Remember a Loving Moment in your Life. Expand that Loving Feeling in your HEART and Self Correct.  Realign your thoughts to the and through Love in your HEART and the Beauty all around you.  This Beauty is of the All, the One, that some call God/Goddess, Source Energy, Creator, Great Goddess– The All is know by many names and is indescribably beautiful inspiring wonder and awe in the HEARTS of Humankind.

LOVE More and Expect Miracles.  Breathe in the Beauty that you already are.  We bless you with Love.  —Fairy Farm Girl and Fairy Realm through Elizabeth

field of grass

The Way to create Green Grass is to water it. What are you watering to create Green beauty in your Life. The HEART Chakra is the color green It is close to this color expression of this amazing green grass.



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