Inter-connectivity and Love

elToday, as I sat waiting for a place to open in real time, I watched a beautiful scene unfold.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere of the Northeast part of the USA it is Autumn.  Autumn is also know as Fall.  It is called Fall because it is the time of year when, fruit falls from the tree, nuts fall from the tree, and leaves fall from trees.  Fall as in Falling.

Apple TreeI like to call this time of year, Autumn.  Such a lovely word, Autumn.  It conjures up memories within my HEART of picking up apples, and picking apples– of pumpkins ripening– of leaves falling to the ground and as a child the hundreds of canning jars of apple sauce, apple butter, stewed apples, apple jelly, apple compote.  Apples play a prominent role in my feeling of Joy in this season.

Today, a day like any other day, I watched a Beautiful scene unfold.  The wind began to pick up.  I heard acorns and pine cones clink and clatter against the roof of my car, in a sort of gentle toss to the ground from squirrels and the wind.

I was just watching the sky through my sunroof window… while waiting for a place to open… when the sailing of leaf across the way caught my eye and attention.

I sat transfixed with wonder and awe as the wind caught the leaves of the tree, and and the branches shook gently as if a tiny bell being rung– and the leaves began to fall– they fell in spirals and pirouettes, they fell in a pattern that felt like a Flower of Life.  The leaves fell to the ground to the feet of the roots of the tree.

Each leaf is like a little mother.  Each leaf through the spring and summer and autumn, nourishes the tree like a little mother… thousands of little mothers all nourishing the tree until one day, like any other day, the time comes in their life of leafiness to fall in a golden hue.  The leaves then continue to nourish the tree, its roots, the dirt of the earth, the ecology of the tree, the forest, the land.  This is the time of the Seasons of the Fall of the Little Mothers and Interconnectivity and Love

Leaves Falling

It has been very busy here at the Fairy Farm.  This is the season of doing stuff… getting ready for the big push to introspection and then guided action of Winter and Spring through Summer.

Earth-earth-space-1600x1200Mother Earth Gaia always shows the way.  Look for the Beauty, the inter-connectivity, Love in the world around you– the Planetary World– and take a moment to really breathe in the Love all that supports Life has to offer.

These past few weeks I have learned to simply stop, and center and be.

Some movies have helped me with this.  After Earth and The Last Mimzy are two double features that I recommend on view on the same night.  Take a knee and the Space Bridge are very important ideas that really work on the conscious mind and HEART.

Enhancing our ability to be more fully present pliable, Expansive– These movies give us a language in which to evoke and invoke our own coming home to our Own Hearts.

There is so much going on out in the world.  The Astrologers are calling this time a Sacred Cross in the Celestial Skies that along with Scorpio in Saturn and more, a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon and a Mercury Retrograde– and lions and tigers and bears… oh my!  It has been, well, interesting for those of us physically embodied here on Earth.  Get out your surf boards and flack jackets ’cause you are going to need them to stay focused on the goal– Expansion of Awareness.

hard hats rainbow

Incidentally, on my road, the whole road is being under construction.  It is noisy and smelly and dusty.  The whole house shakes.  There is no where to park– even though I have a driveway, I have no access.  The path to the Marsh is being upgraded.  The engineers tell all of us who live on this road that they are installing flood reduction culverts and drains.  We are interested to see how this feat of human toil turns out.  The construction will finish up sometime after Mercury goes direct sometime in Early December.

Living in a construction zone takes patience and fortitude and strength and adaptability and a large dose of humor.

There was a Government shutdown– show down here in the USA. At one point I expected to hear Music Que for Cowboy Duel Music.

Yes, External life has been for lack of better word:  weird.

Internal Life, in my heart, has been progressively more Expansion– as in an Expansion of Awareness.  It is challenging to be Expanding Awareness and staying centered in this stormy Energy. Love More and Expect Miracles.

The upside-down world is in the process of being turned right side up.  When rocks get lifted the bugs scurry to find a shadow to live under.  The Light is shining in all directions as if one were in a room with a crystal– and there is  no place to hide as all the shadows are being revealed, one at a time. All is up for review.  Remember what your reviewing so when action time comes you are ready to let go and let Love emanate from your HEART.  Love transmutes all.  Peace Pilgrim spoke of this often.

This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love. There is nothing new about this message, except the practice of it. And the practice of it is required not only in the international situation but also in the personal situation. I believe that the situation in the world is a reflection of our own immaturity . If we were mature, harmonious people, war would be no problem whatever – it would be impossible.

Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim.

There is an elegant Celestial Angelic Algorithm to all of this… which I am sure someone far better at math would be able to depict than eye-I.  As Fairy has tapped me on the shoulder to remind me that all is in the I-eye of the beholder. 

Flower of Life

The beholders of the I-Eye, are ones with eyes to see will first detect the new day to be.  This is where it is challenging.  There is something New being created– as is A New Earth Paradigm, that is in the process of becoming a New Way for the New Day here on Earth.  We are the Creators voting and creating with the focus of our thoughts and heart.

And the Dawning Day Dawns. 
The Sun Graces Your Face
And Through Your HEART
You bring the Rainbow Dream of LightLove to the New Day…

–From Rainbow Dreams, Elizabeth Loabe ©


Rainbow over the Marsh, Hampton Beach, NH


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