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Good Greetings Friends and Readers!

It has been an interesting time since I last posted!  Life is definitely in a Mercury Retrograde that is for sure.

I have been a bit displaced.  My computer is AWOL being borrowed by a dear one that is away.

The free computers have been busy.

I have had near misses with traffic accidents.  I have had near misses with weird accidents.

Due to construction I am not  able to access my road that I live on for at least 10 hours a day.

Outer life has been delayed, re-routed, in a holding pattern, spending time in a layover and more.  Through it all I have kept a sense of humor and buried myself in funny fiction books.  A good read lets one pass time as one is waiting.

And I have been waiting.  Waiting in line, waiting for my turn, waiting for time to pass at cafes, libraries, in my car, on park benches.  Waiting has been the theme.  While I have been physically waiting, I have been Expanding in Awareness.  I am at a different inner place in my HEART and Beingness than I was a week ago.  It is impossible to explain.  Music tells a greater story and I can with words.

bookSo, while I have been waiting, I have been waiting in cafes and coffee shops.  Slooooowly drinking a cup of coffee or tea or eating a pastry with great restraint and slowness that would even out do my youngest child who takes 1 hour after everyone has finished eating to finish eating.  While reading ,the patrons sitting around me and the servers give me weird looks because I am reading actual books. 

These past weeks I have had many people come up to me to ask me the following as I sit immersed in a funny fiction book:

  1. Stranger: What are you doing?  Me:  Uhmmm reading.  I say with a wry smile.
  2. Stranger:  Is that a real Book?  Me:  Uhmmm Yes!  I say laughing.
  3. Stranger:  Why are you reading?  Who has time to read?  Where did you get that book?  Me:  I love to read.  I am currently not online very much.  At the library.  Reading is fun! I bless  your Heart!
  4. StrangerIt is so wonderful to see someone reading a book!  Me:  I read books all the time.  I love books. 
  5. Stranger:  Are you laughing at me or at that book?  Is something funny?  Me:  Yes.  It is a funny book.  No, I am not laughing at you.  I bless your Heart.

So, the consensus is among those who have interacted with me that books are obsolete.  Why would anyone  read anymore.  And laughing in public while sitting alone is weird.

I must say, I can not stop laughing!  If I am to get through this time where there is much opportunity for conflict I must decline the invitations to conflict (well most of them) and dig out the attributes of Saturian-Aquarian Mirth.  Laughing is good fun and makes life more bearable while one is waiting.


happy Halloween/Happy SamhainSo, here I am on Samhain Day, contemplating Happy Halloween and basking in the contemplation of this beautiful new Celtic Year– the Wheel has turned.



Samhain Eve this year will be understated.  I am tired from all the displacement to do much of any celebration.  This tiredness is shared by many.  From my correspondence online there are many who are tired.  From my friends in real time, tiredness is a theme.  Coffee for many has become the only way to make it through dinner and bedtime.

On Halloween-Samhain, after a very energetic afternoon and early evening of escorting my own little Witch, Vampire, and Peacock  through the town and much Samhain Merry Making and  candy taking, I, Celtic Queen Fairy Farm Girl in my one purple dress,  will speak to those who have come before me.

Light some incense. Burn a candle.  Say some prayers/intentions. Remember those who have lived and loved before you.  Remember your Heroes and celebrate their Humanity.  We are all part of the same Race, the Human Race.

On this day, every year I marvel at all I  have survived and embrace the New Season that is beginning.

I have been keeping track of the Solar Flare activity… the week of October 31, 2013 I looked at the data it was at 30 Solar Flares in just this month, let alone the other Celestial Alignments.

~Recently and thankfully, here in the states, where I reside, the Government Shutdown has ended.  Change is happening.  What that change will look like is up to our collective Hearts and Minds and Will.

Although, now, all the Service to Self/Negative/Fear fringe groups have been given carte blanche by the actions of few in the USA Congress to come out into the open and make mischief.

There are all kinds of  ideas that are bubbling up from the collective consciousness to be reviewed and transmuted.

It is best to try to avoid becoming emotionally involved with stuff that you do not want in your reality.  This is easier said than done.  I have to work at it.

Since, I am a human being when I get bogged down, I realized it and self correct.  You can too.  Self correct and Forgive when you get overwhelmed by the negativity and act out by shouting and making arguments.  When you come to your senses:  apologize, self correct and let it go.

In real time, this happens through systems– the rule of law being tested, changed, and upheld.  This is the time to send Love and Light through the vote of your HEART and Mind of focus to empowering the Vortexes of Love that are now gaining speed and starting to dissolve the old Earth vortexes.

It will take time.

The process can be enhanced and empowered to speed up the process through Love.  Love yourSelf and your neighbor.  Be kind.  Let it go and forgive.  This is how we are all birthing the New Earth through each of our Hearts and Conscious Minds.  One does not have to be aware of metaphysics or mystics to do this.

Simply Live with Love and Kindness as your way and means to living.  Love More and Expect Miracles

Recently,an astrologer wrote that this most recent Celestial Alignment was like it was in 1995. This does not mean we will revert to 1995 behavior and Belief Systems, but the celestial alignment is again similar.

Well, I am not going back to 1995.  My life is vastly different that it was then.  I have grown from a Maid to a Mother and am fast approaching Crone.  So, I have no desire to relive my roaring 20’s with all its angst and difficulty. These are my thoughts of that period in my life.  I can barely remember my life in the year of 1995.  It was a long time ago for me, and I have done a lot of living and Expanding of Awareness.  One can never go back, only forward.

mirrorI encourage you, dear friends and readers, to meet yourSelf in all its beauty and accept the stuff you did/experienced way back when and let it go.  The next destination is a no luggage train.  Thus, come as you are in the glory that you are as the Sovereign Human that you are in the process of consciously connecting to.

I am in the leaving-the-last-bit-of-luggage phase now.  It helps that my memory of the past– as I transmute stuff simply fades.  This is what is meant by timeline healing.  The Healing is returning yourSelf to a place of Love and letting go.  In doing so, the past realigns to your new trajectory.  It is a process of Sacred Geometry that I will leave to the Sacred Mathematicians.

There are all kinds of ways to let it go.  Letting Go is the same as forgiving.  Forgiveness releases you from holding on to the junk-goo and transmuting the emotional charges into neutral love.

I Love (insert name (s), experience or place).

I am sorry for (insert name (s), experience or place)

Please Forgive me (insert name (s), experience or place)

Thank you.  I am so happy and grateful now that I have forgiven this (insert name (s), experience or place) that happened in my life.

I bless mySelf with Love.  I am Love.

I bless you all with Love.  Happy Samhain!  Happy Halloween! — Elizabeth



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