Happy Winter Solstice


EquinoxGood Greetings to All:

The Winter Solstice is upon us all in the Northern Hemisphere.   This marks the beginning of the Season for the Days to become longer.

Here where I live it has been getting dark at nearly 4 pm.  I welcome the return of the Sun… the days becoming longer and the return of Spring.  This is a cycle.  The cycle is awaited with faith.  The cycle of Seasons.  For every season  there is a time.

It has been a very long time since I last wrote a Fairy Farm Girl Digest article.   Life has been very turbulent and challenging.  Lots of cycles coming full circle.  Lots of opportunities to let go and Live my Truth.

There has been much said about Fukishima.  The radiation that is being leaked from this nuclear power plant has some worried, and others say no worries. 

I have spent time for several years now communicating with Fairy and the Fairy Realm and the Team Angelics.  There is reason to be concerned and at the same time calm.

We are entering a transitional phase in our creating the New Earth.  This some are calling the “Chaotic Node.”   There are Celestial Alignments, along with “comet(s)” seeding (scientists call it debris) and the Solaris-Sun solar flares/star gate activation/and Benevolent LoveLight Galactic presences– all along with the Earth-Gaia transforming herself through her own process of release and creating as well as the Human Body upgrading, and the many expressions of Expansion of Awareness as well as polarity are creating some interesting outcomes and physical manifestations.

We as a People of Earth– only 11% of us need to focus on this and to create the shift toward Surface Earth restoration through the rendering of toxins and radiation from Fukishima and Nuclear Testing as well as other Nuclear Power Plant accidents harmless.

Yes, that is right.  We have the ability to render radiation harmless.  We are able to create this affect by focusing our Hearts and Minds on rendering the toxins and radiation harmless.  New Technologies will be created through others following their Inner Wisdom and Knowledge seeded by the prayers and intentions of  Humankind.  Those that are Energy Workers connect with the Devic Realm– the Fairy Realm and co-create with them.

How to do this?  Ask and Ye Shall ReceiveKnock and Ye Shall be Answered.  This takes focus through Blessings/ Prayer or Intention or Visualization or Ritual or Song/Toning or Inspired Action/Creation.  It has been done before and can be done again and will be done by We, the People of Surface Earth.

How long will it take?  It will take some time.  The Fairy Realm has said to me “It will take as long as it takes and all will be well.”    When I have pressed them to be more detailed and specific, they have answered: ” Earth-Gaia is very capable of healing herself.  This is your lesson, your mess to co-create a clean up with us, the Fairy Realm and them, the Team Angelics”

The toxins (think oil spills, chemical spills, chemical warfare)  and Radiation (think Nuclear Energy and Weapons use)  is something that affects Surface Earth and Humankind as well as to a certain extent the Realms of Flora and Fauna.  It is advisable to eat low on the food chain. The less complex the organism, the less it has been contaminated.

Eat a diet high in vitamin B’s and C’s.   And above all else follow your Inner Wisdom and Knowledge.

flower of lifeThis time we are in is like the Final Exam in the midst of Chaos.  What we do, how we Rise to our Greatness will determine the trajectory of each of our chosen paths.  We can and will Rise to Our Own Greatness which is individual and Collective.  We are each like a drop in the vast ocean of infinite drops all part of the Flower of Life.

Happy Solstice! I bless you all with Love.  –Fairy and Elizabeth


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