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Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse





Happy New Year to All!  Out with 2013 and in with 2014.  Let this New Year be full of Joy and Prosperity, Understanding and Forgiveness,  Love and Light,  Focus and Creativity.  I Bless you with Love.  –Elizabeth



Fairy Farm GirlFairy Farm Girl Message

Focus on what you wish to bring forth with all the Love in your Heart.  Breathe it into Being.

Laugh with Joy.  Greet the World with Mirth.  All is well.

We wish you to Love More and Expect Miracles!  The Miracle is you!

The Love is in your Heart ever present spark of God(dess), Source Energy.  Know your own HEART.

2014Happy New Day, of a New Calender Year.  Time is Timeless truly– And for the moments that are counted Happy New Year to All!

The Year is as you make it.  Join with others:  Individuals and People (known and unknown), Angels, Fairy People, Galactics, Mother Earth Gaia, Emissaries of LoveLight, Angelic Humans to co-create your Life.  We are ever present and available to assist you.  Be willing to ask for assistance and ever more willing to receive.

Trust 2TRUST is a key word for this new year.

Trust in your focus and HEART to create.   Trust is  knowing the sun will rise every morning and set every evening. Trust is the Gravity that creates the anchoring and flow of creation. 

Just as where there is no Gravity, all floats away, similarly, where there is doubt the energy of creation floats off into the universe never anchoring into form.

TRUST is a challenging state of being for most of humankind. 

Humankind has been in illusion for so long, and tricked into believing they have no ability to create, and that creation comes from outside of themselves.  So in this unfamiliarity they let others create for them– others who they perceived to be stronger, better, more cunning.  And thus, over time that trust in their own self has become unfamiliar.

Become familiar with TRUST in your own HEART and Focus of Mind

1. Begin by saying the word, TRUST.  Just say the word.  See how it feels.  For some you may not be able to say the word at first.  You may feel  in the body.  There may be a tightening, pain in the body perceived.  Take this pain, this tightening in your body as information.. something must be attended to, released, forgiven, understood, let go, accepted… one or all of this may apply.  Work with your body to become familiar with TRUST.  Work with your mind to accept the concept of TRUST.

2. Look in around you and notice when you are in a state of TRUST– a knowing.  Gaze at the Sunrise, Sunset, the fact you are walking on the surface Earth and not floating away, the air you breathe in; life giving oxygen, the processes or your body (digestion, circulation, immune system, respiration), your senses (touch, smell, hearing, sight, taste, knowing).  Take notice of this and other moments when you TRUST.

3.  Now Expand TRUST into and with and when you focus your HEART and Mind to co-create a creation.  Trust and know what you are focusing with your HEART and Mind will show up in your life, in perfect timing for you and your life.

Practice makes progress.  T r u s t

We Love you all.  We bless you and All with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.   Happy New Year  to each of you!     —Fairy Farm Girl

fairy farm girl

I leave you  with a slide show of images.  Happy New Year!  Let it be a great year!  —Elizabeth

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