Riding the Wild


For the past 7 days I have been Called to Purpose.  Many are being called.  Many are answering.

I have been in a place of introspection and calm, despite the stuff that is going on around me.

The time is now to Let your LOVELight shine on.  We are all being called to purpose.  Feel the Joy in the Air.  This Joy is encoded in the Solar Energy flowing to the Earth .  This time is key as a moment of opportunity.

Lots of Gunk and Junk are going to be flowing up and out.  People that are having their First Expansion of Awareness are going to be having Meltdowns.  Their wounds will invite negative greetings.  Their negative state will attract equally negative states.  We are called to purpose to simply BE who we are full of LOVELight.  Calming influence.  Soothing Solace to over reactions.  This is not something to do rather something to be.

The Truth is this, we can never go back.  So what happened in the past — Has come to pass.  

I choose to co-create with LoveLight.  It is not easy.  It is the High Road– so the going is steep, it is like Riding the Wild. But, the View is Spectacular, truly.

So this is a time to simply go within.  To pray, intend, chant, perform ritual, take shower/baths, walk in the woods,  Blessings, Mantras, watch funny movies, read funny books, Ho’Opponopono… do whatever you do to keep yourself rooted in a space of LoveLight.  When confronted with animosity, anger, malice, hatred… Be aware of your own response.

We must forgive to move forward and create goodness in the world by liberating ourSelves through Loving More and Creating Miracles.

Feel your wounds.  Tend to them with care for in healing ourSelves we create a pathway for others to heal their own Self.  Dig deep down into your HEART and breath deeply.

green gaia heartHaul out your tools of Compassionate Speech, Conflict Resolution, Intention and put them to work.

If need be, remove yourself from the immediate area and simply be who your are beaming LOVELight.  It is well known our influence ranges quite a wide radius.

In my experience, our range is determined by our ability to Love More and Expect Miracles focus.  Some it is more and some it less.  And for all it is perfect what ever your range is.  What matters is you are staying rooted in your HEART.


“This is the way of peace–overcome evil with good,
and falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.”                  
–Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim, Chapter 3. http://peacepilgrim.com/book/chapt3.htm


Surface Earth life has been extremely challenging.  Cold weather, physical plant failures, flooding, sickness, financial hardship/scarcity, delays,  Energy Upgrades and more.  And– out in the world, more of the same.

Some positive moment is happening.  Patience is a virtue, or so I am reminded by Fairyfarmgirl

Clarity is outcome of this.  Clarity of who is creating what.  Clarity that the Collective Consciousness is still trying to be linked to the Negative Grid.  Clarity that without us all coming together, the shift to the New Earth-LoveLight paradigm will take longer and the experience of getting there more challenging, exhausting, and time consuming.  Clarity that I am now more than ever able to co-create outcomes I wish to experience.

Clarity also came in the form of new groups of people working together in an organic grass roots level way– ways that the News Media is not covering but local newspapers and blogs and YouTube videos are.

So change is here.  The New Earth is here.  It is just coming in fits and starts and not every place is connected to the grid.

In the past, Earth Angels and Fairy-Gaians were compelled to live in areas where they stood out– not many were “like”  us.   Many of us are still living in these areas.  That is why we have been Called To Purpose.  This protects us as well as providing a soothing Energy Environment– call us People Whisperers much like Horse Whisperers.

That time is now over.  We are free to move.

The time is now to get up and move to a location or co-create a location for others to move to.  Now is the time for community building on Surface Earth.  Community in real time, with real people in physical proximity to each other.  This means if you feel like moving, follow your Intuition.   We are no longer compelled or expected to stay in war zones (declared or undeclared).   If you feel the intuitive jingle to move, plan it out.

Really Look before leaping.

  Do your research and due diligence.  Scope it out.  Take stock.  Be Aware.  And get into a space of Clarity.  Get Real.  Seeing things as they are is part of clarity.

Yes, all people are Sparks of God/Goddess, but they do not always act on this and many are unaware of this.  Feel and Intuit Frequency and Vibration that is in resonance or above your Frequency.  When you reach out with your HEART, you will connect with Energies that are in harmony to you and/or are more Harmony than you are– connecting with this raises you up adding to your Harmony and Frequency.  Feel the sound of Love in your HEART.  Peace On in your HEART.  Love More and Expect Miracles.

We are no longer to “hold space” for others.  We are to instead lead by example.

We are Now called to purpose to be in harmony with others of likeness.  No more saving the world, it is now Co-Creating the world and offering a helping hand when asked to do so.

I bless you with Love. — Elizabeth




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