Blessed Imbolc and Brigid


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Blessed Imbolc  or Candlemas is at last the promise of Springtime. Imbolc means ‘to be pregnant with’

It is felt as a quickening in the air.  The feeling that life is stirring and beginning its ascent upwards through the dark dirt upwards and toward and into the LoveLight of Solaris Sun and Mother Earth-Gaia.

The birds are singing– at least the ones that winter over.  The smallest buds are beginning to appear on the trees and shrubs.   The gardens and crops sown in the autumn are to grow stirring in germination.

The days are growing warmer in larger lengths of time.  The days are becoming longer. Winter is still in full swing and yet the promise of Springtime is beginning to show.  The air is scented with the sweetness of  the promise of growth.

green and gold yin and yang antique buttonGreen and Gold are the colors of Imbolc.  Green and Gold represent Goddess and God, male and female aspects required for most co-creation.  It is a time to join with loved ones and friends to celebrate new life growing.

Imbolc :  Spring cleaning. Rework an altar. Rearrange a collection.  Make some prayer cards. Make some intentions. Celebrate life. Write poems and song. Recite poetry and sing.  Enjoy Being. Light candles or fires. Make green leafy creamy soups with bread or salads. Take walks. Just be.

Brigid is the patron Goddess of Cultivation, inspiration, and poetry. She is the daughter of the Bard of all Bards. In many traditions Brigid is called Bree and is the Bardic Goddess. This was a very sacred role and task in ancient times. Bards were the keepers of knowledge, culture, stories, history. The sowed the seeds of civilization and nurtured it forth.

In other traditions she is the archetypal Bride representing the germination and growth of new life.

And yet in others she is considered to be an aspects the Great Goddess.  This is celebration of the feminine aspect  of the psyche.

Imbolc marks the halfway point between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  It is time to celebrate what is being co-created.

In my family, we celebrate Imbolc by cleaning and sharing food. Taking walks and allowing inspiration to flow to us. Singing songs from our Hearts. We take time to breathe life into our dreams. And blessing. We Celebrate life.

I bless you and All with Love. Let your intentions take root as co-creation and allow it to blossom forth as new life in your life– new life patterns, experiences, prosperity.

Happy Imbolc to you.  –Elizabeth

Elizabeth-Fairy Farm Girl

Spring 2012   the yellow house yard, Seabrook, NH, Elizabeth and dandelion and violet

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