Milestone Awareness


EquinoxHappy March Equinox!!

Happy Spring to those in the North.  Happy Autumn (or Rainy Season) to those who live in the South!

Exciting Times!

There are two equinoxes every year  in March and in September.  The Equinox is when the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night is just about equal.

The seasons are opposite on either side of the equator.  The Equinox in the North is known as  known as the Spring Equinox.

The March Equinox in the South is the Autumn Equinox.

Today, rain is predicted here in the Northeast of the USA where I reside.

It may rain… or not… wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.  Usually on March 20, the Spring

Equinox, where I live, it snows.   So, today as it is cloudy and rain as is predicted, I am in awe it is not snowing! 

The March Equinox in the North is considered the First Day of Spring.


Today, as I was walking I noticed trees starting to bud out into tree blossoms.  The Leaves of the trees will start to appear in April.  It was an exciting moment that I captured in the tree picture above!

Since November 2013 until very recently around the last week in February 2014,  the Fairy Farm Community of 5 have had our fair share of roller-coaster rides, surfing the changing energies and go-ing through Expansion of Awareness.

Expansion of Awareness is not a fou-fou easy peasey type of experience:  EVER. 

It requires one to go through pain, living life reviews, and forgiveness-letting go personal work.  Forgiveness work that has been on the menu du jour is SELF- Forgiveness.

The Funk that comes from past life stuff that comes up in packets of pain– has to be let go of, set aside and walked away from.  Forgiveness of the SELF takes work– the work is to LOVE yourSELF exquisitely.  This means, for me, and maybe you, dear reader, we have had to drop the scathing self -criticism, self-recrimination, self-doubt, self-destruction, self-dislike,  low self-esteem~~ and ect.

It has not been an easy gauntlet to go through.  This is the only way to the other side of the corridor– to walk through it through letting go and self-forgiveness.

Ruminating over the past, and past lives is like walking in circles and wondering why the same closed door keeps coming up with each rotation of rumination.

This is not the time for reliving the past, but to go through it, and in the process with the help of our Angels and Higher Selves to transmute these packets of pain that no longer serve the self, Earth-Gaia and/or the Cosmos.

And all around us the Earth-Gaia and the Realms of Flora and Fauna, the life around us continues in all its beauty.

March Equinox 2008

Milestone Awareness

Some are calling the  the March Equinox a gateway or portal that all of Earth-Gaia and her inhabitants are passing through.

My experience has been that what many are experiencing (including me) is the moment Growth is acknowledged.  We are seeing the effects of our own inner-Expansion of Awareness, growth.  This is called a Milestone Awareness.

Just as when a child grows, this growth is often unacknowledged until the growth spurt is over and suddenly it is seen that the child is taller, wiser more capable and mature.  The process of growth is ongoing but undetected until a milestone is surpassed.

While a child is growing, they eat, sleep more.  The child will trip over their own feet.   A crankiness might develop.

This is part of growth. 

I am seeing this process in my own experiences with every Expansion of Awareness I have gone through.  I trip and fall.  I get cranky and moody.  I crave certain foods which I eat lots of.  I need more sleep.  I am in a process of Growing.

And then one day like any other day, I see the evidence of my inner Growth– my Expansion of Awareness.

It is not something that just suddenly happens like Shazaam! I am an Avatar… (Laughing)!

It is a process of evolution individual and collective that is occurring and has been occurring for quite sometime.  What is being detected is the Collective Growth that has occurred and is now here and installed in our Inner Be-ing-ness.

We are the ones who have grown and now see this!  This is what I consider the Gateway, the portal!

The bittersweet moment when we suddenly stand up and take our first steps into the New Paradigm which we are all co-creating with each other and the Angels, Cosmos, God(dess) and more.  This is what is happening.

It is time for some celebration!

I am reminded of the moment when each of my children took their first steps!  I was so full of wonder and lawe and had a camera available for the moments after the milestone had passed– and the new gig was mastering walking as a mode of movement.

We (Humankind) are in the process of moving from walking to transpersonal modes of transportation.  We have reached a milestone.  The Milestone is now in the process of each of us moving into mastery.

This is the Great Mystery we are all traversing.  This amazing evolution we are privy to– and perceive when milestones are reached.  I am so excited and happy to travel and walk beside you, dear reader and all people walking this path I traverse.

The opportunity that comes from this milestone that we are now mastering is greater ease with conscious co-creation.

Dream consciously into form that which you wish to experience.  This will become easier as we practice this new ability.

When fears come up, let it go, and consciously choose to dream a Rainbow dream of  Joy, Love, Prosperity and  Peace and community.  Play with this and see what happens.  I know I am.

Happy March Equinox— the Change of Seasons is upon us all.

I Bless all with Love.  —Elizabeth


Flower of Life



Fairy Farm GirlPain has kept Humankind individually and collectively chained, shackled and corded for at least 2 Epochs.

In order for Humankind ~ individually and collectively move into full on co-creation of the New Earth Love Paradigm, pain has to be let go of, forgiven, transmuted (by your request and call to the Angels and Higher Selves).  This is the only way.

Pain impedes growth.  Informational Pain such as when you touch something hot is to alert the body to impeding danger and to get one away from danger.  This is a body defense mechanism and very important for individual and human species survival.     This is not the pain we speak of.

The Pain we speak of is torturous emotional, physical and psychological pain that has kept Humankind from accessing the Angelic Human codes.  This pain slows down frequency and distracts one from focusing on Love.  This pain is closely tied with FEAR.  The Old Earth FEAR Paradigm requires pain in order to fuel the negative field that largely power reality perception.  Pain creates war– paradoxically war is often started to escape pain and its foundation of FEAR.

It is time, beloved ones of the Earth– all of Humankind is invited, to let go of Pain and go through the corridor to the new doors that are open to the New Earth Love Paradigm.  There is room enough for all people who wish to move into a space of Love.  LOVE and its attributes of Oneness or Unity Consciousness.  This is what the Christ spoke of through Jesus.  This is what Christ Consciousness is about.

You can do this.  We welcome you with our Loving Embrace.  You will get there as you move through your pain.  And with all things– how long it takes is how long it takes.

We leave you with this meditation.

You are packing up for a trip to somewhere beautiful.  This somewhere you have never been to before in Human Embodiment.  You vaguely remember this beauty from somewhere before the before.

A_single_white_feather_closeupThe packing up you are doing is packing up stuff to leave behind.  The pain, the fear memories and emotions.  The items that cause you to be taken back to pain.  All of this goes into the suitcases which you will leave behind with the Angel that has arrived at you side when you decided to pack up and let go.

You just noticed the Angel– like a child that is playing and very focused suddenly notices a loving parent standing watch over them~~

While you are packing up you realize you feel a lot of guilt over the pain you have caused yourSelf and others.  You hear in a whisper as if the air is speaking to you,

Let it go.  Forgive yourSelf.  Love yourSelf  Exquisitely.  Go Through and leave this here with me– your Angel.

So, in this baggage pile you place guilt and all of its attributes of pain and fear.  You just place it in the suitcase to be handed off to the Angel.  You do not need it anymore.  It is time to let go.  You find yourself agreeing with this knowing.  It is simply time to let go and forgive yourSelf.  And you find yourself doing so using the methods that are familiar to you– the ways that work for you.

This continues for awhile.  Then you find your body is tired.  You feel you can not take another step.  You understand that it is time to rest.  You thank your Angel.  Hand the baggage to the Angel.

Then,  at the earliest moment you have you go to sleep and rest.

When you awaken you find that the pain that you had been used to living with in your body is gone.  In its place is space and with each awakening breath, you breathe in Love.  It feels expansive and good– freeing like you are a child running with wild abandon.

And as you go about your new day, you discover more that must be given away to the Angel.  You know that this process is supported and sacred work.  You know that there is an end in sight– a new door and adventure awaits at the end of this corridor.

Let it go.  Forgive yourSelf.  Love yourSelf Exquisitely.  Go Through and leave this here with me– your Angel.

We bless you with Love.  —Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth


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