Rebirth, Renewal, Redemption: The Return of Spring

I pledge Alliagence to the Earth


Elizabeth-Fairy Farm GirlHappy Oestara, Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Earth Day!  OH MY what a busy time this Mid April is in the World.  There is so much going on!  The Cosmos is in all kinds of alignments.  Peruse a favorite Astrologer’s forcast.

How are you celebrating this time of year?

In the Christian Tradition, Jesus has risen.  He is discovered by Mary Magdalene.  It is a time of Joy, Rebirth, Renewal and Redemption.  Jesus, who the Christ spoke through rose up after such suffering to live again.  We celebrate the teachings of Jesus and the Gospels that came through him.  We celebrate Mary Magdalena– a student that became an Equal to Jesus.

What happened to Jesus after he was risen?  That is lost to the sands of time– covered by those who wish to obscure the story.  It is widely accepted he walked on to other places to speak of Love and his message of Salvation as the Christ– the Unseen Ones spoke through Jesus.

easter eggsIn the tradition of Oestara, it is a similar theme of Rebirth, Renewal, and Joy.  The imagery is more natural.  No Crosses.  No death.  Just rebirth and the messiness of birthing images.  The images of Fertility and Life.

Eggs and the dying of eggs are a way to share this belief in the diversity of life, this rebirth and renewal of life.  Green and Gold and Yellow and Brown and Blue– the colors of the rainbow shown throughout the land coming to life after a long winter.  We are celebrating Oestara with baskets and eggs and hare images and wind up toys.

RRRC This time is also a time of celebrating the Earth through Earth Days.  The raising of awareness of climate change– urging us all to do our small part.  Earth Days we are also celebrating– by participating in a beach clean up using reusable bags.  We deepen our celebration by bringing the Earth Days into every day– all year long.


The Dandelions are coming up all over the place… in the most unlikely of places.  I am seeing the return of the wild bees and wild bumbles.  The weather is fickle as weather is here in New England.  One day it will be warm the next barely above freezing.  I Love the clouds formations that come over the sky and then are moved out to sea by a steady spring breeze.




This time in the Northern Hemisphere is known as a time of renewal– redemption– a return to life.  The Daffodils are coming up all over the area in which I live.  It is so joyous to see such vibrant sunny blossoms and verdent green stalks and leaves.  The grass is just beginning to turn green.  The trees are just beginning to bud here.  Their leaves will not be seen until it is nearly May.

The Forsythia is just beginning to bud.  Yes, at this time of year, here along the sea in NH it is indeed still early spring.

The birds are building nests.  They are enjoying the bird feeders and the newly emerging insects from the warming ground.

The skunks are making their rounds– eating insects from the gardens, foraging, and chasing small rodents.

The other day we had the joy of experiencing a skunk.  Here I tell the story:

skunkLast night as we were walking back from parking the car on higher ground, he happened upon a skunk digging in the little garden area in the front of our house. We jumped back and walked backwards very quickly. . the daffodils are doing just fine but the bugs that were living in the topsoil were no longer. She certainly had a nice snack.  –Elizabeth Loabe, From Bubbles Float, April 2014

Earth is our Home

~I am very busy at the Fairy Farm with all the celebrations that are going on. We are dying eggs, making special foods, creating Oestara Baskets, going on egg hunts, going on plant walks, and celebrating rebirth, renewal, and redemption and Earth Day RRRC

Earth Day is very close to me and my family’s hearts.  We practice Earth Day everyday.  We recycle.  We reuse.  We reduce.  We compost.  It is a joy to do so.  We reduce by buying stuff in the least amount of packaging.  We recycle all waste that can be recycled.  We reuse stuff until it can not longer be used.  We up-cycle our reused stuff.  We re-purpose our reused stuff.  We reuse stuff in new ways that are creative.



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Let this time truly be a time of Renewal and Redemption for all people everywhere, world wide.  Let every child have a dry comfortable safe place to live.  Let every person have a safe, dry comfortable safe place to live.

we are all oneLet every child have plenty of Good Food and Water to eat and drink, bathe in and play in.  Let every person have plenty of Good Food and Water to eat and drink, bathe in and play in.

Let all people, men, women and children have clothes to wear, access to services– healthcare, medicine, assistance. Let us all turn away from petroleum and embrace more harmonious ways of powering a human world.  Let us all embrace the care and true stewardship of Earth.

Let us plant trees, gardens, food producing forests. Let us allow others free access to the food we have planted.  Let us share our resources through kindness and generosity.   Let humankind unite as one People everywhere.

Let the Earth be cared for and loved in harmonious and loving ways.

It is Time for the Rise of Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind, Wave, New Energy. It is time to cease to use Petroleum, wood, coal, gas, and Nuclear forms of combustion and explosion.

It is time for saws to cease operating in the Diverse Forests of our Earth. It is time to truly become stewards of the Earth, our Resources. It is time.

Let us each bless ourselves and each other with Love.

Let us each bless ourselves and each other with Prosperity.  Let us each bless ourselves and each other with sharing of our gifts and abundance.We must come together and help each other out.  We must become united as one People, Humankind, Worldwide.

Do one thing for yourself in Life: Cultivate Your Own Wild Heart and in doing so cultivate access and Expansion of Awareness into the Field of True Knowledge and the synthesis of Wisdom. This is true protection during the Great Vulnerability” —Fairy Farm Girl to me, Elizabeth when I asked what I must do to get through this eye of the needle– shifting of Awareness.



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