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Elizabeth Speaks

Good Greetings All:

I have been on a long sabbatical putting into practice that which has flowed through me.  Fairy has guided me in my daily life.

At times I will speak.  And at other times, Fairy will speak.  This is what I have come to call A Communication.

The Team, is a Team of Angels, Guides and Guardians as well as Fairy and the Fairy Realm, and Mother Earth Gaia and of course my Higher Self and me this self that is here now.  It is the Team.

Practices makes progress.  Inner work that translates into outer manifestation is the type of progress I speak of.  Progress is a concept that I apply to living in harmony with Self, Mother Earth, the Realms of Flora and Fauna: Nature.

This type of progress requires to use of RRRC and technology and buying local (within a 36 hour drive).


It is not easy.  It is challenging.  It is monetarily expensive.  Sometimes I have to make do and use what is available to me.  Unfortunately, economics do play a part in my ability to boycott slave produced goods.

Abundance flows to me.  It shows up in the most unexpected ways.

My family and I have not been able to move into a sustainable home…not yet.  I do however, have a comfortable dry place to live, work Play that accommodates my needs and the needs of my family.  I am so happy and grateful for the dwelling in which we live. It is a great blessing to have a place to call home.

I compost using plastic tubs made in China bought from Walmart that were being given away by someone.  I have taken this thing and made useable dirt that has been used to make a raised hay garden bed.

Last summer, I harvested lettuce and celery and oregano to use for dinner from my bin gardens and raised hay bale gardens.

I have learned to call the individual bees, the Bumble Bees and the Honey Bee…and the butterfly.  All work to pollinate my tiny raised garden beds above the asphalt that is often flooded by an Estuary River marsh water.

I recycle and work very diligently to avoid buying single use plastics.  Not easy in a petroleum based world economy.

Real change occurs incrementally at first this is the spooling up to a shift in consciousness.  This is where we are at… The spooling up to a Shift in Consciousness this is what an Expansion of Awareness is all about.

When more than 11% have Shifted then there will be a Leap into a New Earth Paradigm.  It will be a new paradigm which Fairy and I and many others refer to as the New Earth.

This New Earth requires mutual cooperation and sharing of resources between individual HumanKind and Groups from the Local levels (family, tribe, village, hamlet, town, city, county, borough) to the State-Province level  to the National level to Inter-National levels.

This mutual cooperation and sharing is called Unity.  Unity is a concept that Individualism is unable to reconcile with.  The Shift is a process of Humankind maturing beyond Individualism.

What all this will look like is up to each of us working in mutual cooperation.  We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For!  LOVE More and Expect Miracles.

So many new technologies from low tech to high tech are making big splashes in the Human World.   Let us support the innovators, inventors, artists and free thinkers.

Let us embrace the principles of GMO Free, Permaculture, Organic Gardening.

Let there be Harmonious Stewardship of land, Land Trusts of large swaths of land of a minimum of 5420 acres to Millions of Acres.  Let us uplift and preserve the land around us.

Nature favors the wise.  Be wise and work with  Nature.

Let us create gardens on roofs, in abandoned tunnels, on verandas, verticalally on walls, in our front yards, backyards, in empty lots.. Gardens everywhere!

Let us create housing for all people..dwellings that are dry, clean, and comfortable.

Let us respect the Air, Water and the surface Earth.  Let us shift from commodimizing basic essential needs to uplifting, preserving through positive and compassionate conservation and sharing of resources.  Use a refillable water bottle, travel mugs to avoid buying bottled water.

Bottled Water is a scheme that the Deep State, the Multi-national Corporations have set in motion– to sell us our water that they pump for virtually free and place in petroleum derived bottles and ship great distances– and call it healthy.  Water is not to be commodimised.   Water is a Gift from God and Mother Earth.  It is essential to all life.  It is not any ones or groups right to sell.

Let us create sustainability where ever we live.

LOVE opens to Knowledge.  Knowledge is ever present within each of us.  We are all interconnected, each drops of the same ocean.

This is the spooling up to the Expansion of Awareness, the shift to the New Earth which will catapult us into a New Earth Consciousness.  Through this shift in consciousness a new way will rapidly emerge in ways we have yet to imagine and create.

As we shift we must take great care to realize we are not alone in this Solar System.

we must remember our History and apply that Knowledge as Wisdom when dealing with other Sentient Species.

We must be in a state of mutual cooperation to avoid becoming like that we have done to ourselves through conquest and colonialism, and oppression.

Humankind is the Indigenous Species of Planet Earth. Let us avoid being tricked by technology and trinkets.  We, the body of Humankind, are far more capable than we realize in this age of grasping greed.

Recently, I watched the movie, “Ascending Jupiter.”  There is much Truth to be felt in this film.  Those who are mesmerized by those who espouse “The Harvest”  would do well to explore what and who those Beings are and their intention.  Many out in the Universe view the Human Genome to be a resource.  Sit with this and shift away from the Saviorship Model.

Patriarchy is slowly being shifted into something more Fair, Just, Gentle, and Empowering for all People. We must all be Emancipated, Human Emancipation must occur for mutual cooperation to simultaneously develop

Pockets of Enslavement are being routed out and seen for all to choose.  Is this the way we wish to live?

Human Emancipation is a Process.

 As Women and Men, Girl children and youths and boy children and youths seek a better way and refuse to be enslaved by Child Marriage, debt bondage, and other cultural mores.  A larger section of Humankind  is Loved itself free.

As we choose to buy local and boycott slave produced products and simultaneously support Physical and Mental Emancipation,  another Large Section of Humankind will have been loved free.  The market that thrives on slave labor will collapse.  As it collapses, slaves will be freed.

We must support Human Emancipation– look around you, in every town, city, village are slaves– some in physical slavery– others in more subtle forms.

The Emancipation of Humankind requires the sharing of resources so that the seeds of Slavery are shifted.  It is because Capitalism requires a large slave population to exploit for cheap labor that Slavery still persists.

Yes, I said it plainly.  Slavery is alive and well in our Human World.  To avoid becoming a Harvested Population we must Shift away from Slavery and into a Fair, Just, Compassionate system of commerce.  We can not avoid what we are.  Like Attracts Like.  Thus, we must Shift or become enslaved by those in the Universe trying to pull a fast one on the Indigenous Species of Planet Earth, Humankind.  They eye us like the Conquistadors eyed the Aztec and Incas and like many others through out Human History.   Remember our History.  Those who forget will repeat past mistakes.

And at the same time we just adapt and grow…we must Shift forward while being grounded in the present.

Can we have Progress without Ecocide?

Love More, Expect Miracles.

I bless all with Love


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