The In-Between-Ness

Elizabeth 2013I have been on sabbatical for 2 years.  During this time, I have experience an Expansion of Awareness.  It has been challenging and painful.

My work is to live my Truth.  Walking the talk is more dynamic that just talking the talk.

I have my really great days and then not so good days  I can be saintly but I am still earning my wings.

I bless you Love.

Today Fairy and I speak about The In-Between-Ness.

Many are feeling like they are in between worlds– paradigms.  Fairy calls this In-Between-Ness.

The In-Between-Ness that is the Cosmic Time here in this sector of the Universe,  the  Bridge has been created, but the Door has not opened.

Humankind is at the steps to the New Paradigm.  But, first, Humankind must Emancipate each other.  Human Emancipation is the work that must be done.   Time is short.  Science is showing that there is a window of 50 years.  In 50 years, Climate Change will be in full swing.  You must prepare to work together in mutual cooperation. –Fairy

Emancipation from polluting energy systems.  Emancipation from economic slavery.  Emancipation from the Multi-National Corporations and the Deep State. Emancipation from mind control.  Emancipation from slavery– emotional, psychological, physical, economic.  Humankind must turn away from tyranny  and the march toward feudalism and fascism.  We are better than this.  We are more than that.  We are all Children of God.

Those of us who are on the bridge waiting for the door to open– we are all in the waiting room with every one else.  Trust that you are not alone.

The New Earth is here, but we are still spooling up in  energetic frequency and in doing so we will experience many shifts into Expanded Awareness.

We are each our own  Bridge.  We are co-creating the Bridge to a new Frequency– a new place and space on the Flower of Life.  This is the work at this time.

The Bridge is Human Emancipation.  Emancipation on all levels.  WE must Liberate ourSelves and others all around us.  As we liberate ourSelves, New Earth Paradigm  is created bringing forth Human Emancipation.

Where Human Emancipation occurs Mutual Cooperation simultaneously occurs.  Mutual Cooperation is the first step toward Human Unity.

Earth without bordersHumankind must Unify.

Everywhere that Human Beings are Emancipated, LOVE is Expanded. 

This Expansion of Awareness naturally extends to the Earth-Gaia and Surface Earth. 

LOVE requires care. 

Care for the Earth and all her families (the Genus’ of all species). Care for each other.  Love Uplifts and Expands

Love advocates for the Earth. LOVE conserves and restores and empowers. 

Expanded Awareness is the boarding Pass for this New Earth experience.  All Luggage must be left behind.  All Chains must be broken.  All that is heavy and a burden must be accepted, loved free and forgiven transforming it into LOVE.

This has been and continues to be the work of the Decades 1980-2040 of Earth Time.  There is time for all to cross the bridge.  All are invited.  All will awaken in their own Time. Those that choose to board another Bridge, that is their Bridge.  For those who choose the Rainbow Bridge, that is their Bridge.

We must address, accept and respond to Climate Change.  This is evident.  There are a multitude of resources scientific and metaphysical that show this to be Truth.  Direct Experience shows this to be a Truth.  Human  Emancipation is also includes the response to Climate Change.

And yet, Human Emancipation is more than that.

We must Emancipate our energetic frequency– as each of us opens to LOVE and expands our HEART and Awareness something alchemical happens– Knowledge.  Knowledge with a capital K.  Knowledge the source of the Infinite– the Wisdom of the Ages, the songs of the Angels, the guidance from big G O D.  Love is the way to and through to Knowledge.  LOVE and Knowledge are both necessary and are both within the HEART.

Let us all Emancipate each other while we wait.

This is also a time of Heightened and greatly enhanced co-creation.  The time is now to envision PEACE.  Peace within yourSELF,  Peace between people.  Peace in all areas of the Earth.  PEACE.

Envision all our sisters and brothers, putting down their weapons, opening their HEART and extending a hand in mutual cooperation.

We bless you with Love.  —Elizabeth and Fairy


                        Active Peace

I Choose Peace, this is My Prayer.  (Raise hands above head palms up toward the sky feet comfortably apart as if planted upon the Earth)

Peace Here in My HEART.  (Place hands over your HEART)

Peace Everywhere.  (raise hands above the head palms up.  Then move arms down as if playing airplane.  Twirl the body around showing the Universe that you are sending out Peace to all around you)

I Am Peace this is My Prayer. (Place hands over the HEART)

-Active Peace by Elizabeth Loabe 2007©

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