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Fairy Farm GirlBlessings and Good Greetings, Dear Ones–

It has been a long time since Elizabeth has agreed to write our message.  She has been in a place of learning, teaching and walking her talk and great concentration to stay on her surf board. Earth Life is Challenging.  At times she has cried out at the waves that threatened to throw her from her surf board– and yet she has stayed the course and is now resting on higher ground.  We respect that she responded with no when we called.  We are honored that she has consented to share our message with you today. –Fairy

I Choose Peace.  This is my Prayer.  Peace in my Heart.  Peace Everywhere.

The Heart is where it is all at.

Listen to your Hearts, use your minds.  Be in the Space of Love and Reason.

The Winds of Change sure are stirring up stuff.

The Trash is whirling around as if dancing with the wind.

The Plastic bags dance and bob and then skitter off to be buffeted by the wind and obstacles as with each obstacle the trajectory changes.

–And then suddenly, the plastic bags are snagged in the branches of a tree, captured by the doorway and bogged down by an obstacle.

Those on the leading edge are  like the wind.  The plastic bags are the creations of humankind.

That which is made of fear is easily moved by the wind.  And yet, what is fear?  Fear is simply quantified energy.

All Energy can not be created or destroyed only changed in form.

Plastic is easily molded into something useful that is why it is called plastic.

We are the Mountains.  We are the Rocks. We are that which is not easily moved. Who is we, oh dear ones it is You.

The winds of change are blowing.  Where will the storm that is— where will all that it effects be moved?   That is up to all of you, those who are of Humankind.  You decide how it is moved by the conscious choices we make as we live our lives– collectively.

Earth without bordersThe Collective Consciousness will only allow so much to be— the old energy paradigm is on its way out– it can not last.  It will be moved.  It will be changed.  It will be recycled into something useful.

There is no question as to this happening– the only questions, the unknowns are how much of a mess will be made?  How much will Humankind come together in mutual cooperation?  How much will Humankind allow?  How will  Love show itself?

LOVE is not for the faint-hearted.  LOVE is sometimes saying NO! You will not.  You will halt.  You will Stop.  LOVE is sometimes the action that stops that which is not love.

Recently, Elizabeth watched a movie.  In this movie a group of people, all from different backgrounds responded to a Call to Purpose.  They showed up.  They changed the outcome by acting from a place of LOVE for the Freedom and Liberty of the reality they lived within.  And all that were called to purpose– they gave so that all could move forward into stopping something terrible so that all could live.  Each of them played a small part and yet without each of them, there would be no whole.

Wholeness is made up of smaller pieces that are each essential to wholeness.

When you Breathe and Listen Deeply.  When you hear what you have listened to… and respond to that Life Force— you are doing and being something essential to the whole.

Take Heart dear ones, take heart… the critical mass of Love is here to stay.

The anchoring of the Divine has taken hold.

That which is being out-pictured will not gain traction.  It will howl, it will make that which is not of Love swirl around, it will cause messes and mistakes and yet, we will not be moved.

Love is here to stay.

The Divine Feminine has risen.  The Divine Masculine is being healed.  The Paradigm of Patriarchy has deeply wounded the Divine Masculine.

It has suppressed the Divine Feminine.  The Paradigm of Patriarchy is on its way out.

What will replace this paradigm?  That is not up to Fairy Farm Girl— it is up to all of you– the Critical Mass of Humankind.

Together, we are one.

Let each of you remember who you are.  All are sparks of the Divine.  Everyone is a Spark of the Divine.  Each of you, every member of Humankind is a drop in the Ocean that is All of that which is Humankind.  Each of you is a petal in the Flower of Life.

At this time life is interesting. So much is happening. Remember all are interconnected. All must work in mutual cooperation and LOVE. You are the ones You have been waiting for. If not you? Than who?

The Breath is Energy. Your voices are Energy being brought into form.  Let you mind your words.  Say what you mean; mean what you say.

You are the Corridor Makers. Each of you are both the steps and the stepper. Let us open the doors and Let your Light Shine through.  This Light-Love, Love-Light will attract, it will beckon those who are seeking– crying out for a new way– a way in which to step.

I Bless you all With Love. Breathe and Listen Deeply.

As you Breathe send out Love.

As you Breathe send out Peace.

As you Breathe send out Mutual Cooperation.

As you Breathe, Love More and Expect Miracles

I bless all with Love. Breathe and Listen Deeply.



EquinoxElizabeth Note:

All change begins with an inspired idea that ignites the imagination of others creating community that builds upon itself.  Love Expands.  Nothing happens without mutual cooperation, community, Energy and Unity and Love/Knowledge.

Today, I saw  a little podcast on recycling plastics.  Plastic is being seen as a renewable resource.  In the near future, plastic will be gathered and mined for its resource potential.  The raw material will then be used to make new useful items. Interested?  I sure was!  Look below for the links to this amazing new technology.  Love More and Expect Miracles!  –Elizabeth


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