Happy March Equinox

green hearts in nature spirals

The Equinox has arrived for the Earth.  The wheel of life moves once again to a new season.  The Seasons of Life mark the time and changes on Earth.

There have been quite of few changes happening on our Earth, the Biosphere that we live within and upon.

The old Guard is dying.  The New is rising.    Let the Truth Set us All Free.

These changes are showing us all that the  old is giving way to the New.

The New Earth is here… all that is required for entry is to live by way and through the Heart. This is a doorway within you and I and all those who are awakening.  The doorway has always been there… it is just now… that we can see it!  So, the stuff that is happening on this world stage, is just happening, it has very little to do with our inner experience (unless directly involved).  What these circumstances do have to do with us is the level of identification and attachment we have to the ideas that these events represent.  There is much distraction happening all around everyone everywhere.  There are many  waves of change saturating all people.  It is a challenging time to navigate.  When you falter, forgive yourself.  Use Discernment, the old game of “follow the leader” is on its way out.  Be Aware of false paths wrought with greed and complicity.  There is much that will pull us out of our path and place us on one that is not to our liking.  Be vigilant and Love More with Wisdom, Kindness and Knowledge.

I once read somewhere, I can not recall where but to paraphrase, ‘Compassion is Kindness and Wisdom in action.’  These times require such Wise discourse.  One must use Wisdom when responding to Life.  Refrain from being the rescuer.

Joy is a state of Being.  Love is a State of Being.  Be-ing has very little to do with do-ing.

Be Love.

Life always finds a way to express life.  This is the nature of unconditional Love.  Love with a capital L.  It is continuous and independent of the ego.  Love and Life are interchangeable.  This is a quantum truth that the Beings I work with, call, The Science of LoveLight.

Many of March Equinox, I was greeted with a cold winter scene.  The wind was gusting off of the marsh and snow was falling lazily as the Earth and Sun intersected to create the Equinox.  Not at all as one would imagine Springtime, but here, it is only the astrological Spring.  Real Springtime Emergence for where I live  begins in April.  –And then there are those March Equinox that it is a warm Spring day with birds singing, blue skies and the scents of emerging life.  I have experienced both types of March Equinox during my life here on Earth.  I can only respond to the Life that happens around me in the best way that I am able.

I spent the morning communing with nature as I walked along the road and the woods. It was a delight to see the Swans had returned to the little pond.  The trees are just beginning to bud.  The Grass is just beginning to turn green.  Snow is melting and mud is emerging.  The robins and wood thrushes and chickadees all were twittering away, foraging for their favorite foods.  I marveled at the Life unfolding around me.

I noticed along the way some geese, and mallard ducks had returned from their wintering over grounds.  They were all swimming and taking to flight along with the local resident seagulls.  I looked up and saw that the trees were just beginning to bud out.  I looked down and beheld the early greening of the marsh.  Everything was covered in  snow with a light frosting of ice and all was in various stages of melting.

Mute SwansThere is a place I go to to mark the changes of the seasons not far from where I live.  It is at this place that land, fresh water and the sea converge.  There, at this pond, at the edge of the marsh, resides, a pair of swans.  They have lived at this pond as long as I can remember.

Today, the swans were making hearts with the way they interacted with each other.  The dance of the swans was taking place.  And then, as suddenly as it began, it was bottoms up as they dove under for a bite to eat.

Swans, for me at least, symbolize continuity, moving between worlds, strength, inner and outer beauty, patience, Loyalty and Love.

To greet our changing world, the attributes of the swan are very helpful.

Surface Earth is changing rapidly.  The land is changing, water levels are rising slowly and steadily, and this is creating change in the world Humankind lives upon.

It is up to us, the people of Earth to rise to the occasion and meet these changes with Love.  It is through meekness, the ability to adapt, that we will learn to live with Earth and shift were her changing surface.

planet Earth

Last night I happened upon some old predictions made back in 1998.  These predictions predicted tidal waves inundating the coasts of every continent.  Fires destroying everything.  Volcanoes emerging in highlands.  Very fire and brimstone in its tone.

The truth is there have been tidal waves, Tsunamis.  There have been fires.  There have been storms of the century occurring almost every month.  There have been new volcanoes emerging.

And yet…humankind is still here.  Life continues on.  Life and Nature always finds a way.

Prudence when faced with Providence comes to mind.  This is an old saying that my grandmother used when faced with bad weather.  Providence in this case is “acts of God”  and prudence is cautious yet courageous action. We can only respond to Life.  This is where Living Life is f0und in our local response. Breathe and Listen Deeply, the Wisdom, Knowledge and Love resides within you and me and all that there is.

So, on this Equinox let us celebrate the change of the Seasons.  The return of a new Season.  Let us remember to be meek.  And let us practice prudence when faced with Providence.

The Angels, Guardians, Guides, Helpers and Fairy Realm have been working with us– many of us are just becoming aware of the “extra” energies that are nurturing us.  They are nurturing us in such a way that our Hearts are opening.  All that Junk DNA suddenly has a purpose when combined with the intelligence and capacity of the HEART and Mind working together.

This is an exciting time in which to be here now.

Last night in meditation it was suggested to me to move to a place that is at least 100 feet in elevation.   We currently reside at sea level.  It was suggested that it would be prudent to move by 2020.  I have a few years before our little place by the Salt Marsh and Sea becomes tenuous in which to live.

100 feet in elevation is not a whole lot of hill.  It  is a little knoll or the base of a ridge of a mountain.  100 feet in elevation is between 20-100 miles inland… for others it would be more or less miles.

As stated before, sea levels are steadily and slowly rising.  Inundation by the oceans will take some time.. the Beautiful Many indicated to me it will be between 10-50 years.  For some, especially around the Pacific Rim it will be sooner than later.  For those of us living on the craggy coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, it will be later and in some cases not even noticeable due to the elevation and rocky terrain of the coast line.

The sea is rising very steadily and yet slowly.  Slowly the beach is changing and what was once the other side of the beach for many is now Oceanside for some.

Oneness of Color

We are One

This is Climate Change.  As the Body of Humankind we must Respond to this Change with Love, Kindness and Wisdom.  So many are being displaced by these changes.   As Humans we must Emancipate each other, and simultaneously mutually cooperate.  To do this, it will require New Ways of Doing and Being and Relating to each other as individuals, groups, villages, towns, hamlets, States, Nation -States, Nations, Regions, Areas, tribes.  Differences will have to be set aside if we are all to get through these Great Waves of Change.  Cooperation must become the rule of the day.

This is simply change.  For some the changes will be good, for others it will be devastating. How will you and I respond to the needs of others?

There is much debate on the cause of Climate Change– which used to be called Global Warming back in the day.  Climate Change is a natural process that humankind has hastened by our excessive use of carbon based fuels, nuclear fission and nuclear fission blasts.  We have created a premature warming emergence.  This emergence would have happened, human folly simply sped up the emergence. This is a detail.  The true realization is how will Humankind respond to these rapid changes in Climate, sea levels, water scarcity, refugees?  How will we rise to the Call to Purpose?

On this day, open your HEART speak to your Mind.  Live by way and through your HEART and in doing so you tap into the infinite wisdom inherent and accessed through the intelligence of the HEART.  It is here that prudent providence  arises.  It is here that change is met with Love and working with the EARTH.

Systems are made up of people.  As more people awaken to the intelligence within their HEART, systems naturally change.  Changing the systems of transportation, energy, food production, government, housing, land use and so on begins by changing the way each member of Humankind interacts with Surface Earth and Earth-Gaia as well as with each other.

Love is and will continue to be the way.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  I bless you with Love. Happy Spring and March Equinox!


Fairy Farm Girl

The Divine Feminine is Rising.  She is here now within all who are awakening and have awakened.  And it is time.  —Fairy Farm Girl

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  1. Joanne says:

    Oh, this is peaceful and calming. Such a good way to accept yet also think and be in right action. The environment is very important to me and is the main reason for me speaking out and being active in the political process. Climate change is real and increased by human activity. There has got to be such a huge adaptation to change where we are to where we want to be. Probably won’t happen in my lifetime but should be well on the way, if we consciously act in defense of Gaia. Thank you for this. <3

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