2020 Happy New Year

The time is almost upon us on Earth where many will welcome in a new Calender New Year.  The new decade beginning is 2020.

I am living as if straddling two Centuries:  the 20th Century and the 21st Century.

I now truly understand my Great Grandmother’s wonder and awe.  She lived through the ending of the era of the horse and the dawn of the combustion engine.  It often filled her with overwhelm at how much technology had changed and how much people were still.. people.

Recently many around me remarked I looked much younger than I am in chronological age.  Then when they looked again they remarked that there is a “timeless” quality about me.

Years ago I read somewhere in my travels and I do paraphrase this based on my memory.

When an Expansion of Awareness occurs, each time the recipient will look and often feel younger and at the same time very old.”   This is very much aligned with timeless.

So many technological changes have occurred.  So much Climate Change is upon us all.  So much we must change within ourselves and do to around ourselves.

We must come into mutual cooperation with Our Beloved Planet, EARTH- Gaia.  She is our Mother.

Below is a slideshow of the past decades of the 2000’s

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Patriarchy as a world wide culture has attempted to mute, erase, nullify the Feminine and all her aspects.  This is to their own detriment.  And we must all Expand Our Awareness and Emancipate ourselves from this Patriarchal Culture.

We are all the Ones We Have Been Waiting for.  If not you? Then who?

A friend recently expressed to me thst I create Beauty from nothing.  Nothing is something.  Nothing is a patriarchal and its business model of capitalism.  Nothing means something that is naturally in its form not manufactued and not marketable or profitable or a commodity.

Yes, a gift I possess is to bring forth Beauty from what is around me and from within me.  It is a deeply Feminine Gift.  Beauty is ever present as an attribute of Love.

I Bless you with Love.

Nothing is also the Void.  Creation occurs in the Void.  The space between breaths.  It is ever present, ever expanding.

What will this new decade hold for Humankind?

Will we rally as a Human Family and address Climate Change with our Hearts, Minds, Doingness?  Will we Heal, Restore and Nurture our Biospheres?

We must hold those who continue to perpetuate the Capitalistic/Patriarchal Model accountable.  They must all be brought to Restorative Justice.  They must not be allowed to leave Earth and to export their Harm to other planets.  The Rich and the Powerful are not the Government but the True Owners of the Multinational Corporations.   These individuals will hide behind the CEO’s and CFO’s but do not be fooled these are considered middle management and expendable even if they were given a golden parachute.

Generation Z, the children of Generation X and the Older Millenials are changing the world.  Generation X especially has pioneered the way forward for our Steadfast Wise Youth.  Let them lead the way. Path breaking has been exhausting!

A Prayer from Fairy Farm Girl

Let a new system of powering the Human World be created that is in Harmony with Life, Earth, Gaia and Humanity.   Let this New Way Emancipate all Humans.  Let this new way institute Mutual Cooperation among individuals, groups, tribes, villages, town and cities sub cultures, regions, areas, and Nations with each other, Life and its Biospheres and our Planet Earth and all her systems.

Happy New Year to All.






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