Happy Spring Equinox and New Moon

Blessings to you my dear Friends! It is a Wild Ride this Equinox and New Moon time. The Global Health Challenge has really caused us to slow down and recalibrate during this time of renewal. We are being Called To Purpose.

One of the ways I have been Called To Purpose is to create a website and to be present and seen in the world. This is a real stepping out and stepping up. I have made videos and spoken as guided to do so. Check out the new content by clicking on the tabs above.

I have posted an event that is inspired by the 11:11 movement on the Fairy Farm GIrl facebook page. I am working within the 11:11 framework because that is when people are showing up in world– The Flower of Life to send out Loving Gratitude. There are many many people doing this work. I am a part of this Flower of Life as you are as we all are. I am: You are: We are: One. Join me and Fairy Farm Girl and All the Beings that are showing up to witness our Loving Gratitude. I will be meditating using the method that Fairy Farm Girl taught me awhile back. It works well for me– perhaps it will assist you. Join us. Let us Love More and Expect Miracles! — Fairy Farm Girl-Elizabeth

click on the Meditation tab above to view a meditation video

I recently read an article– not sure where or the title– it said something like this and I am paraphrasing– survival of the humanity was not ensured by tools but by kindness– the care of others. That is what created Culture and ensured that we continued growing. Culture is like an operating system with hardware. The key point that stuck with me is it is Kindness that matters the most. There would be no survival without Kindness. Kindness and Wisdom put together at the same time is Compassion. Without Gratitude— the Glue used for energy creating there would be no co-creating consciously. We must create consciously. The more you are in a space of Loving Gratitude that more you can create of that– I am that I am.

Dr. Emoto proved Loving Gratitude recalibrates water– it makes it so that it is a Living Field. This is what a pulse of Loving Gratitude does– it makes a living field of recalibration. There is plenty of sites that speak to Dr. Emoto’s amazing work. If interested google away.

Our Call to Purpose is to Be That– I am that I am.

I am Kind to myself and others. I do act of Kindness.

I am Loving and Grateful. I send out Loving Gratitude to others and in doing so create a sphere of Acceptance thus transforming all that is around me— I am that I am...

The New Moon is powerful time to co-create. Let us Co-Create with Love and Gratitude something we wish to see. If not you, than who?

Scented Rose

I have been on a journey these past few months— one might say years. It has taken me down a road of heartbrokeness that I honestly believed I would never move through… and yet I did. I moved through this heartbrokeness of the loss of a Love in my Life (he left not died) with the support and witnessing of others who encouraged me to choose to Love More and Expect Miracles– my own miracle, that was made by choosing to create Loving Gratitude for myself. IT WAS NOT EASY. I fell down. I cried. And I Got. Back. Up. Each time I got back up, I became more– Loving and grateful.

check out my new video by clicking on the meditation tab above.

We are all in this together. We are reminded that the world is interdependent. This is a truth that can no longer be denied. Let us embrace this call to purpose and create a Pulse of Loving Gratitude through out the world.

Flower of Life

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