Sending Loving Gratitude

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For the past couple of weeks, I have been sending Blessings of Loving Gratitude out to the World, The Earth’s Inhabitants and the Earth. It has been a lot of Energy coming through my body that has been sent out.  Elizabeth-Fairyfarmgirl became depleted and had to take a couple of days to Rest, Renew, Restore, And ReCalibrate.  

 I found myself listening to music and dancing. I took long long walks listening to my tunes and dancing while I walked. It was fun and joyous to move and be just in the moment.

I do have to say, people driving by in their cars and SUVs gawked at me— as I was the only one laughing and dancing.

This Global Health Challenge does not require us to be soooo serious! It is okay to smile and laugh. It is okay to play and create. This is what being in a State of Loving Gratitude is about. It is a conduit to creating More Joy, More Love, More Expression More Truth, More Expansion of Awareness, More Unity: Solidarity of Call to Purpose.

Sending Loving Gratitude Earth Angel, LoveLight

Original Work by Elizabeth Loabe Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth Sending Loving Gratitude

Sending Loving Gratitude

I send out Loving Gratitude to you, The World, The Inhabitants of Earth, The Earth in all the directions.

I send out Loving Gratitude on a Green ray of Light from my Heart to your Heart, to the Hearts of the World, to All the Hearts of the Inhabitant’s of Earth and to the Heart of the Earth.

I send out Loving Gratitude of a Violet ray of Light from my Mind to your Mind, to the Minds of the World, to All the Minds of the Inhabitant’s of Earth and to the Mind of Earth.

I send out Loving Gratitude on a White-Golden-Platinum ray of Light from my Heart, Mind, Spirit, Soul to your Heart, Mind, Spirit, Soul, to All the Hearts, Minds, Spirits, Souls of the World, to all the Inhabitant’s of Earth and to the Earth.

I have received 3 types some f Feedback about the Loving Gratitude videos I am compelled to create– I have answered a Call to Purpose after all.

‘I Love your videos it is so calming. I feel like I am there with you. I feel such Gratitude and Love. ”  and “This is so empowering, right on”  and “Wow.”

and then there are those that say  “Why bother doing this– it is just a waste of time.”

I must say I had to pause for a moment to consider what I was doing in answering this Call to Purpose. I decided to ask the Universe for some honest feedback and direction.

“What I am doing– does this make a difference?” I called out to Fairyfarmgirl, to the Guides, Guardians Helpers. To the Great Goddess. To the Ascended Ancestors. God.

I then felt a need to rest.  So I did just that.

Then a story from Caroline Myss, that found its way to me. I watched this message. Her message sparkled as if covered in stars to my mind’s eye.  That was my cue from Fairyfarmgirl and the Elohim– I gave my focus and paid attention.

I was immediately drawn into the message.  In this message, it spoke about the mechanics of prayer and how it works.   And in that moment, I was filled with this KNOWING that what I AM doing is making a difference for me, for you and all the Hearts, Minds, Souls that are able to receive the Energy Pulse that I am sending out.

I felt this radiance flow to me.  Flow is blocked by doubt and fear.  Words have meaning.  There are many that are unaware of this Truth.  It is how the Media and Corporations control us– through the inversion and perversion of the Magic of Words that many have been tricked into believing they have no value or impact.    Magic is a Science that is not understood– like Miracles.  Miracles are Magical Science of LoveLight.  Let Your Light Shine Through.  You are that.

Feed your Heart, Mind, Spirit, Soul with Nourishing Words and Images and Content.  Exercise discernment.  This is very important in this new environment that the Loving Response to the Global Health Challenge has created.  PRAY. Practice Good Hygine of the body, Mind, Heart, Spirit.  Wash your Hands.  Practice Social Distancing.  Feed your body good food, exercise, water any supplements that you feel you need to be healthy.  INTEND. Take in the beauty around you into your Heart and Mind.  Let your Spirit Soar.  Listen deeply to the Birds, to the Earth, the Wind.  Watch the Sunrise and let the colors wash over you.  Watch the Sunset and let the colors wash over you.  Take the vastness of the sky into your Heart, Mind, Spirit– cultivate a sense of wonder and awe. Plan a Garden.  Plant an Container Garden.  Start a Compost Pile.  Practice RRRC.  MEDITATE.  Do acts of kindness.  Connect with others through the wonders of social media, telephones, technology and snail mail. Learn something.  Practice. Compassion.  Start something new.  Create. Connect. Organize. Participate.

We are all in this together.   One of the many outcomes that are being created by our Collective Action of Social Distancing is Unity and Connection of Hearts and Minds.  This is happening through the interface with social media and media sharing platforms.

The amazing Creativity from Humankind is astounding.  We are the most Creative in all the Galaxy.  Let that steep into your bones— We, each member, of the Human Family, are the most Creative in all the Galaxy.  WE CREATE!  We are the Beautiful Many

We are the Beautiful Many

Social Distancing has created large chunks of unstructured time.  Many of our Human Brothers and Sisters are choosing to create with Beauty, Services, Love, Truth, Artistic Expression, Awareness.  We are meditating together, dancing together, singing together, storytelling together, cooking together, eating together, drinking together, gardening together, hiking together, playing together… and more.

We are all acting and Moving into  in a State of Mutual Cooperation and Human Emancipation. As the Leading Edge grows beyond 11% real change will begin to be seen very rapidly–  like the dispersion of the rose through the world.

The Heart of the Rose

These States of Beingness are only created with a Unifying Force.  Love is a Unifying Force.  Our Love for our grandmothers, grandfathers, neighbors, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, elders, children, friends, spouses, significant others have Called us to Purpose!  We are the Ones.  If not You?  Than who?

This experience of our collective response to the Global Health Challenge is a Collective Expansion of Awareness– and with those who are on the leading edge, it is a Collective Moment of Milestone Awareness.

Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth has written extensively about the Expansion of Awareness and Milestone Awareness.  This is a big deal for Elizabeth– to link previous work into a post in the year of 2020.  I bless you with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about roses.  The Rose really holds a special symbolism for me.  It represents the Goddess and Love, and Expansion and Resilience.  The Rose is found on every continent (except Antarctica).  There is fossil evidence of the Rose spreading all across the Northern Hemisphere 35 million years ago.  The first Roses to be cultivated from their wild cousins was traced back to somewhere in the North Africa and Asian Steppes– It may well have been cultivated simultaneously all over the Earth with the advent of Agriculture– which appeared around the Neolithic Period.

In recent ancient times, roses appeared mythology.  For instance in Greek Mythology roses were created by Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love from her tears for Adonis.  But even before the Greeks attributed the Rose to Aphrodite– the area of Bulgaria– has been populated by people for just about as long as there have been Roses.  The first peoples to arrive in Bulgaria were from the Eurasia (Spanning from Siberia-China and the area of Mesopotamia and from the area of Asia Minor).  These peoples were the Indigenous People of the area of Bulgaria.  Later on the Thracians and later the 7 Tribes.

Bulgaria is located around the Balkan Mountain Range is part of the Alp-Himalayan Mountain Chain that stretches across most of Europe and Asia and extends into the Danube Plain.

So why am I talking about Bulgaria— well in Bulgaria there is a very indigenous Human Festival centered around the harvest of roses.  It is a very beautiful festival with clothes that have designs that evoke imagery from the Aztecs to the South West USA and to Greece and to Himalayan Nations and to Siberia and more.  I know long ago a World Tribe set off in different directions– And the clothing worn at this festival reminds me of this knowing. Here is the link to this  beautiful Rose Festival

I have always been drawn to the area of Bulgaria– the land calls me– the Roses and the Mountains and the Black Sea and Caspian Sea— Past Life fragments flow through my mind.  I digress.

Humankind is like the Rose.  We all come from a Commonly Shared Tribe. Evidence of this is shown in the most surprising of ways. Remember this when we experience Attachment to our individual Sub Cultures. We are more alike than different. Let us remember this and Unite in Solidarity with each other.  The world is completely interconnected just as the Rose evokes that interconnection.  The Flower of Life is symbolized by the Rose.

The Flower of Life is Sacred Geometry of LightLove.  The Sacred Geometry is what the architects of all creation use to create with.  The architects of creation are called Devas or Elementals or the Creative Design or Unified Field Theory.  Spirituality and Science achieve the same outcome using different perspectives– the Wisdom however is Truth and Universal.  We Bless you with Love.  Love More Expect Miracles!


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