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I bless you with Love, Friends!  Thank you so much for watching this youtube video.  Please drop some comments in the comment section of the video on youtube.

Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth wrote extensively about Milestone Awareness on March 20, 2014.  Click Milestone Awareness.  to see what Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth had to say way back when it was ’14.  How cool is that!

Elizabeth has been making Energy Balls with Torsion Field Energy for nearly 3 decades.  It was one of the first lessons she integrated from Fairyfarmgirl.  We invite you to make an Energy Ball— to draw or create a physical representation of that Energy Ball and initiate a game of Toss the Energy Ball!  As you become proficient at creating a Physical Representation of an Energy Ball– and can visualize it in your mind.  You will be able to create one using your Hand– and eventually toss LoveLight Energy back and forth. For now let’s play a game of Toss!  Woot!

Let’s Play!  Catch!  I Toss the Energy Ball to you!   Now you make an Energy Ball and toss it back to me.  Toss is a Gentle Game.  It is a game of communication and connection.  The object of “Toss the Ball” is toss the ball back and forth.


I send you Loving Gratitude from my Heart to yours and to the Hearts of Humankind, to the World, to the Inhabitants of Earth and to Earth.  Love More, Expect Miracles.  I bless you with Love.



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