Pink Full Moon and Toss the Energy Ball: Stoking our Sacred Fire

Full Moon Sacred Fire

This is the time for really cleaning, cleansing, and Clearing out our space within our own Self, and Torsion Field and our physical environment. Last night my family and I have a Full Moon Fire. We gazed at the Moon.

We enjoyed the songs of the tree frogs. The Moon. The cold night air. We were together– creating our own sacred space.

It is a challenging time to stay centered. I am working with the Collective Energy and also an outpicturing of that is seen in my own children. Be the Hero of your own Story.

Fairyfarmgirl and I reshare this link to a practice that I still use today. As the Full Moon wanes over the next few weeks to the New Moon this is the time to begin doing the 3 C’s Cleaning, Clearing, Cleansing. This Universal Truth practice has stood the test of time– it is just as relevant now as it was way back when… <3

Energy Ball

A great practice to cultivate, to focus your LoveLight and Creative Energy is to make Energy Balls to toss to friends across space-time using social media and a camera. So this is how you make an Energy Ball. Make a small circle about the size of the palm of your hand. Then create more circles until you have a physical representation of a Ball of Energy. Use the colors found in your own Environment or any paints, pencils, crayons, pens etc that you might have. You can create this on paper, or draw on the ground with a stick and then fill it in with flowers or leaves– IT is your ENERGY BALL so create it using at least 5 colors from the Chakra Color spectrum. As you are creating the Energy Ball really breathe in the Divine Energy of LoveLight, Loving Gratitude. Think about all the Good things that are happening in your life. The people, experiences, Earth, beauty. Then breathe out that all into the Energy Ball you are creating. This is called Energy Transference. IT is a REAL thing. And it is our Human Birthright to create in this way. When we use our Creativity we transform our World. It becomes Brighter and Lighter around each of us. Gratitude is Sticky and so is Love. When you put the two together as Loving Gratitude, true Alchemy occurs. Shine on Dear One, Shine On.

Tonight, Join us from where you stand in the world in creating your own sacred fire. Drop in a 1111 or 444 or 7777 and a comment in the comment section below ! We would love to hear from you. Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth will be lighting a Candle to signify the Sacred Fire that we all hold within our own Body– the Sacred Alchemist that we all are. This is our Human Birthright. We are Human and that is something very special and rare in all the Galaxy. We are Love in Physical Form. We create from our Space. Create Good things. Set your Attention on your Intention. I Bless you with Love. Love More, Expect Miracles!

If you enjoyed this and would like to explore topics further, click above and book a reading or a session with Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth today. So much Love to you from Heart to yours. <3

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