New Moon and the Waning Moon: Earth Day and Creating New

Happy Earth Day and Trees and New Moon and the Waning Moon!

Happy Earth Day, This Early morning, it snowed fat lazy snowflakes melting as they came to rest on the ground while the Blue Jay announced the Weather at the top of their voice and the Sparrows twittered tending to their nests with Joy.💚 To See the videos of Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth’s Earth Day Celebration click here

Life Prevails. Nature will always find a way through. We will too.

One of my very absolutely favorite sounds is the wings beating of songbirds as they come in hot for a landing on the cedar tree just outside my window. They remind me of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars… LOL Use the Force, My Friends! Sending Air Hugs contained in this Energy Ball to you Across Space and Time to Your Hearts from mine.

Happy Earth Day…Happy New Moon… Happy Waning Moon. This week has been such a creative time!

I spent Earth Day in my backyard and in my gardens. I made a Live Facebook Video every hour:11. I shared my garden process and my Tree Friends. It was a windy, cold day. I spent the day in my winter coat and hat. I hugged my Tree Friends. I turned my tree leave and coffee grounds and fruit peelings compost in my compost garden at the end of my small narrow kitchen garden.

I took photos and marveled at the beauty around me… everywhere I looked, I saw and continue to see beauty. I sat in Awe and Wonder, seeing Loving More, Expecting Miracles in Action…. I felt that Miracles of all of you. We are the Ones we have been Waiting for! If not you than who?

I planted annual flowers that I purchased from my local hardware store. I planted Violas (also called Jonney Jumpups) and Purple Pansies. I rearranged plants— some that were not growing so well where I had planted them– so I dug those tiny plants and bulbs up from their garden places with gentle and sacred attention and replanted those beautiful plant friends in my kitchen Garden.

I took time to really see my Tree Friends. I felt their Awakening from Winter– the Blossoming of their Leaves and tiny flowers and their Heartbeat… pulses deep from the earth where their roots intersected with the Mycellium Network, Earth and rose upwards to the tops of their branches touching and reaching upwards into the Sky to the Sun and the Air and the Wind… The elements all coalescing into Sap and the Exhaling Oxygen from their leaves– their roots holding soil in place, encouraging plants to grow… and more.

At the end of the day, I watched the sunset through the trees. I returned into my house. I attended to dinner with my children. We created a salad of green and chili cooked in my crockpot served with freshly mashed avocados and the juice of a whole fresh lemon. We ate our dinner with tortillas and chips and yogurt. We cut up a canteloupe for our dessert. Together, before eating, we joined hands and blessed our food with Love in Unison, my daughters voices joining my own as we truly felt the gratitude for our meal. We sent out a prayer that all people, everywhere be blessed as we are blessed.

We enjoyed our time together as mother and daughters. It was truly a time of Celebrating Earth Day. We talked about the Beauty of our Planet. The challenges we face through the Great Waves of Change that are upon us all. And the Global Health Challenge that has created great change in all our lives– and how we are responding to this change in ways that create better pathways– and outcomes by the choices we are making in the Now. At the end of dinner– after we had cleaned up our dishes and everything was set in its place.

We retired to our quiet spaces to enjoy our own time doing our own thing. I chose to join in with Unify. It was the most incredible time of hearing Heartfelt prayers from all over the world for the Earth and our World and Humankind and the Inhabitants of the Earth (the Realms of Flora and Fauna). I encourage you to check out Unify. The Meditation is in the last 2 hours of the 8 hour broadcast. Over 800 people attended from all over the world. I was one of those 800 people who joined to meditate in Unison for the Earth and all people everywhere. This event was a spectacular way for me to end my Earth Day Celebration. I bless you with Love.

I send Loving Gratitude to You, Humankind, to the World, to The Inhabitants of Earth, To Our Earth. I send Loving Gratitude to Unify and to Unity with all our Human Brothers and Sisters, with our Earth, and All the Inhabitants of Earth.

The days that followed Earth Day, were challenging personally for me. I Expanded My Awareness and connected with so much Energy– and I still had my very Human Experiences to integrate and move through. I took advantage of the New Moon Energy on April 23 to make a Fire and let go of stuff that I had been holding onto from a time when I was married. In order for me to move forward into a New Life– claiming ownership of my Life: My Heart and My Energy– I had to let go of stuff I had not been able to let go of. I had a bin of stuff to burn. I was finally ready. The first year, the bin of stuff had been kept in the basement. The second year, I moved that bin of stuff into the garden shed. And now, in the third year… I was ready to transform that Bin of Stuff into Ashes through the alchemical process of a BONFIRE

I spent the day going through my feelings– my emotions. I let myself truly feel. I moved through my grief. I went over how far I had come since April of 2017. I meditated and prayed. I went for a walk. I sat in the sun. And when the sun was just moving into the West– I began to build my Bonfire from the bin of stuff– paper, photos, momentoes and stuff– It was time. I created a pyre and lit it on fire. Up in smoke it went, burning quickly. For the next 3 hours I fed the fire. Slowly building it into a lovely fire to sit by.

At Dinner time, My daughters joined me outside for a lovely dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. We sat by the fire and at our dinner. It was delicious. We watched the sun set. And then decided it was time to roast marshmellows. We found our sticks in the shed. We each had different visions of what a toasted marshmellow looked like. I preferred mine completely blackened and goofy and sweet on the inside– my daughters liked thiers somewhere between warmed marshmellows and just barely toasted. We laughed alot. They each took a turn speaking about our life before 2017 when everything changed– and now. We enjoyed each others company. Guided Action with Love truly transforms– the Expansion of Awareness integrated through Milestone Awareness.

The next day, I decided to focus on creating new Intentions using the Waning Moon energy for this time. And this is where my focus is at this time. Calling forth my Intentions and putting the work into bringing those Intentions into Fruition.

Today, I spent the morning learning some new skills and journaling my process as I call forth these Intentions– co-creating, owning my creation– emodying that which I am creating– and anchoring that Creation into Being. All of this process is a Co-Creation process with the Universe. As I Intend I am remembering to be specific and not overly detailed. The Universe takes care of the how and when– I create the What and the why and the general location of where.

No other time has been ever available for me to devote my time to such intense personal work– where Fruition is visible almost immediately! I am taking great care to pay Attention to my Intentions.

As you move through your day, Join me at hour:11 from your place and space in the world to Send Loving Gratitude into the Collective– This Sacred Work is creating Miracles in the world and is one of the ways in which the Global Health Challenge of Covid-19 is being Energetically Contained. Be cautious and Courageous! Wash your hands, practice Physical Distancing and take good care of your Energy and Physical Being.

I send you Loving Gratitude from My Heart to your Heart, to Humankind, to the World, to the Inhabitants of Earth and to the Earth. I send Loving Gratitude on a Ray of Green Light. I send Loving Gratitude.

I send you Loving Gratitude from my Mind to your Mind, to Humankind, to the World, to the Inhabitants of Earth and to the Earth. I send Loving Gratitude on a Ray of Violet-Purple Light. I send Loving Gratitude.

I send you Loving Gratitude from my Expanding Awareness to your Expanding Awareness, to Humankind, to the World, to the Inhabitants of the Earth and to the Earth. I send Loving Gratitude on a Ray of Golden-White Light. I send Loving Gratitude

Click To learn more about the Power of Loving Gratitude

Be good to yourself. Practice self- kindness. Be Kind to others. Practice Compassion. Love and be willing to receive Love.

From My Heart to yours. So much Love. Love More Expect Miracles. Happy Earth Day 2020 let is Now create Change within and throughout and Around each of us, each one of us, working in Unity as in the Flower of Life.

I Send you Loving Gratitude. I bless you with Love! — Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

Flower of Life

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