Embodying Your Presence: Happy May 1st, Beltane

Happy Beltane, Friends! It has been a very busy day here at the Fairy Farm! I send you Loving Gratitude!

Beltane: May 1, 2020—May 4, 2020

Beltane is about coming together with others and the Earth— it is about the New Beginning of Life. Embrace the coming out of your Shell– Being Seen. Bringing your Presence into Embodiment and into the LightLove. Let us Embrace new Energy and new ideas. We welcome the Time of Beltane, which begins today and goes until May 4.

Beltane beckons you to Play– to relax into your giftedness and play. We are in the midst of physical distancing so to play we will have to do where ever we are in the world. This is a time to dance with the moonbeams. To play hide and seek with the sunlight. It is time to dig out childhood treasures and play.

As the Earth springs forth into Green Abundance here in the Northern Hemisphere where I live, I send ,Loving Gratitude for the  gifts from nature–from the newborn fauna to the unfurling buds of Flora to our Mother Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess, our Sentient Planet, Earth.

 Beltane celebrates the union of the Divine Feminine depicted as the Goddess and the Divine Masculine depicted as the Green Man or in some traditions the Sol (Sun). This coming together of the Feminine and the Masculine creates the third form– the offspring or the Creation.  It is often depticted as the Yin/Yang.

Use the Energy of Beltane to co-create with the Earth and our Brothers and Sisters throughout the World.  I send Loving Gratitude. I send Healing Light to you and to all of the Earth.

Green Leaves Buds, Blossoms Flowers Trees Roses Maypole Dancing MayQueen Making New Friends Abundant Flowers GreenMan Spring New Life Bees Butterflies Ladybugs Pollination Dandelions Violets LIFE and LOVE Being with Life Nature and Energy Fairy Mother Earth, Great Goddess and Sol Synergy and Synchronicity Wonder and Awe

 Beltane Fire – In Antiquity, and in some Circles A Beltane Fire is lighted on Beltane Evening. The Celtic God ‘Bel’, meaning ‘the bright one’, and the Gaelic word ‘teine’, meaning fire. People jumped the fire as an act of union, hoping that it would bring the blessings of Fertility and Fruition into their lives.  This was primarily an act of Fertility Calling.  We have moved beyond the Neolithic and now Calling forth Creation means so much more.— Creating a New Earth Paradigm for instance…

Let us Light a fire in a fire pit in one’s yard or in a firplace or a candle Lighted with the intention of this symbolizing the Beltane Fire.  Feast on Fresh nourishing foods– like fiddleheads and greens and eggs and berries.

Take time to journal and ponder and what is calling to be created–what is calling to be brought into Being:  a project, an idea, a relationship, or even a baby. 

Energize your Calling into Being and figuratively Jump the Fire– Stoke the Inner Fire of your Higher Moving Centers– bringing your Creation into BEING by way and Through the HEART.  Those of our Friends who are in a relationship, Beltane is an excellent time for a renewal of your Love and care.  With the utmost care and safety– invite each other to hold  hands and together  leap over a very small fire, walk around the fire, hold hands around a candle lit for this time of Beltane.  Safety First! Children should be assisted and kept from fire.

Beltane is a time to CREATE with OTHERS-It is a Festival of Fertility. It is a time of expressing and Sending Gratitude for the Fertility and Abundance that the Earth gives to us. The fruits and flowers– This Miracle of Love and Life.  Let us harness the Beltane Energy through Play and Creating.  Plant a Garden, write, create Art— Breathe New Life into Being by the act of Creating Something during this Magical Magical Time of Beltane.

Seek out the Fairy Realm by creating Fairy Houses and Fairy Gardens– by honing the Fluid Intelligence (being able to see the Unseen– Perception Widening).  The Elementals are all around as these Intelligences are part of Nature and are the Energy behind the Natural World– Nature is an Aspect of the Sentience of the Earth.  Today, in the early morning as the rain was falling, I sat in my little Fairy Garden that I have been creating for 3 years now.  Tomorrow I plan to build Fairy Houses.  


I Bless you with Love!   Love More Expect Miracles– Happy Celebrating Beltane and Spring and more.  


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