A Prayer for All Courageous Beautiful Souls

I Choose Peace, this is my Prayer.

Peace Here, In My Heart.

Peace There in Your Heart.

Peace Here in your Heart

Peace Here…

Peace There…

Peace Everywhere…

I have stopped eating at all fast food places. The food makes me sick. And it does not taste the same. The Old Privileged Patriarchal Club– needs to be dismantled.

Food Distribution made Equitable, Fair, nutritious, Loving, Centers of Sustainable Nurturing Centers of Sharing Sustenance.

So Many of Neighborhoods throughout the USA are Food Deserts of Liquor Stores, Fast Food Restaurants and Convenience Stores. This is where people gather.

This is where real change must begin.

Banks also disinvested from our Neighborhoods.

Alternative means and ways of Funding infrastructure must be created, built, implemented

These Acts of True Rebellion will benefit All as we Free each other from systems that have been used to harm us all.

Let us Love More and Expect Miracles. Love Creates, Builds, Implements. Be that.

With All Sticks and Stones Create and Build the Containers to hold the Dirt of the Earth and Compost the Shadow and Refuse to Create, Build, Grow and Nurture Sustainable Sustenance. Love More, Expect Miracles. That Miracle is You.

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