The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine

Fairyfarmgirl and I wish to share a fellow Lightworker’s Message in the form of a Tarot, Reading from It is very important to listen, Hear, Integrate this message into your own personal Matrix. — Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

What happens when the crystalline Earth grid becomes divine masculine? Our divine feminine consciousness descends into the Earth to create a balance – the Hierophantrix Frequency. Decks The Light Seer’s Tarot & The Muse Tarot – Chris Anne The Thoth Tarot – Alistair Crowley & Frida Harris Mystical Lenormand – Regula Elizabeth Fiechter I’ve got a PayPal account for anyone who wishes to make donations after a couple of subscribers asked if they could donate. I wrestled with accepting this but realised that accepting with thanks and gratitude is true flow. So thanks for opening my eyes and heart


Flower of Lfe contains all forms, Including the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Look for this in your life, the Life Around you.– Fairy

Self-Reliance and Interdependence

Fairyfarmgirl and I wrote this in 2013. You can see the orginal Post here.

Elizabeth-Fairy Farm Girl

Yesterday, while I was driving a snowy egret flew across the road!  I had to slow to a stop to avoid hitting it with the car.  I saw its beauty and grace as it seemed to flow across the road.  Then, picking up speed, the Egret ascended high into the sky.  It circled the marsh for a few minutes and then, it descended with the same grace and ease to the marsh.

By this time, I had pulled over onto the shoulder of the road.  It was to slow down and stop so I could take in this important teaching from Mother Earth-Gaia.  I slowed my busy day down.  I took a breather, and breathed, to receive.

snowy egret

The message was in the ease of transition, from ascension while in an embodiment.  The Egret demonstrates this clearly.

Today, while driving along the same road.  I passed an entire flock of Snowy Egrets.  An Entire Flock.  They were simply standing in the marsh quietly, with grace.  Waiting.

This is the time to wait with grace, for sure.  Flow is happening, it just takes time.  The Ascent is effortless and with ease once one is in flight.  This is the teaching of the Egret and more.

Fairy Farm Girl Speaks

Be Self-Reliant and Interdependent.  Ascend with Ease while embodied.  Grace is at hand.  It is ever available by simply breathing and slowing down.  Notice your emotions and focus.  Keep your eye on the ground.  Find safe landing places to congregate with others of the same frequency.  Consider your own gifts.  Use your Gifts.  Search yourSelf by choosing yourSelf.  You are Wise.  Use your Own Wisdom that is the Wisdom that all have.  Follow your HEART with the Focus of the Mind.  Take a look from far above to see the picture in greater wholeness. Be clear with what you are asking.  What you are focusing on.  Look around you to see how the reality you are in is responding to your creations.  Be yourSELF, authentic and beautiful as you are. Follow your own path, the path that sparkles with Love.  Continue to Open and Connect, Receive and Communicate with your Higher Self, wholeness of Being and Angelic Self.  Breathe and all will be well.  —Fairy and Mother-Earth Gaia, Intermediary The Snowy Egret through Elizabeth Loabe © Fairy Farm Girl Digest

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The Snowy Egret has played a prominent role in my spiritual life since 01/26/2006 when I first saw a snowy egret flew by me while outside looking toward the woods in a place I lived at in Brunswick, Maine.  I was pregnant with my twins at that time.

Then on the afternoon before their birth, another Snowy Egret flew by the apartment this time through the woods.  I was so mesmerized by its grace and beauty as this large bird effortlessly navigated flying through trees… like a 747 in a primal forest.   It was at that moment I saw the words appear in translucent sparkles before me

G  R  A  C  E

This became my mantra for the next year, from 02/08/07 onward.  Grace.  I named my children based on the sparkle message and the general sacred feeling that I had that day.  Lily Grace and Chloe Rose.   Names have meaning, whether we are aware of that or not.  They bring forth a frequency and energy unto the world.

Even to this day, that moment of time when I recall it, brings up strong emotions of Love and interdependence and Joy… such overwhelming sacredness.  Tears flow.

I bless you and All with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.


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