Summer Solstice

I bless you with Love.  Fairyfarmgirl has been working with Elizabeth to assist her in more fully embodying her own Presence.  Elizabeth has always contained at her core the Creatrix.  This is something she is but has not openly spoken about.  It is something very Sacred within her own Sacred Geometry. –Fairyfarmgirl


My life fell apart.

I am Heartbroken

Falling — I fell down

Gripping me Heartbrokenness — tightly. pulling me

I cry: keening, bereft

Anguish takes my breath

This Grief is drowning me.

I am drowning

I call out al I lay sobbing the floor pushing me

I feel surrounded

Looking up

I hear whispers echoing around– through me: within

Take Hold: Reach Up.  We are here, Dear Sister.

Take Hold.  Reach Up.  We are here.

The Calvery has arrived.

Fairyfarmgirl and the Company We keep takes hold my hand as I reach up.

Held in their embrace I am buoyed.

I. Get. Back. Up.  Surrounded by LoveLight.

This Earth Gig Ain’t Easy even though I have been here since the Beginning.  2017, Grace,  by Elizabeth Loabe


The Creatrix is deeply connected within my own Sacred Geometry as Divine Feminine: Source Energy, Creative, empowering of Heart, Mind, Spirit, Body, Soul. I claim my Sovereign Birthright as a Guardian and Protector of the Miracle and Magic and Mystery of the Life. I walk through my own shadow to stand up in the Light. I seek to connect to the Divine Masculine which is a search that must be turned inward by way and through the Heart and the calling into my own Beingness to live freely, fully, creatively integrating the shadow into my personal sacred geometry. I honor the Earth and her cycles for I am with the Earth. I am with the Moon. I am with the Elementals. I reside there within and throughout– navigating the Spaces in between. This Power of Co-Creation and the Phoenix rise within and through me– flowing ever moving as a Creatrix.

What is this that is brewing– percolating up through in my own Dreaming and Consciousness.  It is the Creatrix that Flows through me– this Riding this Wild that is my own personal Sacred Geometry.  It is not an easy place of Space to be– the Creatrix that calls me to Purpose– whispering to me to Co-Create– the Elementals (Devas), the Trees, the Water, the Grass, the Wind, the Roses, the Bees– the Frequency of 432-430 htz.  It calls to me in my Dreams– the Hummingbird, the Owl, Firefly, Fox, Bat, Hummingbird Moth, the Bee gather through and around and within the Rose:  The Sacred Spiral, the Living Sacred Geometry of the Flower the Life.  This is a Key to the Door that beckons me to go through.   The Heartbrokeneness that I have experienced in my life has required me to dance a lengthy Jig with the Shadow while balancing on my Celestial Surf Board, surfing the Tsunami of Changing Frequency Waves.  It is not easy.  This could also be described evocatively as Moving Mountains with Spoons!  Is is possible– yes and it requires a lot of spoons in hands and balancing and finding stable footing to let go to move forward through the mountain of grief.  This Expanding Awareness is Transformative Love Light.

Since March 13, after communicating with my Main Guide, Fairyfarmgirl, a prayer flowed through me.  I send Loving Gratitude to myself,  I send Loving Gratitude to you.  I send Loving Gratitude to Humankind.  I send Loving Gratitude to the World.  I send Loving Gratitude to the Inhabitants of the Earth: the Realms of Flora and the Realms of Fauna.  I send Loving Gratitude to our Beautiful Sentient Earth.  I send Loving Gratitude to myself.  I send Loving Gratitude to you…  Fairy Out.

The Flower of Life contains the Sacred Spiral of the Creatrix.  I am that I have uncovered this within myself.  I am that.  I feel heretical this process of Claiming and Flowing and Relaxing into my own Empower.  This Essence that I am– this Sacred Reckoning of Riding the Wild– it is not for the faint-hearted.  Courage is required and Faith and Self-Love.  Self-Love is so very taboo.  To Love the Self you must Love the All.  It is a process of Forgiveness and Letting Go of Constructs that existed and are of no more as well.  This part of Riding the Wild is the most challenging that I have found.  This Sacrificing of what I believed to be to relax into the Greater Reality that I am is very very difficult to relinquish.  The Surrender to the Higher Self Nature is what is required and to do so I am embodying my own Presence– Healer Heal Thyself.  This is the Expansion of Awareness flowing into and with the New Earth Paradigm.

The Bees Buzzing while I looked at a Rose from my gardens closely! The joys of the Summer Solstice beginning! I Bless you with Love.

On June 21, 2020, the June New Moon ushers in a Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse. The Eclipse will begin on the Summer Solstice. The Eclipse will be visible from the areas of North Africa, Upper East Africa, The Arabian Penisula, The Red Sea, Asia Minor, Asia, the North Pacific Ocean and Northern Australia. 

The Celestial Heart Energies

It is worth noting that these areas of the host of the Oldest Civilizations on Earth.  Auximite, Saba, Ka-Menes, Mbutu, Baka, Batwa, Murri, Koori, and The People.  These names reach back in time over an Epoch or more ago back before the Paleolithic.

The Energies are already being felt by those who are on the Leading Edge of something New.  It has been a real challenge to navigate a heightened Emotionality and Perception.  

Flower of Life

 The Ring of Fire, Solar Eclipse on the New Moon of the Summer   Solstice is A Gift to Humankind.  This is happening 19 years after the most recent New Moon Summer Solstice, Solar Eclipse which occurred on June 21, 2001– 19 years ago.  

19 is a Prime Number.  It is also the number of overlapping Circles that make up the Flower of Life.  This is considered to be a rare Celestial Event.  It does have a cycle– 19 yrs for about 80 yrs and then a longer time between and then it will return with regularity every 19 yrs.  

This Eclipse is really bringing in the LIGHT to the Earth. The Expansion of Awareness are going to Accelerate for many people.

I am already feeling very loopy– as the Solstice Rises and the Eclipse Energies start to accelerate to the Earth– as well as the New Moon. We are going Celestial surfing that is for sure! We are the Magic and Miracle as we embrace and flow with these New Earth Energy.

We are in the beginnings of Loving Ourselves Free. These Waves of Change that are sending up the Tendrils of of the New Earth is very emotional– we will be letting go of our old emotions– the stuff that has kept up our Hearts bound. This is an essential unstoppable process that is part of the New Earth Birth– we are Birthing the New Earth. The Field of LoveLight is creating a pathway for Human Emancipation and Mutual Cooperation with each other, groups of people, and Solidarity and Unity.


My first child was born during a New Moon, on the Summer Solstice during an Eclipse 19 years ago!  There is a lot happening in my life on this day! Today, I have taken a moment to regard some Milestone Awareness. How far I have come over these 19 years. I have to say my Strengths of Courage, Independence, Kindness, Wisdom, Walking my Talk, Divine Feminine, LOVE, Warmth, Wisdom and Standing firm have assisted me greatly during this turbulent 19 years. I am so greatful, I know how to Stay on my Celestial Surfboard with 3 children with me on this Celestial Surfboard– Now they are teenagers! I bless us all with Love. These Waves of Change are accelerating.

I drew 3 cards for a Tarot Reading for the Solstice and Equinox. I was not able to record the reading– so many technical issues today. I decided perhaps the Universe would like the reading to remain private– the BIG WAVE Picture will reveal itself in due time– this WAVE is a FIELD of LIGHTLOVE– unlike anything we have experienced thus far. The closest to describe this New Earth Energy is from Rumi “The whole universe is contained within a single human being – you.” The New Earth is Rising from under our Feet and Descending from the Heavens– the Celestial Sun to fill our Hearts with this Knowing and to bring forth the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine into Emotional and Energetic Harmony within each member of Humankind. We are becoming More LoveLIGHT. As we become MORE LoveLIGHT we come into Harmony and Coherence with our Beautiful Sentient Planet EArth. This will seed new ways of Living and Moving– and we will create New Earth technologies that are in Coherence and Mutual Cooperation with each other, and the Planet Earth and all her systems.

This is no easy Task. As this Energy flows into our Mind, HEART, BODY, SPIRIT– a great deal of cleaning out, cleaning up, clearing out, and Cleansing within our own Self is occurring– Out with the old– in with the NEW EARTH.

Gratitude is very important. Bless what comes up and is being pushed out— this will be of great assistance as we each move through our Expansion of Awareness. I need assistance during this time is Water Violet Flower Essence, Gentian Flower Essence, Walnut Flower of Essence, and Star of Bethlehem Flower Essence.

I am making a tea from my garden herbs: Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Leaves of Nasturtium, Rose Petal, Red Clover, Thyme and Oregano. This tea has been very helpful in balancing my body as wave after wave of New Earth Energies have been flowing up from the Earth and down from the Sky– the Sun and Celestial Alignments, as well as all the shedding Humankind, is sloughing off parts of the Patriarchy World Cultural Paradigm.

I am also using Peppermint Essential Oil, those who are Standing with me on this Leading Edge of Something New will find Peppermint to be of great value during times of Expansion of Awareness which always require transition and change (chaos and upheaval). I use Essential oil of Peppermint to calm my nervous system and mind chatter and to focus on essential tasks such as falling asleep, dreaming, negotiations and divination.

I bless us all with Love. Enjoy the Celestial Energies. Be kind to yourself and others.

I Send myself Loving Gratitude. I send you Loving Gratitude. I send our Brothers and Sisters, Allies, Friends Loving Gratitude. I send Humankind Loving Gratitude. I send the World Loving Gratitude. I send Loving Gratitude to the Inhabitants of the Earth: The Living Forests, Living Savannahs, Living Grasslands and Great Plains, Living Heaths, Living Kelp Forests, Living Coral Reef Forests, The Mycelium Network: The Realms of Flora and Realms of Fauna, I send Loving Gratitude. I send Loving Gratitude to the Sentient Beautiful Planet Earth. I bless you with Love. Love More, Expect Miracles because that Miracle is you. –Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

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  1. Jack Nolan says:

    Thank you so much for that!!! It was so beautiful. Thanks for the heads up on the peppermint!!! I did your 777 mediatation directly after and per usual the second I end i am inundated with dragon fly’s!!!

    For anyone out there feeling lost and with everything going on in the world it wasnt a coincidence you found this page. When my wife and I felt like we were on the edge of catching the loonies 🤣😂🤣😂 Elizabeth was easily able to rope up back in. SHE IS THE REAL DEAL FOLKS. She has helped me change my perspective on life and consider myself blessed to have made contact with her.

    Thank you so much Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth for everything you have helped us with!!!!

    Love and gratitude,


    • Blessings to you, Jack. I bless you with Love. I appreciate your Heartfelt comment. I send Loving Gratitude to you and your wife and the Dragonflies. Dragonflies are indeed a great blessing. Love More, Expect Miracles because the Miracle is you.

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