July 4

July 4, 2020 Goddess of the Day: The Goddess Danu visited me in my dreams as I drifted in between the worlds of Awake and Sleep.  Danu, the Celtic Earth Goddess offers Humankind, our World, the Assurance that the Field of Love, although seemingly resting in stillness is being fed by a continuous stream of abundance.  This abundance is seeding the roots of the seedlings that are just beginning to stir– the Intentions are taking for.  Friends we are in the midst of a Great Wave of Change that is bringing forth the Human Emancipation required for Mutual Cooperation, Solidarity:  Unity.  We are Unifying as the Body of Humankind.  I am: You are:  We Are:  One with Unity and Personal Sovientry.  Rest today in Assurance.

This evening a Celestial Event is occurring beginning on July 4, 2020 and is ongoing through July 5, 2020

I took time these past few days to photograph the wild that is Life around me where I travel and tread lightly journeying through Time and meeting with the kindred spirit across space-time instantaneously.  We are all so interconnected even if we perceive we are alone, we are in fact not.  Beauty is an attribute of Love.  Beauty invites us all to experience Life fully, living in the moment and at times falling into the space between moments where intention is truly formulated from the spark of creation into building that which is created into form.  Let us be kind to one another and build this great life as we are on the leading edge of something new.  –Elizabeth

.”Unity,” by E.B. White, speaks to the creating of intersecting Communities. E.B. White is speaking of the influence of the Former Soviet Union, USSR.  It is now in our modern era been replaced by Russia and so much has happened since 1960 when this was written.  Yet, Russia is still using “peace” in the same context today as it was in 1960.  Russia is described by E.B. White as being of the East. 

“We use the word ‘peace’ the way the East likes to see it used–in the last paragraph of the President’s formal speeches, and preceded by the adjectives “just” and “lasting” as though peace were some sort of precious stone that, once discovered would put an end to trouble for all time… The U-2 Plane incident disclosed an American pilot taking off from an American nook in Turkey and heading for an American nook in Norway.  This famous flight illustrated the queer conditions we and our Western associates are compelled to face– a world grown so small that other people’s airfields are essential to our own safety, and our to theirs, yet a world that has made no progress in bringing free men together in a political community and under a common roof.  The West’s only roof these days is the wild sky, with its flights, overflights and the boom of broken barriers.  Our scientists long ago broke all known boundaries, yet the rest of us work sedulously to maintain them, in our pursuits, in our prayers, in our minds, and in our constitutions.  We dwell in a house one wall of which has been removed, all the while pretending that we are still protected against the wind and the rain…Yet if peace is to overtake us and make us the gift of serenity and well being, it will have to be the State of Something Good Happening. What is this good thing?  I think it is the evolution of community…”   Essays of E.B. White,Unity,” 1977.  pgs 100-101.

In this Essay, “Unity,” E.B. White goes on to speak of disarmament and the mirage that such an act is without the necessary transformation of heart– Inner Peace.  Inner Peace is required for outer Peace. 

This is why Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth speaks of “I choose Peace.”  
The Choosing of Peace, is an ongoing process.  It requires continual self-correction.  It requires the ability to take responsibility for one’s action and hold the self accountable through Personal Sovereignty.” In today’s political climate, in the year of 2020, the astounding collection of acts by Russia and those who are allied within our own house against our own house, have been found to have meddled in the affairs of our United States of America society: social and political.  E.B. White also wrote about this in his Essay “Unity” written in 1960.  ” Russia’s greatest fear, apparently, is that Western Democracies will act in a united and constructive way.  Russia is constantly on the alert to divide us and drive the wedge that we read about every day in the papers…” Essays of E.B. White, Unity, 1977. pg 106.

The United States of America has arrived at a place within our Political Will of emptying our rooms for a renovation through the removal of influence that no longer serves Peace and our greatest document,  the Constitution and our Democratic Elections.  We elect our leaders here in this great Country that I reside, and many that are reading this reside.  We choose to Freely Elect our Leaders and Representatives.  This requires Truth and Transparency which in these recent years has become murky and opaque.  Obscured by the festering of malice silenced and dammed up by Political Correctness only to breech the dam and thus, we have the onslaught that has been fed by the abundance of Love to push out– into the LightLove that which no longer serves our own interests, our communities, our States, our Nation and now the World. 

We send Loving Gratitude to you, our leaders, our Nation.  Let us Bless Each other as we Bless our Nation.  This Country we reside within– as fellow citizens we are like the Flower of Life.

Flower of Life

Nature wastes nothing.  There is no action that is taken in vain.  Everything is used for the preservation and continuation of the cycles of Life.  Nature always finds a way.  The roots are abundantly nourished and burst forth even in the most unlikely of places where there is seeming no platform to support the field of Love.  The Expansion of Awareness we are undergoing is expanding us all into more.  We are that.
Today, as the 4th of July is celebrated here in the USA, let us treat each other with kindness — to see and stand with each other as citizens, friend, allies all working in mutual cooperation upon the shared common ground.  
July, 4, 2020, Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

Full Moon Eclipse Unity resides within us all.We bless you with Love, Friends. A Full Moon Eclipse  while the Summer Triangle is on full display of the 3 Stars of Vega– Lyra, Altair, and Cygnus.  Today marks 15 years since the Deep Impact Space Probe was sent spiraling and crashing int the Comet 9P and causing debris from the comet to be broken off of this comet.  The penumbral lunar eclipse is also occurring during Mercury Retrograde in the Celestial Sign of Cancer  along with our Sun which is also in Cancer and Venus the sign of Love is in the Celestial Sign of chatty and social  and lighthearted, communicative and romantic Gemini with Mars in Aries, Jupiter is in Capricorn and Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn.  Uranus is now more aligned with the Goddess of Minerva and rests within the Celestial sign of Taurus.  There is a lot of great Good JU-JU for change making and meeting of the Souls, Hearts, and Minds of Humankind with courage, forward thinking and sudden positive change with direct action centered on single minded and confident uniting of liked minded Soul Brothers and Sisters, Friends, and allies.  If there was ever a time for the Unifying of Social Justice– it is now.
Tonight take time to gaze upon the Moon as the Lunar Eclipse progresses.   Intend on Positive Action in your life.  Be that which you wish to see through guided intent and action.  We bless you with Love.  Love More, Expect Miracles because that Miracle is you.  

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