Happy Day out of Time: The Sacred Pause between the Old Year and the New Year.

Yesterday, marked the last day of the Old Galactic Year. Today is the Day out of time. A day of Sacred Pause before the New Galactic New Year’s Day begins tomorrow.

I have always enjoyed this particular three days in the Galactic Calender. It feels so full of Potential and Promise. I Love to spend time outside in my gardens, in the Forest and at the Beach.

It is high Summer, at its zenith of Fertile Creating with Blossoms of Fruiting Vegetables being Pollinated and beginning to bear the fruits of Pollination. If I listen closely and deeply I can actually hear the Garden growing.

Hummingbirds, Bees and birds abound all around me.

The Roses and Lilies are in full bloom. The Bee Balm is in Bloom. The Hostas Flower waving in the Wind as the Hummingbird and Bee dance and weaving in and out of its Blossoming. Occasionally a squirrel will harvest a Hosta Flower stalk for a treat.

Revelations and Flights of Insight flow into Hearts and Minds. It is a time of welcoming the New Beginnings by letting go of the old. Change and Transformation are taking place— Awareness is Expanding in each Life. Seize the Opportunity. The rewards for dismantling the old self and making space for what is wished into becoming. This is an auspicious time. Relax. Surrender to what is in front of us. We have what it takes. We are enough! We can do this!

We are beckoned to climb the Holy Mountain journeying on the Sacred Pilgrimage to acquire a Higher Expanded Awareness and Vision and Perspective. Accept the present situation we ourselves— And as we practice Accepting we discover a Higher More Expanded Understanding.

Let us walk with Courage, Love, Light and Compassion. Clarity ensues flowing and following us as we Accept the Perfection of the Imperfect.

Be Proactive. TRUST. It is a time of leaping over challenges, climbing high and reaching the Pinnacle to see the unobstructed view. We are the ones we are waiting for. It us. It is you. It is the I Am.

We have all that we need to be successful. All that is needed is our Trust, LoveLight, Willingness, Acceptance and Movement.

It takes work and LoveLight and commitment and communication to overcome obstacles that must be overcome.

The Winds of Change call to each of us. Clear Communication and Understanding is Given. It is so. This is the shift for the Highest Good of and for All.

The Universal Law of Giving Back is in play. The Source of Strength, Guidance, Protection, Benevolence and Generosity come around Full Circle back to the Giver. Speak up in Defense of Others. Share the Bounty of time, Energy and Expertise.

Honor yourself and others equally. And in Honoring the Self, we must provide to our own needs first then to others.

Each Act that promotes the Dignity of each Human’s Self-Dignity honors our own Self as we Honor others: Family, Friends, Allies, Partnerships.

It is a time of Balancing our own Chakras: clearing emotions, physical and Spiritual Issues. Practice Exquisite Self-Care. Clean Cleanse, Clear our Spaces, Chakras, Environments. Healing is Now Accelerated and The Impossible is Possible.

Sound. Color. Light.

Focus on the Inner Child with play, Love, Acceptance and Harmonious Action and Beingness.

The Divine Feminine is Blessing us. We are being flooded with The LightLove of Compassion, Unconditional Love and Acceptance. We are being invited to Open and Willingly Accepting and Receiving of Miracles.

The Nexus Point of Miracles, Magic and Mystery.

Let go of that which has passed . This letting go is eased with the pathways of Beauty, Grace, Eloquence, Love, Nurturing, Forgiveness, Compassionate Understanding as acts in the real world toward ourselves and others. This is the Divine Feminine in action.

Creative Endeavors and Expression lead to Growth in all Areas of Beingness. It is is now possible with the Assistance of the Divine Feminine the Karmic Obstacles are being dissolved and removed. Emotional Imbalances and anything else that has held us back collectively and individually from receiving Love is neutralized, softened so that we are able to Love more fully our own Self and Others. This is largely occurring through understanding our differences and perspectives through clear communication— All is Eased with Grace.

We are invited to more fully open our own Hearts to receive Reciprocal Love and Light. This is Synergy.

Offer Flowers to encourage the Divine Exchange of LoveLight Energy to your home, your altar, those who you Love and most of all to yourSelf.

Be Courageous as the Hero of your Own Story. Exploration of New as One finds the that each of us is essential for moving forward. Travel, Dive Deep into our own Hearts. Ride the wild. Our Souls know what to do.

As we take steps forward creating new pathways we begin to Live Authentically and with Integrity. Roam Free and Explore. Be Courageous as One Journeys stepping each step on this New Path with Grace, Ease, Comfort and knowing that we are protected and safe.

Change. Positive Intention. New Relationship. Open to Life. Higher Purpose. Diversity. Gratitude. Improvements. Moving Beyond. New Beginnings. Calming ourselves.

Love More, Expect Miracles because that Miracle is you . I bless you with Loving Gratitude. — Elizabeth-Fairyfarmgirl

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