New Adventures and Ventures!

Blessings to you, Friends, Allies and Brothers and Sisters of Love and Light!

New adventures and Ventures beckon Fairyfarmgirl and Elizabeth and all that are part of the Fairyfarm Family!

First Elizabeth would like to welcome her beloved Love, Friend and Partner, Tom Bear. Tom hails from the Hidden Coast of New Hampshire. He is an accomplished Navigator, woodsman and wild gatherer and mystic. Tom works closely with Elizabeth and Fairyfarmgirl. His main Guides are of the Ancient Realms of Earth and Space Time Fauna.

Tom Bear will be a guest writer and producer of Herbal and Jewelry products and more here at Fairyfarmgirl Digest and Emporium. Be on the look out for our amazing oils and products featured at the Emporium!

Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth continues to offer Tarot Readings and Spiritual Guiding, Coaching and Life Coaching. Expansion of Awareness is growing across our Beautiful World. Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth is available to assist you in navigating through the changing world and your own changing inner world.

Our Earth Grid of our the Beautiful Sentient Earth has shifted to Gaia and the Emotionally Available Strong, Compassionate, Wise and Kind as well as Protective Divine Masculine. The Upheaval that some are experiencing in the world is the Shift of the Ages beginning. We send Loving Gratitude to you, our Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Friends, Allies standing up in the Love Light and firmly rooting to the New Earth Grid of LoveLight, Balanced and Stable Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We are all called to stand and to root deeply into the New Earth Grid.

The LoveLight is acting as a Healing Agent and Change-maker pushing up all that must be healed and transmuted by LoveLight. This is sacred work. Elizabeth is reminded by Fairyfarmgirl that she has what it takes. We are Humans— the Most Creative People of the Whole Known Universe. We are the Ones we have been waiting for. It is each of you: it is us.

Reach up as the Ancestors and Angels and the Gaia Reaches out to assist us in standing up into the LoveLight. We are all being supported in staying on our Celestial Surfboards as we Dive Deep and Ride the Wild!

The Crystals that are of assistance at this time are Rose Quartz and Sodalite and Green Agate. Fairyfarmgirl suggests wearing pendants on the Heart or High Heart Chakras. Practice Good Spiritual Hygiene. Here at our Emporium a limited supply of crystal pendants are available for purchase. Breathe and Love More, Expect Miracles. We bless you with Loving Gratitude.

The Rocks that are of assistance at this time are mineral rocks of granite with quartz from areas of Wild Water such as the ocean or wild waters of brooks, streams, rivers and/or lakes. Fairyfarmgirl suggests holding these stones and rocks in your hand and to connect to the Elementals (Fairy or Faery and the Fey and the Devas) through the stone as a mini-portal. Elizabeth and Tom Bear have collected some Wild Rocks. These are available for purchase on our Emporium.

The Inner Child must be heard and Loved Free from within each of us. This is Empowering and Intense work. Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth and Tom Bear with the assistance of Fairyfarmgirl have created Infused oils and Rose Water as well as Fairy Glitter Dust and a Spell to support you in your Inner Child work. Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth suggests using the wild gathered Sweet Fern oil and the Wild Gathered Rose Water for Inner Child and Heart-High Heart Chakra and Sacral-Third Eye Chakra Work as well as for the Throat-Will-Root Chakras. These Herbal Infused Oils and Rose Water and Fairy Glitter Dust are Empowering and Powerful Guides, Guardians and Helpers as well as supportive of the mind-body-Heart-Spirit and Soul. Check out these new and exciting products on the Emporium.

Here along the hidden coast of NH Elizabeth’s garden grows beautifully. As so is out so too it is within. often, Life that is around your personal Torsion Field is a Metaphor for your own inner world and interfacing with the Collective Consciousness. Elizabeth recently had a Milestone Awareness in that she has become aware that what was once is no more true. At one time, many of you, our Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Allies operated outside of the Consensus Reality. This is no longer true. What was once outside of Consensus Reality is now becoming the Reality. There are 3 major co-existing Realities coalescing here on Surface Earth that makes up the majority of the Human World. LOVELIGHT is the NEW Energy on the Playground of Earth, and it is transforming Humankind. There will be 3 main realities all based on LOVELIGHT. The Earth has shifted from High 3D-Low 4D to Mid 4-D to Low/High 5 D. And here is what makes Earth the Gem of All SpaceTime– Humankind and the Inhabitants of Earth will remain Embodied. We are that Creative and Gifted, Brothers and Sister, Friends and Allies. Stand Tall and Proud. We are Human of the Collective and Uniting Humankind. We are Loving ourselves Free. We must Emancipate ourSelves and Unite. Often Elizabeth feels like she did the first time she rode her bike unassisted. Woot! We are Human and Proud and Free. Claim your Sovereignty! We have Eyes of See and Ears to Hear with. We bless you with Love! Love More, Expect Miracles because that miracle is you, dear one– Billions of you are the Miracle. We have far surpassed the 11% eleven years ago. We bless you with Loving Gratitude.

–Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth and Tom Bear

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Fairy Farm Girl Digest is about Expanding Awareness. Fairy Farm Girl offers Meditations, Tarot Readings and Spiritual Coaching and Lifestyle Advice.
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  1. jack says:

    Thank you for the update! And for the upbeat messages! I needed that after a long week. And cool news on the emporium. I know a lovely lady that always likes gifts! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
    Sending much love and gratitude to you and Tom. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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