Happy Equinox!

Recently I brought in all my houseplants from the garden area in the West Facing Gardens. The nights have steadily been getting colder. The days take longer to warm. Frost was predicted. Autumn is on its way!

I have made a lovely indoor garden area in my dining room and kitchen and sunroom… I have added new plants to the indoor plants that are native to the room (they think so). I explained to my plants that the newcomers are a welcome addition to our rooms. Diversity makes us strong.

This Autumn and Winter I am growing Mint, Thyme and Rosemary among other plants. All Summer Long I have been wild harvesting Rose, Sweet Fern, White Pine Needles, St. Joan’s Wort. I have tinctured and dried my herbs. I Bless these powerful Plant Spirit Healers and Helpers with Loving Gratitude.

9/21 was the International Day of Peace. In honor of this day, I sang songs of Peace to the World as I walked along the road. I made a robust Autumn Chicken Noodle and Vegetable Soup. I prayed and Intended for Peace. I spent the day privately anchoring this Energy of Loving More and Expecting Miracles.

The World around us, the Humankind World is in transition. In many places there is chaos brought forth by The Great Waves of Change. Theses Waves of Change have been lapping at the shores of Humankind since 2000. Recently, though the Waves of Change have picked up in the pace.

What to do in the face of these Great Waves of Change? Surf the Waves, of course. Life is a Wild Ride that when approached from a place of LoveLight is an opportunity to Dive Deeply and Ride the Wild. This is where we as Family of Humankind and as Individuals truly discover who we are: who we wish to be: Who we are Becoming.

In the area I live, near the hidden coast of NH, it is the Autumn Equinox today. The Wheel of Life turns.

Happy Equinox! Happy Autumn! and for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere: Happy Spring!

The leaves are turning reds, golds, oranges. The Maple Trees are the first to turn to their true colors. The brief time of Autumnal Beauty is upon the Northern Areas of the World. This time for me is a magical time of Change and Harvest and Preparation for Winter. It is a time to celebrate Life in all its facets.

Life is what you make it. Life is challenging. It is up to each of us to choose to Love More, Expect Miracles or not. These are the choices. Fairyfarmgirl and I hope you choose to Love More, Expect Miracles. It is LoveLight that is Emancipating Humankind. Many have chosen, and yet many more have not. What will we as a Family of Humankind choose to create. It is through Unity and Personal Sovereignty that True Human Emancipation occurs.

This summer I had the privledge of guiding another on their healing journey. Through the use of gathered herbs and garden herbs and blessed water, the Healing Prescence and the Plant Spirit Helpers and my guidance healing occurred. It took time to resolve– and this particular aliment has been resolved. Nature provides all that we need. It is through working with Mother Earth-Gaia and Nature that true Unity and True Sovereignty is. Our Beloved Planet Earth, has hosted Humankind with generousity and Love and Tolerance. She has protected us and nurtured us and guided us towards better versions of ourselves. Nothing is created without the assistance of others. There is no “I did this alone” in the world. There are those who say that their achievements are theirs alone– and this is an untruth. They did not achieve anything alone. There were countless people who assisted them, who gave their energy, time, labor, who at at times gave their lives to the cause that those who say “they did it alone.” They are speakers of untruths. They used others to get what they wanted. This pattern of seeing others as a Commodity it unsustainable and is the path that leads to demise ultimately.

Join us and work with our Beloved Planet Earth, her systems and with each other. The New Moon recently came to pass for this September. The Moon beckons us to head into World with Expression and Connection with others. Let this time assist us in choose to focus our time for ourselves, our feelings and our Human Needs and Spiritual Needs. Connect with others through Unity and Personal Soveientry.

Now is the time to come out of our chrysalis. It is time for us to Emerge. Connect with our Earth, Nature, The Sun, the Moon and with each other! Let our Creative Energy be empowered: Calling us to Purpose to Shine of LoveLIGHT. I send you Loving Gratitude. Celebrate Life. Find the Lightness and Humor in all the Seriousness that surrounds us. Go out into the World, dance upon our Earth and Play.

The Ancestors are supporting us. They have gone before us and now stand behind us and with us! We are invited to reach into the Future and assist the Earth and Humankind in co-creating, building and birthing a New EARTH Paradigm. Dream ourselves into Being. What are we migrating to — Becoming 13,000 years from now? They call to us to accept the Invitation to Dive Deeply and Ride the Wild of Great Power and Blessings that come from the Acceptance and Willingness to co-create and build a New Destiny for ourselves, individually and as the Family of Humankind. We have unlimited Spiritual Resources available to us all at this time. We do this by examining our attitudes and actions– to act with Integrity. Forgive those who hurt us– set ourselves free through this Magical Power of Forgiveness. This is how the Generational Patterns and DNA damage is healed– DNA is restored to DNA Integrity through the Power of LOVELIGHT and Forgiveness. We are all supported at this time in this sacred work. Forgive and Honor our DNA, Ancestors by Lighting a Candle and Sending our LoveLight and Blessings of Loving Gratitude to those who have come before us and now stand behind us. Choose to Love More and Expect Miracles.

I Bless you with Love. –Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

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  1. Joanne says:

    Blessings to you my sister, much love and abundance! Thank you for the Autumnal blessing.

  2. HAWK Lessard says:

    Can not belive that four years of coming to N.H. I will not get there this year.r

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