Planet Hugs

Happy Full Moon in Aries. Today focus on your Intentions that are for your Heart, Mind, and Soul and the New Earth Paradigm. Light a Candle and State your Intentions aloud.

Blessings to you on this day! Have you Hugged your planet Earth, today?

Walk upon her with your feet bare, feel our Earth under your toes, here and there and everywhere. Touch her with your Hands. Hug her Emissaries the Trees, the Rocks, the Plants. Nurture the Nature all around you. Love More, Expect Miracles.

Look and see her our Earth, Beautiful and Sentient Planet. Look at the Small parts of Earth, the little insects, plants, minerals. Watch the Bees do their work, the worms, the beetles, the spiders. Sit with wonder as the leaves of the Autumn Trees in the Northern Hemisphere change colors and float on the wind or drift to the ground below. Look as Spring Flowers in the moment of Grace, open to reveal their beauty in the Southern Hemisphere. See the Beauty in the moment around you.

Go and behold the Beauty that abounds all around us and throughout and within. We are the Earth and She is us.

Express Loving Gratitude to the Earth and all her inhabitants, and to Nature: The Realms of Flora and the Realms of Fauna.

Love Our Planet, Our Earth here and there and Everywhere.

The Sacred is the Ground we stand upon.

Take a step, and see new Sacred Ground fore it is where you stand you are. on. Sacred. Ground.

Do you see?


Every place from Mountains to the Sea, from Deserts to Meadows, from Forests to Plains and Grasslands and Savannah, from the Lakes, Ponds, Bogs, Swamps, Estuaries from the Bayou to the Banyan Tree, from the Mangrove to the Coral Reef from the Depths of the Brooks, Rivers, Streams and the Wells and Underground Reserves of Water to the Depths of the Oceans and inland Seas from the Caves Nature Made and Man Carved from the Wells Of Oil taken without regard… Every Inch, Every Square, Every Molecule of our Planet Earth,is Sentient, Aware, Beautiful. Our Earth is Sacred.


We must heal ourSelves and our Earth of the Traumas that she has endured. As we choose to Heal and Love Ourselves Free, so too will we Free our Earth, our Beautiful Sentient Planet. Hug your Planet today. Walk upon the Spiral that is contained in the Flower of Life. The Spiral that is Life– it continues in all Times: Past, Present, The Now, and Future. Stand upon this Spiral– you are infinite as a Soul, your body is Infinite as its Spiral of DNA is held within you and with the Earth. We share our DNA with the Earth everytime we touch a plant, a tree, the dirt– any part of Nature. We are in a Synergetic Relationship with our Earth, Sentient, Generous, Beautiful Planet Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess.

Create Synergy, as you Hug your Planet, our Earth feel her Heartbeat. Feel the pulse that flows through her to you. Send a Pulse back from your Heart to her Heart. Greet into the Realms of the Minerals and the Realms of the Mycellium. This will open communications with the Earth and the Mycellium (the Original World Wide Web). This Organic Living System will communicate with you via sounds, scents, images, and feelings and words. Interface with our Planet. Ask her “How can I assist you in your Healing? ” or “I Love you and wish to support you in your Healing in ways that I am able to. Guide me in assisting you in your Healing and my Healing.”

Be Present as a Sacred Witness to the Earth as she speaks with you and through you. As you listen and bear witness you are providing the Space for her to Heal. As you follow through in her requests to the best of your ability, you empower her and your own Healing. Healing is a Partnership– and a Constellation— it is a Matrix and Sacred Geometry. The Holographic Reality of Healing is shifting that what is out of balance to a place of balance.

Gaze upon Crop Circles. Look deeply into Sacred Geometry– the Flower of Life. Look at the Sacred Fractals of Nature. Feel these Sacred Forms with you hands, your body, your Heart, Mind and Spirit. Follow the Sacred Spiral… to the Dolmens and the Sacred Stones, the Giant Boulders and the Energy Portals of LoveLight. Clean up the Sacred Wells and streams and Rivers, Ponds and Oceans. Create new systems of Human Conduct. Be the Change you wish to see as you walk the Sacred Spiral.

I Bless you with Love. — Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

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  1. Joanne says:

    Thank you for this writing. I receive it in my heart and portal it to Gaia Sophia and all the beings upon her.

  2. Blessings to you, Joanne. I send you Loving Gratitude. Thank you! I am so very happy this writing that flowed through me has touched your Heart. Love More, Expect Miracles. –Elizabeth, Fairyfarmgirl

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