Happy Samhain! Happy Halloween!

I bless you with Love! Happy Samhain! Happy Full Moon! Happy, Happy, Happy….

I write these words and I am reminded of recent times past when all seemed so more predictable. My life was more predictable. I moved to the beat and cadence of routines and patterns that were my life. That all changed in Oct 2017 when I was suddenly made aware that my life was not what I thought it to be. This was a huge Tower Card moment for me when All changed in a flash of traumatic lightening. I must say I did not use my nice words and I cried a lot.

2018 heralded another more leveling Tower Moment, we were in a flood and homeless for awhile. It was only a short sojourn. I chose at that moment to Love More, Expect Miracles. I co-created with many many diverse groups of people a new Life for me and my children. It was traumatic and hard and beautiful and full of grace. It is through creating a personal Flower of Life that links with the Universal Flower of Life that Miracles, Manifestation, and Magic intersect, multiply, and are brought into fruition.

Samhain, Halloween represent to me the Beginning of the New Year on the Wheel of Life and Seasons. It is during this time that I find my most Power– the Equinoxes as well and the Solstices.

I Am are two of the most powerful words in the world, perhaps the Universe.

Intention/Spell/Prayer these are the concepts that co-create the miracles. Some say you have to do it this way. Some say you have to do it that way. I say, do it your own way, and own it.

I Am on the leading edge of something new. The New is the New Earth Paradigm. The Dogmas of the previous age– Consensus Reality Dogmas, Counter Culture Dogmas and the labels that go with all that are no longer as defined as in the past.

I Am …I Am so happy and grateful now that I have… I AM so Thankful for this…..I Am that I Am. I will be that I will be…. I Am

It took me 2 years to fully understand that my life was no longer as I was accustomed. In that 2 years I co-created new Life Patterns and New Routines. I chose to Love More and expect Miracles.

I did not do this alone. No one, does anything alone. The hubris of thinking that one is creating alone is laughable and the basis for the Billionaire Culture that has plagued this planet far too long. They think they became Billionaires all alone– it was through only their effort. This is a lie. They became Billionaires through negative word magic and the work and effort of those who are their employees– their Human Resource.

The cat is really out of the bag. The Jig is up. Because, as we each awaken to our own I AM and begin to use our Power that is our Birthright, the Billionaire Culture will be forced to change, perhaps even capitulate. As we Awaken we Emancipate ourSelf and in doing so Emancipate each other. Human Emancipation creates Collaborative Action: Mutual Cooperation and Unity. Humankind is beginning to Unite and in doing so we link up to the New Earth Grid of our Beloved Sentient Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess and the Sacred Divine Masculine Earth, Luminous Warrior. We are joining our Heart Chakras: the Lower Heart (middle of the chest) and our High Heart (the Thymus area) Through this connection Humankind will begin to discern their birthright as Symbiotic with the Earth and all of Nature. We are part of Nature. This is very important to remember as we move forward co-creating the re-wilding of our Surface Earth’s diverse Biomes. Love More, Expect Miracles.

Fern Hearts

When will this happen? Well, it is happening now. I see tendrils of change beginning to unfurl and grow- connecting to the Flower of Life. These Tendrils are barely detectable by most people. And the New Earth is here growing, connecting, transforming, transmuting, co-creating with those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

World wide, in many places on this Earth, in just about every country is the Global Health Challenge Pandemic. Let us all remember that the Global Health Challenge of Malaria. Or how about the Pandemic of Hunger… or Clean Water… or Climate Change.


I Send Loving Gratitude to you. I Send Loving Gratitude to mySelf. I Send Loving Gratitude to my Brothers and Sisters standing up into the LightLove. I Send Loving Gratitude to my Friends and Allies standing up into the LightLove. I send Loving Gratitude to Humankind.

I Send Loving Gratitude to the World.

I send Loving Gratitude to the Forests of the World, The Trees the Mycellium Network and to All the Realms of Flora, and All the Realms of Fauna.

I send Loving Gratitude to the Elements and the Elementals: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ether.

I Send Loving Gratitude to the Waters of Lakes, Ponds, Bogs, Swamps, Marshes. I send Loving Gratitude to the Waters of Streams, Brooks, Creeks and Rivers. I Send Loving Gratitude to the Estuaries and Salt Marshes and Mangroves. I Send Loving Gratitude to all Underground Water. I Send Loving Gratitude to all Waters of Wells and Cisterns and Water Barrels and Water Towers. I Send Loving Gratitude to all Water flowing through pipes and held within vessels. I send Loving Gratitude to Water Vapor in the Air: Clouds and Water falling from the Air as Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail. I send Loving Gratitude to Water held with glaciers. I send Loving Gratitude to All Flowing Waters.

I Send Loving Gratitude to the Ocean, a Giant Water Organism that is seen as individual oceans and seas.

I send Loving Gratitude to All of Nature. I send Loving Gratitude to our Sentient Beautiful Mother Earth-Gaia.

I Send Loving Gratitude to you. I send Loving Gratitude to MySelf. I send Loving Gratitude…

This Global Health Challenge, the Pandemic, the Covid-19 has created a crisis that Humankind world wide (mostly) has noticed and responded to. There are still those that think the Earth is Flat and that there are no viruses. They are unfortunately given more airtime and soundbites than scientists and healers.

Every Disaster Movie begins with Politicians not believing in Science.

And yet, many are still here on Earth, co-creating the Magic, Manifestation and Miracles as each individual awakens to their Divinity within and begins to Love More, Expect Miracles– the Miracles abound.

I Am….

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine runs through every human on Earth and within the Earth. The Earth has changed its Sacred Divine Masculine to the Emotionally Available, Emotional and Logical Luminous Warrior Divine Masculine.

This is a huge change that many are sensing and as the Divine Feminine awakens in each individual and links to the Earth and the Cosmos and the Flower of Life, so too does the Consensus Reality.

I am surfing the Great Waves of Change with the support and assistance Fairyfarmgirl and that of the Guardians, Helpers, Guides and Angels, Mother Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess, God and the LoveLight gods and goddesses, the Friends and Allies, my DNA Ancestors, my Spiritual Ancestors and many many many others.

The Flower of Life is Interconnection, Interdependent, Intersecting, Sharing, LoveLight.

The Blue Moon will shine bright with Mars from Samhain Eve through the Day of the Dead. This last occurred over 40 years ago. It is a time of high Magic and Manifestation and Miracles. Look to the Night Sky to gaze on the Moon. Keep your vibe high and Love More and Expect Miracles!

Join me in starting a Howl as I howl at the Moon!

Happy Samhain, Happy Halloween, Happy Full Moon!

I Bless you with Love, Love More, Expect Miracles

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