11.11.20 Super New Moon, Armistice Day and Veteran’s Day

portal opens 11/11/20

Today number sequences are afoot. It is 11.11.2020. Long ago in 1918, The end of the Great WW I came to an end on 11.11.1918 at at 11 am in the morning. This day is marked by Armistice Day. In the USA we mark this day as Veteran’s Day. In the Modern age this day is called Remembrance Day.

11/11/2020 is also an Auspicious Day for Magic, Manifestation and Miracles. The New Moon is a Super New Moon with Big Energies that are knocking all for a loop.

We send all my brothers and sisters, friends and Allies Loving Gratitude. Now is the time to stand firm, stand tall and walk your talk. It is not easy and that which is worth doing is never easy but it is eased with integrity of thought, action, deed, emotion. These are the tools of the Celestial Surfboard that allow us all to dive deep, ride the wild and stay on our surfboard and steady the collective around us.

Sacred Ground is that which you stand upon. We have made monuments to the Wars and the loss and the anguish. Now it is time to make monuments to Life, Love, Light and Compassion. The New Earth Paradigm is a new frequency a new way to connect and be with life. This is the Rebirth of you.

Rebirth and shadow work require to let go to move forward.

11/11/20 is a Complex Day with many strands of Reality converging to ride alongside each River of Conscious Flow.  It represents Choice and Change. LOVELIGHT flows alongside Discord and Malevolence.  What will you choose? The Portal Opens from the Galactic Center. The Sacred Divine Masculine, the Luminous Warrior, the New Earth Grid and The Sacred Divine Masculine of the now Emotionally Available, and Emotionally Intelligent Divine Masculine.

Today is an Numerology 8. Put the 8 on its side and it is the symbol of infinity. The next 10 days are auspicious to connect to and co-create the outcomes successfully. There is a sort of Cosmic Strategy in its way and dedication to the Call to Purpose. There is renewed and energized Energy to let go, move forward. Reach Further, Higher and to journey upwards toward LoveLight on the Spiral of the Flower of Life. This is the music of Spheres. Be ready for an accelerated ride climbing, the stamina and fortitude and vision will assist in the journey.

Nothing is achieved alone. Everything is interconnected as the Flower of Life. Sharing the success, the abundance, the plenty is essential. Show appreciation and gratitude. Trust.

8 also balances success with gratitude and humility. 11.11.2020 ushers in an ever cascading building cycle of manifestation, magic, miracles.

Patience and Fortitude and Determination along with inspiration and gratitude, humility with Compassion and sharing are the pillars of the success of this new day and Energy stream of 8. It begins today, 11.11.2020.

This is the Beginning. Stay the course and let go to go forward.

The Divine Masculine of the Age of Pisces was not Emotionally Available. It was about conquest, conflict, separation, doing, war.

11.11.2020 The Age of Aquarius has commenced and with the Portal Opening of the Luminous Divine Masculine from across Space-Time this ushers in more harmonious, cooperative, peaceful, introspective, creatively responsible Luminous Divine Masculine Energies. These Energies are connecting with and spooling up with the New Earth Grid Energy. Compassionate Communication, Mutual Cooperation and Unity is the new Global Game. The Old Earth must be honored as that which has rebirthed the New Earth. Honoring something allows it to be as it was and to move beyond that which was once to embrace what is New.

The parallels of today to A little over a Century ago are playing out, Malevolence was defeated in battle during WW I .The Armistice was signed on 11.11.1918 at 11 am.  The cost was great.    Those that survived chorused “Lest We never Forget ” So many were lost to war, disease, famine. The world was also battling a Pandemic of the Flu.

The Parallels today are worth taking pause to note. It is also important to note these Energy Constructs and Outpicturing to our Reality so that we can jump the time stream to the LoveLight that rides alongside the discord.

Then WW II was fought and the Negative Collective Consciousness that took up temporary residence in humans who called themselves Nazis.  And that WW II was fought and the Battle was won. LoveLight was here to stay.

It has not been clear or easy this ride through this Epoch.  And here we are situated in the middle of a Portal Constellation in the last part of the second decade of the 21st Century. 11.11.2020

1111 is always related to new beginnings and new opportunities. around you. Now is a  chance to change something in your life. Rethink. Renew. Restart. Recalibrate and rewrite.

1111 is the Nexus Point of Manifestation, Miracles, Magic.

Let Go, to go forward.  Forgive yourself.  Start a new habit of Love More, Expect Miracles.  Source invites us to dive deep, ride the wild: reach higher, farther.  Leave the comfort zone.

Cosmic Energies invite you to Stand up into The Light Love.  Connect with the New Earth Paradigm that rides alongside the Discord.  Choose to begin.  Now is the right moment.  Success is ensured, the Angel’s, Guardians, Helpers, Ascended Ancestors, The Earth-Gaia, The Luminous Warriors: The Sacred Divine Feminine, the Sacred  Strong and Gentle Emotionally Available Divine Masculine and the Universe All are assisting Humankind and individual Intentions aligned with LoveLight.

 Have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear. Recognize the Celestial, Synergistic and/or Synchronicity showing up to be seen, experienced.  Willingly invite and Accept the Wish Fulfillment of Intentions.  Follow the Intuition and Knowing and Insight and flashes of Divinity. 

Remember those who have gone before us, and simultaneously release your Ancestor Loved ones from Earthbound Roles Roles previously held in recent lifetimes.  Connect and intend in Loving them free.

I Choose Peace this is my prayer. Peace here in my Heart. Peace Everywhere.

We send you Loving Gratitude. Love More, Expect Miracles. We bless you with Love.


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