Sunday Musings

I am an untamed Goddess
 Woman behaving badly
I walk among the trees
Leaves fall down to the ground of red, orange, gold and brown.
I glide along covering my feet hidden by the colors of Autumn

 I am that I am.
Now Here
I see the Light

I listen to the songs of the Spheres so clear through my Heart’s Ears
I dive deep
Ride the Wild

River of Songs
Golden LoveLight
alongside rides the dark discord

 I jump the River to that of which is my time
Your time

Join me
Step by Step
Sacred Ground all around
 Riding Celestial Surfboards
staying afloat and along

You are here
You are here
The Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess
Child of Earth
My Beloved
You are Loved

— Elizabeth Loabe, Bubbles Float and Other Musings, 11.15.2020

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