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Thanksgiving Day Message

I Bless you with LoveLight. Here in my area of the world, on the hidden coast of NH, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day at the Fairyfarm with my family.

This year there is much to Practice Gratitudes about. This year of 2020 has been interesting full of chances for really focusing on the important things in life. Here is my short List

Loving Gratitude: sending and receiving, Health,Stepping Forward to be seen,Sharing Abundance,Receiving Abundance,Loving More, Expecting Miracles,Compassionate Understanding,Inner Child, Luminous Warrior,Giftedness and Call to Purpose, Tarot, Art, Products and Guidance that flows through me to you via Fairyfarmgirl Digest and Emporium and to all of You

There is so much to be in a space of Gratitude this year. We are in the middle of a Pandemic. There are many who have lost dear loved ones to the Covid-19 virus. There are many Extreme Weather Storms happening all over the world. There are many many great waves of Change. I send you Healing Love as you journey through Grief or support others journeying through grief. Let you be held within the Embrace of LoveLight steadied by Solace and Comfort. I Send you Loving Gratitude.

This year many of us have developed new life patterns in response to the Pandemic. We have learned to connect more deeply by way and through the Heart and social media platforms. We have learned to look deeply within. We are invited to combine our Heart with our High Heart. It looks like Venn Diagram– and part of the Flower of Life.

I Send Loving Gratitude. I began this practice on March 13 2020 when the in New Hampshire, USA, the Governor declared a State of Emergency. This resulted in a Quarantine Order. Many places all across our beautiful Planet were shut down and we went into Quarantine.

And yet, many Hearts opened and many people became closer even though they were not in proximity to each other. This is due to the LoveLight that flows through all life. We went within and connected by Hearts and Minds, Spirit and Soul and through social media platforms.

I met some of my neighbors calling from a safe physical distance from my gardens to their gardens. It was a time of great coming together. This has not stopped. Those of us on the Leading Edge of Something New are inviting those Expanding in Awareness to join with us– and they are.

This is the Great Portal Opening. The Portal is within each of us, by way and though the Heart propelled upwards by the furnace of the body: the Sacral Chakra and connected through the High Heart, Throat and 3rd Eye. Regulated by the Will Chakra and provided a secure base by the Root Chakra. We are Luminous and growing as we Expand our Awareness, Love More. We are LoveLight.

We connected with Brothers and Sisters Soul and Spirit across the globe. We extended Abundance and Plenty to those in need. We did this.

We inspired each other to be more, reach further, create, start a new journey. The Arts experience a resurgence. That which spoke to the Heart, Spirit, Soul— comforted us we chose to reconnect to through Art, Music, Dance and Self-Expression. This is a Human Birthright– to Create, to Express , to Love.

Sacred Geometry and Number Sequences became a real thing. Those of us who have been living life by the mystery and magic and manifestion of the Number Sequences suddenly realized that 1111 was an invitation. It is truly and invitation to Love More and to send LoveLight and Loving Gratitude. To practice Kindness.

Billions of people suddenly started to garden— in containers, in yards, front and back yards, in gardens, just about anywhere where the practice of physical distancing was possible. Nature is a place of Grace and Solace. Many found there way, journeying back to their selves through the practice of gardening– Creating Beauty.

Since March many world wide have lost loved ones, friends, and neighbors. They have crossed over to the great beyond. What happens after passing from this life to the next is this… something happens. What it is — well that is open to debate as from our limited frequency and vibration we are garnered from seeing the large reality that surrounds our existence as human beings.

The many many many Belief Systems world wide show us there is something beyond the barrier that we pass through upon leaving this life to go to the next.

Another Realm, Dimension and place are common held beliefs. The Body is of the Earth. That which Animates the Body is of the Celestial Cosmos.

This Grief that many feel due to the Pandemic, Extreme Weather Events due to Climate Change, War, Poverty — the loss of life. It is a process of walking through Heartbrokeness. Grieving takes as long as it takes. Celebrating the life of a loved one is of assistance while navigating the Grief. Compassion for our neighbors, friends, fellow human beings throughout the world and in our area is our Call to Purpose. What that means to you is yours to create and build. Follow the Expansion, Awe, Wonder and LOVELIGHT this will lead you toward the Leading Edge of Something New and in that journey you will assist others in walking through Grief.

After a loss, there is no going back to “the way things used to be” you are now in a new place and space. Create and Build acts of LOVELIGHT from your new nexus point.

There are no shortcuts and no ways around it. Grief is something that you journey through. I bless you with Love. Let Grace and LightLove guide you. Every day get up out of bed. Bathe, dress, do your hair. Make your bed. Make beautiful food to eat. Buy yourself flowers. Take long walks in nature. Hug a Tree and tell her your woes. Breathe and dance, sing and cry, keen. When you fall down, falter, just simply with all your strength and with the support of those who you pray to, get back up. — Elizabeth


Each and every day holds something amazing to behold with awe and wonder. I practice Gratitudes and Loving mySelf Free. It is not easy and yet the most rewarding practice I have ever done. — Elizabeth

I Send you my beloved children and loved ones Loving Gratitude. I am deeply grateful to be called daughter, sister, mother, friend and Love to those in my life. Thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I Send you My Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Allies Standing up into the LOVELIGHT Loving Gratitude. Thank you for Being here now. We feel our connection across SpaceTime and through the Flower of Life. I hear you within my Heart Portal. Thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I send you Loving Gratitude to my Country Women and Men of the USA. We are diverse like the Living Forest and this is what makes the USA strong. We are Amazing and I thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I send Loving Gratitude to all my Clients and Friends who have supported me and the Call to Purpose that I am following as I step forward into my Giftedness. Thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I send Loving Gratitude to Humankind. We are a Beautiful Ray of LoveLight. There is more of us than that of the Dark. Remember we are the Light fueled by Love. Love flows through all that is created, Love More, Expect Miracles. Thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I Send Loving Gratitude to the World. Thank you. My Life is beautiful because of the World that we live in. I see the Beauty of each moment. The Challenges I have faced in life have prepared me to truly have eyes to see and ears to hear. Thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I send Loving Gratitude to the Elementals: Thank you deeply from my Heart for your Assistance in Moving the Earth towards the New Earth Paradigm. Thank you for speaking through me, for enriching my life. Thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I send Loving Gratitude to the Inhabitants of the Earth. Those who exist just beyond the Consensus Reality that many that are Expanding Awareness can see. Those who do thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I send Loving Gratitude to Flowing Water from the Streams, Brooks, Creeks, Rivers and from the Lakes and Ponds, Aquifers, Underground Lakes and from natural springs and Sacred Wells, from the Wells and Waterholes, Oasis and cisterns and for Water held within pipes and vessels, water towers and water barrels, water flowing and falling from the sky as rain, sleet, snow, hail, fog and mist. Thank you Water. I am deeply grateful.

I send Loving Gratitude to the Forests, Grasslands, Savannahs, Prairies, Taiga, Marshes, Meadows, Gardens. I Send Loving Gratitude to the Trees and the Mycellium Network, to the Realms of Flora and Realms of Fauna. I am deeply Grateful. Thank you.

I send Loving Gratitude to the Mother Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess of All Goddesses. Thank you for speaking to me, through me, nurturing me and guiding me . Thank you. I am Deeply Grateful.

I Send Loving Gratitude to mySelf. I am so very thankful that I am Nowhere and Now Here at the same time. I am deeply grateful to live this life.

I Send Loving Gratitude to Fairyfarmgirl. Thank you for being with me ever gently offering guidance and speaking through me for the benefit of the Collective. Thank you. I am deeply Grateful.

I send you Loving Gratitude. I am deeply grateful for you.

Happy Day to you! Today in my country of USA we will be celebrating in each of our own ways the The National Holiday of Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

The Gratitudes will get you through. How? Simply by seeing life through the lens of Thankfulness and Gratitude.

I Am so Happy and Grateful for clean water to drink, cook with, bathe in, play in. I Am so Happy and Grateful for good nourishing food to eat. I Am so Happy and Grateful for beauty around me. I Am so Happy and Grateful for a Clean, Comfortable, dry Dwelling to live in, play in, work in, rest in.

I Am so Happy and Grateful….

I invite you to leave your Gratitudes below in the comments.

I bless you with LoveLight. I am deeply grateful. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving, Let us all Give Thanks to this Life and the Earth, Sky and the Sun, The Cosmos. I Bless you with Love.

Thanksgiving for some speaks to colonialism, and genocide. That is part of the story for many of those who are here in the USA. This story does not have to define you, or I . This story is changeable. I choose to see this time as an invitation to practice gratitude to come together with Friends and Family, to count my blessings and to bless others. We are each invited by LoveLight that is flowing alongside Discord to Love More and Expect Miracles.

The Energy has shifted as of Monday 11/23/2020. It felt like the pressure and the discomfort popped through and we are now in a new place and space on the Spiral of Life. Everyone is. Those who are just awakening– just beginning to stir from the Great Sleep are spooling up for an Expansion of Awareness. They will be so surprised and awed and shocked to find life is beautiful and different. Reach out and Reach up. The Energy has increasingly become more centered and calm. It is highly Energetic and that for those who are unaware can create volatility. It is a time to dust off the Compassionate Communication skills and stand firm in the LOVELIGHT as you interact with others. When you falter– forgive yourself, make amends and get back up and stand up into the LoveLight. Love More, Expect Miracles.

On 11/30/2020 the Moon will be Full! Happy Full Moon!

There are many Great Waves of Change Flowing to the Earth at this time. Practice Gratitude and Compassion. Assist others as you are able.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I bless you with Love.

–Elizabeth, Fairyfarmgirl

Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

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