Merry Christmas!

Blessings to All: Sisters and Brothers, Friends and Allies! Merry Christmas!

A Christmas Blessing: I send you Loving Gratitude. Let the Light that is flowing to the Earth wash over you. Let Light Flow to the Light within you, around you, throughout you. Let this Light be Expanded. Let all that is Light be filled with Love!

I choose Peace this is my prayer. Peace here in my Heart! Peace Everywhere.

I am spending the next 5 days with my blended family. We are having a lovely and lively Christmas Celebration. We are opening gifts lovingly selected. We are opening gifts from the Heart handmade and handcrafted. We are exchanging Loving Embraces and Fist-Bumps. We are wishing each other Merry Christmas.

FairyFarm style is about Gratitude, Graciousness, Love, Kindness and Generosity. We are so Happy And Grateful for the Amazing Abundance in our life. Thank you Universe! Thank you to those who have donated. Thank you to the Generosity of others. I send you Loving Gratitude.

Today, the snow from the Winter Solstice is all but melted. It is raining and very warm for this time of year on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, USA. It is a welcome respite from bitter cold weather.

So much is going on in the outer world. It is hard to keep up. We are all assisting each other in staying on our Celestial Surfboards as we surf this tsunami of Energy that is flowing to the Earth. We are made for this. We are here now to move forward on the Leading Edge of Something NEW. The New Earth Paradigm.

I asked aloud for a new tea pot for Christmas. I send this request out into the Universe. Today as my family and created and built and experienced our Christmas celebration I was given 4 teapots! LOL Each teapot was lovingly selected several are gently used and all are UNIQUE and represent an aspect of Elizabeth-Fairyfarmgirl. It is a great great gift to me. These times we are in are fertile with Potentiality. Speak it and feel it, and see it and it becomes!

5 is the Number of this Day! I bless all on this Day, December 25, 2020 with Love! For days now I have been seeing 555 everywhere. 555 represents inspired Change that leads to positive results that are proactive and A shift of Paradigm. The New Earth Paradigm is growing! The Tendrils are now stems and are beginning to leaf. The Roots are deeply growing. This change is challenging for those still clinging to the Patriarchy. The New Earth is here now. We are the Ones we were waiting for! Let us reach up and Reach out with our Hearts and Minds and Physical Proximity to Be the New Earth– the Leading Edge of something New!

5 is a Prime Number. It is one of the Root Numbers in Numerology and the Science of Love and Light. The number 5 heralds changes that are in process. These changes are not perceived until reaching a Milestone Awareness Nexus Point. These changes create the foundation for the building of the major developments and opportunities that are new. Change is continuous. Life is imperfectly perfect and by embracing the New Earth you create the New Earth. This requires focus and fortitude and perseverance and Creative Thinking as well as Fluid Intelligence and the use of your Innate Human Giftedness! Claim your Birthrights– Emancipate yourself by Loving Your Self free. Join with others and Mutually Cooperate and create Unity within yourself, your heart and mind and with others. The Earth is calling for Humankind to work with her and her systems and biospheres. We are symbiotic with our Loving and Generous Sentient Planet, Earth. I send Mother Earth Gaia , Great Goddess of All Goddesses Loving Gratitude.

Enjoy the slide show below of Christmas over the years here at the FairyFarm and Ol’Homestead and of my Abundance of Teapots!

Merry Christmas and Peace to you and yours! Love More and Expect Miracles!

We bless you with Love— Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

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