Happy Full Moon

The Last Full Moon of 2020! December 29 ,2020

What a year it has been. I must confess 2020 in many ways has been a good year for me. A lot of Firsts have occurred in my personal life as well as closure of that which no longer applies to my personal life has occurred.

The Global Pandemic has created new ways of connecting and relating. The Pandemic has given Humankind a Gift– the Gift of Discerning what is important in our lives– for our Family, for our Society, for our Culture— and it has also highlighted the areas to be improved upon. And has beckoned Humankind toward the New Earth Paradigm–

We must learn to be in harmony with ourSelf, others and the Earth and her systems. Being in Harmony does not require you to be a Raw Vegan or take on any Dogma. What it requires is to co-create Human Systems that Share More, Love More and see the Abundance of the Earth as a Generous Gift to be restored, upheld, protected, and shared. It means preserving Old Growth Forests. Restoring lands and waters that we have made a mess of– to Learn and Understand the Diversity of Nature and its Systems and to work with those Systems. How can you change your lifestyle to be more in harmony with Nature, the Biosphere, Mother Earth-Gaia and yourSelf and others? Hint: Change starts within you, begin with a small change and build from there.

RRRC is a small change. Gardening is a Small Change. Kindness is a Small Change. Or Go Big with your CHANGE.

Reuse Repurpose Reduce Recycle Compost

1999-2020 The Diversity of Change is apparent– just look at the list of groups and individuals that are on the Leading Edge of the New…


A Short list of Changemakers and New Ways of Living

Permaculture, Kin Design, Regenerative Agriculture, Natural Sequence Farming, Greening the World, Allan Savory, Living Soil Film,

Findhorn, How to Build a Forest, Great Green Wall of Africa, Coral Restoration Project, the Ocean Clean Up, Boyan Slat, Eleanor Elkus, Emily De Sousa, Paul Stamets, Mysellium Network,

Regenerating a Native Forest, Earthing,

Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Armand Amar, Anastasia Mikova, Nixiwaka Yawanawa,

Unity Village, Conestoga huts, Al Baydha Project,

Russ Finch, Sabarmatee, Bill Mollison, Manisha Lath Gupta, Eva úr Dímun, Kat Lavers,

Drummondville’s front yard vegetable garden,

Jack Herer – Emperor Of Hemp, Mainely Acres, Ian Lindsay, Food Is Free, Jim Kovaleski, Crop-Swap LA, Jamiah Hargins , Singapore’s Alan Lim: Community Bonding Through Farming,

There are many many others that are not named here.

This list was to show the scope of Changemakers to show how many of us there are : Sisters and Brothers Standing Up into the Love Light.

Begin Locally where you live. In your Neighborhood, town, village, city. Act Locally, influence Globally.

All is Interconnected. –Elizabeth

Community Bonding is very similar to Diversity of the Forest. There are many of us on Planet Earth who are on the Leading Edge of Something New. This Video I am guided to post here to show how Community Bonding begins. I make no claim to this video.

2020 has been a hard year to witness. The very best that I can do is to Send Loving Gratitude out to those who are calling for assistance. I send this Loving Gratitude to assist others in Transforming the Energy that is discordant. Loving Gratitude is the Most Transformative way in which to change the Energy within, through, around and to link that energy up to to other Energies. Loving Gratitude literally will change your Reality. Since March 13, 2020 I have been sending Loving Gratitude out and within. This practice continues to transform all that is around me in ways that I am just beginning to detect through Milestone Awareness. I wrote about Milestone Awareness way back when around the Spring Equinox on March 14, 2014– you can read about Milestone Awareness.

Earlier last week I celebrated the Winter Solstice and then Christmas with my family and Tom Bear. We co-created a beautiful time of celebration that was very magical for all involved–and especially for me, Elizabeth and Tom Bear. I relish remembering our fun time together as the Magic of Loving More created such Miracles and Manifestations in our individual and shared lives.

On the Full Moon, 12/29/20 Lots of Dream Time Travel and more….

I could barely stay awake last night! I fell asleep very early in the evening. I felt so drained ready to sleep.

Elizabeth Rockin’ her new Hat on the Full Moon Evening

I wore my new Rockin’ in the New Year Hat that I received as a gift from my Tom Bear.

Last Night and this was news to me, lol, I had a full dreaming schedule! I discovered this upon waking briefly between dreaming engagements.

It was a busy night!

The Moon was beautiful as I watched the Moonrise earlier…

What an Auspicious time Window this has been.

Lately, the Pleiadian Time Jumpers has been Jumping in and Out of our Timeline. They wished to convey that we have an opportunity to begin the Spooling Up to the Nexus Point of Miracles, Magic, Manifestation as a Body of Humankind to begin Creating the Foundation that the New Earth Culture will rest upon.

As we Build our New Earth Culture, it begins with each of us co-creating by way and through the HEART and through the Mind. Our Hearts and Mind must work together.

As we Unify our HEART individually we will Be Emancipating ourSelf and others. Simultaneously we will also begin to link up to each other like a Giant Flower of Life. Mutual Cooperation is the first Big Step for Humankind.

The Mother Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess then jumped into my Dreaming time. They-She communicated to me that the Second Big Step is Unity.

As we Love More, We will naturally choose to Repair our Surface Earth and her systems and we will begin to really see the Earth as a Living, Breathing Sentient Planet, our Beloved Earth. They-She knows that our Bodies which she created and our Souls which were created from Source Energy will begin to choose to Love More. It is not a return to an earlier state– more of a Continuation of an Old State that was shelved while we explored a more Dense and Intense version of Earth. She was very clear that the New Earth Paradigm is our only Life Choice at this time. We are also free to choose to end our Earth Sojourn.

The Life Choice and the New Earth Culture-Paradigm is a New Thought Constellation. Mother Earth-Gaia and Fairyfarmgirl spoke with me about this as I did a Reading a few weeks ago. The Intel is still valid and will continue to be so for many years.

Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth, We have also written previous Posts at Fairyfarmgirl Digest about the New Earth Epoch which you can also read about it here and here and here.

The Majority of Humankind wishes for the Life Choice. The New Earth Paradigm is ours to continue to Co-Create and to Build together as a Collective Body of Humankind. The Age of Aquarius is ushering in the New Earth Epoch. It is an Exciting Time to be living through.

The Earth is built with Biospheres that everything is Symbiotic. Everything eventually eats everything else. This is not bad. It is intelligent in its design. Each Biosphere relies upon its animals: Prey and Predator, Pollinator and Decomposers and all in between. This is simply the Web of the Flower of Life. There is no Judgement in Nature. There is only Relationship and Connection.

As We Love each other Free we will begin to see we are like the Living Forest. Each of us important, essential, unique, and yet part of the Whole. Diversity and Unity are the Rules of the Forest.

It is Time.

The other part of my Dreaming Time lately has been to explain to me that the Tarot Cards are Re-calibrating. This is something that I recently became aware of. The Symbolism has changed. We have Changed. The New Earth Paradigm has emerged– it is in its infancy and it is here. I found this to my astonishment to be true when I attempted to conduct a Tarot Reading for the Collective on 12/14/20 for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse. I was able to do an Intuitive Reading, the cards however would not cooperate. LOL

As I shuffled the Cards, No Cards Fell. When I attempted to do an Intuitive Draw, the cards refused to move– all sticking together. Then I heard laughter like little bells.

The Message was clear. It is time to Rest and Recalibrate as we pass through this Collective Window of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse, the Grand Conjunction, the Full Moon and into the New Year of 2021.

In my dreaming recently I was asked to return to my original format which was Intuitive Readings, Energy Sensing, Energy Transference and Re-patterning and As a Guide and Coach. The Cards will be added in as the Re-calibration comes to a close sometime after January 21, 2021.

Sacred Heart

The New Earth Epoch requires us to Connect with our Higher Self Energy in the Higher Dimensions. In my Dreaming TIme I am traveling upwards into these Places and Spaces. Travel is Instaneous and requires several Guides that Act as a Celestial Transport Spiral Ladder. The First leg of the journey the Elementals invited me to ride with them and we rose to the Moon. The Next part of the Journey after disembarking was to ride with the Pleiadian Time Jumpers. I joined them on their Living Ship, sort of like the ship Moya from the show “Farscape” We rode around the local Solar System doing a fly by Saturn and Jupiter where we stopped to chat with the Celestials that are the Souls of those Planets. It was thrilling to meet them. So beautiful and so very wise and Loving. From there the Time Jumpers and I continued on to the Milky Way where I fell asleep and awoke in the arms of the Ancestors. The Ancestors– Ascended Masters took me to the Realm of the Angels and Beyond the The Beyond… it is hard to explain at this time time with Human Language. It was here that I truly connected to the Greater All that I AM— I am That I Am…

I awoke briefly last night after this experience which was full of Awe and Wonder and also very much like coming home to myself. The Expansion of Awareness required me to reach up and reach out farther than I was aware I was capable of doing so.

Today I feel like I spent the day diving into the Surf at the Beach and riding the Wild to shore. I am still sorting this experience— coming into understanding the Experience. There was so much that I connected with and to– so much that I will be processing and learning from for years to come.

This Dreaming Time Experience has imbued me with a renewed sense of Call To Purpose. Lately I have been soul searching mySelf to understand as to whether I have made a difference in my time here on Earth. And I must admit I have called out to the Universe on more than one occasion. Does what I have done matter? Do I continue? What am I doing here? These and more questions have arose asking/seeking to be answered.

I have received the answer. YES. I matter and You Matter– We Matter. I send you Loving Gratitude.

I Bless you with Love. Love More, Expect Miracles



Pandemic Response: Ways to Help those in need: A Short List by Elizabeth

How Can I Help?

1. Start with your Community! Look around in your Neighborhood. Look Closely. Wear a Mask and Physically Distance.

2. Connect with your Neighbors. Introduce yourself. Be Friendly and Warm. Really listen. Ask Questions? “How are you doing?”

3. Walk your Neighborhood or Town. Find the Local NGO Charity BE the Change You Wish To See. Love More, Expect Miracles! that Feeds People, Clothes People, Offer Solace to People. These are YOUR NEIGHBORS.

4. Volunteer your Time, Share your Abundance. If you are also in Need, Sign Up and Educate your Neighbors that are also in need to Sign Up for Assistance from the Local NGO (Food Pantry, Clothing Thrift Store)

5. If you find there is no NGO in your Neighborhood. Start One! There are Countless Ways you can Directly Share and Indirectly Help your NEIGHBORS!

Cool Side Walk messages– to all on Beltane Day

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