Happy Mother’s Day!

I bless you with Love. Motherhood, and relationships with the child are often complicated. Love of the Universal Mother, Our Earth is ever Unconditional and Loving. Hug Your Mother Earth.

As a Mother, this role I have in this lifetime is the most joyous and arduous role. As I have Mothered my children, I have parented my inner child. As I am a daughter, I have Love for my Mother.

The Gifts of our ancestry is within our bones. We draw upon the Wisdom, and leave that which is not of use. We heal our Timelines by Loving ourselves free. It is through the Joy and Loving Gratitude we Emancipate ourselves and simultaneously Mutually Cooperate.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Let you be blessed with Loving Gratitude and Joy. —Elizabeth, Fairyfarmgirl

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Fairy Farm Girl Digest is about Expanding Awareness. Fairy Farm Girl offers Meditations, Tarot Readings and Spiritual Coaching and Lifestyle Advice.
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