Happy Super Moon, Flower Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Super Full Flower Moon

Lunar Eclipse

May 26, 2021 7:11 AM ET

I Bless you with Love! Love More Expect Miracles.

The Full Moon is evocative of Howling Wolves and Crazy Actions. For me, Elizabeth and Fairyfarmgirl It is a time of High Creativity. We absorb the Lunar Energy and use it to move forward into deeper understanding.

I usually call the Full Moon in May, the Flower Moon! Flowers are blooming everywhere in my area of the World in the Northern Hemisphere! It is late spring now and beauty abounds.

This Lunar Eclipse for my area happened at 7 ish in the morning as I was drinking my first cup of coffee sitting in the sun. So, uhmmm, no I did not “see” the Lunar Eclipse. Instead, I listened the birds all singing and calling, the soft percussion of the trees and the wind and the plants. I listened to the world around me awakening to the new day. And I felt a shift. The Energetic Shift was subtle– and very perceived. I feel as if I am at the Nexus Point of Magic, Miracles, Manifestation. I can really use all of those M’s in my Life now!

I feel energized! And ready to greet the New!

It has been awhile since I last wrote a blog post. A lot is going on in my life. Great Stuff!

Synchronicity abounds! The other day, I was driving along a stretch of road that has a lot of traffic lights. Usually I wind up having to stop every 1000 feet or so for less than 20 seconds….but on this day the other day I made 4 trips up and down this road and every single Traffic Light was green for the whole way. Green means go. It is time to move forward to go for it!

CHANGE means to embrace a New Beginning. Change is upon us all. This is a time to turn toward new directions, to go for it. There are important decisions to be made– consider your choices carefully. Embrace the new choices even if the outcome is unclear– Now is a time to say “Yes” to a new direction– a new way. Since this is also a time of being at a crossroads in many of our lives, re-evaluate what is a true desire and true need and be Courageous and Bold and Go For It!

Those of us who Self-Identify as Lightworkers, are being called to Purpose to assist others through the Guidance that flows through us as Intuitive, Empaths and Healers, Channels and Psychics, as the Creatrix and Wisdom Keepers. It is not our responsibility to help. Help is a word that is full of entanglement. It is our invitation, our Call to Purpose to Assist with our Capacity as Change Makers and Culture Shift Bearers. We are here now, we are the ones we have been waiting for! The New Earth Paradigm continues to Emerge! Fairyfarmgirl and I have written about this for years! It is my honor to be here now and part of the the first Pioneers who have laid the groundwork– the Energy and Thought Constellations to create the pathways the 2nd Wave and now the Gen Z are taking up and creating from these Energy and Thought Constellations that the Earth, the Cosmos and We have all created! I bless you with Love. It is though Human Emancipation that we will simultaneously Mutually Cooperate and create Unity.

Unity is a word that many find scary. There is this thinking error that Unity mean giving up Individuality. The Truth is through Unity there is greater Individuality and Sovereignty.

Fairyfarmgirl and The Beautiful Many and I have written about this here on this blog and on social media. It is so exciting to read about it here and here , these are throw back posts from way back in the day, 2012. Timeless is what Universal Truth looks like. Timeless.

Offer assistance after discerning through Intuition to know who or what requires and is willing to accept your Assistance. Assist in the Best Way you are able to do so and as you respond to the Invitation to the Call to Purpose the Guidance for you will be there so you are best able to Assist others. For many who are responding to the Invitation to Accept Call to Purpose, this means to offer Assistance the the Gift of Unconditional Mindfulness and Presence and Acceptance to others. What is meant by this is sometimes we just need to show up and be there now in the Now.

Changes abound this Spring. I must say it is not easy! I am in great need of an influx of Monetary Energy– I am so thankful for this Money that will Flow soon– even though I can not see it happening I am practicing Deep Gratitude for this Money that is very much necessary for me to continue to provide for myself and my children. If you feel so inclined please contribute to my GoFundMe page or purchase a Service or Product from my Emporium.

I now am working out of a little town nearby. It is an amazing opportunity to grow and to practice and to work with Fairyfarmgirl and others. I feel incredibly blessed. Look for me at the Gilman Farm at the Farm Art Collective. So Exciting!

Local Friends and Allies living or visiting New England, USA, I invite you to book a live session at the Gilman Farm Art Collective through me, please reach out! I assure you I will reach back. I invite all Readers to book a session. Email is the best way to book a session.

In March of this year, I injured my hand, wrist and elbow. My J.O.B. at the time required repetitive dynamic lifting of constantly changing circumstances and after 25 yrs of J.O.B.S. that are caregiving jobs that pay poorly with difficult at best working environments my body could no longer take the physical demands of the J.O.B. I was doing. This J.O.B. was not in any way or shape of form in alignment with my Giftedness. I lost the use of my hand, wrist and elbow on my right side. I had to resign my position. I have been denied Unemployment because my injury is not Covid-19 related.

I have healed myself using my own salve, Energy Work, Rest and Physical Therapy. I am at a place in my healing where I have regained movement. However, my days of repetitive, dynamic lifting in constantly changing circumstances are over. It is time for a Change.

I am here on Earth to use my Giftedness for the Changemaking and to cultivate Cultural Shifts assisting in the Pathways to the New Earth Paradigm. I am a Pioneer, one of the first Indigos to arrive on Earth– and at the time there were very very few of us. In 1972, it was not safe to be an Empath or Gifted for most people– especially for girls. Much has changed in the last 49 yrs that I have been on Earth– I have to the best of my ability (and abilities change as practice makes progress) to do the small part I am here to do.

Now I am in the position, to practice the Superpowers of Vulnerability and Humility, and at the same time I am building an Entrepreneurial Business that is very much my Calling! I humbly ask for your help. Purchase from the Emporium. Donate to the Gofundme page. Like me on Facebook. Subscribe to this page. Pray for me. Intend with me. Assist me as I assist others. From my Heart of Loving Gratitude to yours.

–Elizabeth Loabe and Fairyfarmgirl

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