Summer Solstice

Happy Solstice Dawn

I bless you with Love! Happy Summer Solstice! Life has taken many turns since the Solstice of 2020. I gave arrived at a new nexus point where Magic, Miracles, Manifestation Meet.

Fairyfarmgirl and I are integrating this new Energy Constellation. Expanding Awareness requires Loving self care and Faith in the Process.

Take time be with Mother Earth, Stand upon Sacred Ground wherever you are standing. The Sacred is found in the moment. Love More, Expect Miracles!

On this day, 20 years ago, I became a Mother. I am deeply blessed and humbled by this experience. Today I celebrate the Birth of mySelf and My son. We have traveled so far and Expanded Awareness in ways that are unknown to most. Life is a garden. Beauty abounds as you step forward planting seeds and growing into Expansion of Awareness. Our beginnings began in Manitou Springs, CO. This was the beginning of my Life Long Journey as a Mother in 2000. This Epic Journey begins with Trauma. Trauma is Initiation of the Modern disconnected Age that Sparks Expanding Awareness. I am the Hero of my Own Story. You, dear readers, are the Hero of your Own Story. The Trauma of homelessness and pregnancy, Domestic Violence, Material poverty and disenfranchisement occurred concurrently to an already existing Expansion of Awareness. Motherhood is a process of becoming more.

Peace Pilgrim and the Arcturians and Great Goddess Mother Earth-Gaia and all her Aspects from Realms of Flora and Fauna and The Elohim and God all walk this Journey with me as I grew into Motherhood and Birth my first child and My own Personhood. This is a tale of Himan Emancipation and The Giftedness of Connection. As I stepped forward I create my Life as a woman, Mother, Person, Human, Friend, Sister, Daughter, Aunt and as a Soul that which Animates this incredible body that I call myself. Love is not for theFainthearted. It is Gentle, Strong, Bad-Ass and Creative. Love sometimes means Standing Unmoveable in the way. No is often a Loving Response. It. Is. Not. Easy.

Fairyfarmgirl and I often write and speak about Love. Love as we define it is a Force that flows through All things. It is the Alpha and The Omega. Love is a We. We are Love.

Tears has fallen from my eyes many times. I cried and I have keened. This too is part of Love. I have fallen down and through Love I. Stood. Back. UP.

My herbal Allies are St. JOHN’S Wort, The Roses, and Mint. These powerful healers, Wise and Generous and Powerful grow just about Anywhere and are Wild at Heart. They protect themselves and offer up their Beauty for the Healing Presence to use for the Good.

On this Birthday, June 21 2021, A 3 Day in Numerology, I arose at Dawn to reflect on these Milestone Awarenesses. I captured in my mind’s eye this moment of Beauty. I have traveled far and looking back I see the coat-tails of God. The Portal to the Divine is through the Heart and Sacral Chakras. For Ignition both Chakras have to be open and aligned with Love. The other Chakras are Essential to this Merkaba-Torsion Field that our Human Body is designed to travel within.

Numerology 3 Represents Communication, Innovation, Creativity, Optimism and Curiosity. 3creates through Connection and cultivates diverse friendships across vast social groups. 3 Fosters Mutual Cooperation. Happy Summet Solstice!

God(dess) will use whatever is available to Spark Expansion of Awareness. We are the New Earth.

Today, is a Beautiful Summer Solstice Day. It marks the beginning of a 20 Year Cycle. So much Beauty flows from this River of Time.

I am no longer homeless. I am in a Loving and Safe relationship. I am a lifelong student of the Universal Laws of Attraction and Manifestation.

New Love has entered my Life. Nearly a year ago I met A Love. 2 Days before Solstice, he proposed marriage to me. I accepted. I am blessed with this Life.

My Giftedness is my Calling, my Call to Purpose.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I spent the say with my Dad and Natal Family. I feel deeply blessed to be here at the Ol’Homestead after the Year of Change we all experienced with the Disconnection of Covid 19 Quarantines.

Let us each Love Deeply. Life is interconnection like the Flower of Life. Each Circle, Sphere represents Expanding Awareness.

Love More, Expect Miracles,


I am baking a true Summer Solstice dish: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!

Let us Love Ourselves Free.

— Elizabeth-Fairyfarmgirl

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