July 4th and the World Wide Expansion of Awareness

Blessings to All throughout the Human World of Earth. July 4th here in the USA is a day of National Observance and National Pride and Allegiance to the Ideal of Universal Human Emancipation and Human Liberty.

Today in my area near the Hidden Coast of NH, USA it is a cool rainy morning. The Birds are singing. The Gardens have grown overnight due to the influx of much needed moisture after a very Hot spell of 90-105 F weather. The air smells fresh and new, cleared after so much Energetic Discord. It is usually a Sunny Hot Summer Day on the 4th of July. Today it is cold and rainy. The weather is supposed to warm and be partly cloudy by the Afternoon. The rain is much needed!

Happy 4th of July! A day celebrated by many in the USA culturally with picnics, cookouts, desserts of peach cobbler and strawberry shortcake and social gatherings., parades, speeches, and fireworks. and fires and sparklers and toasting marshmallows. The ways to celebrate is individual and diverse and yet part of a whole– every sub-culture in the USA that is part of the Culture of the USA will relate to the many ways the 4th of July is celebrated.

Today, at the FairyFarm we are going to have a cook out and peach cobbler and strawberry Rhubarb pie as well as a fire in our fireplace outside so we can gather socially and watch the fireflies this evening and roast marshmallows. I like mine to be burnt. How do you toast marshmallows? Leave a comment below.

I was enjoying my first cup of coffee, trying to find the inspiration and connect with the Collectives I communicate with when a Flock of Crows landed in my yard and began to speak loudly to me. Crows are synomous with Magic is Afoot, Change is in the Air, Not all things seem as they look like.

There is so much Discord in the Human World right now. Everywhere. And the fall out from Covid-19 Government Policies Social, Financial, Psychological, Spiritual and Emotional damage are evident as is the Biggest Social-Political-Financial Movements toward a More Equitable Human Society. Social Justice Issues are rising to the top to be seen by all. We, the People of the World, are experiencing Rapid Expansions of Awareness that for many of us, have required of each of us to be in a place of Standstill and Wait while we garner our Energy and feel/think/see our way to a New Earth Paradigm. We are the Ones We have Been Waiting For. It not you and I than who? We are the Change we wish to See.

As I write this, the Crows continue their conversations at the top of their beaks. It is loud and a bit like a cacophony. So many voices trying to each be heard above the other– its a lot like what we are seeing in the Media and on Social Media and in the Governments of the World as well as the Peoples response to the grasp for power by the Old Earth Patriarchy Paradigm. The New Earth Paradigm has emerged and it is not going away. The Rise of the Feminine has emerged and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. They are trying to by enacting Human Laws that are attempts to grab power– here is the thing– True Power can not be grabbed. It can only be held and shared like one hold and shares water– it is an Energy. — This Energy is present within each and every Heart on Earth. We are this Power– single and plural, alone and part of the group. We are the Flower of Life and all of its componets. The Single Drop contains the whole. Let us each Emancipate each other by Loving Each other Free. And at the same time, let us Mutually Cooperate to co-create the New Earth Paradigm.

I have to admit I am feeling depleted these days by the Energies that are swirling and Twirling around. It is not an easy Constellation to be going through– anywhere on Earth. Some of us are in better financial situations to deal with the Experience of this en-mass Expansion of Awareness. For this Pioneer, me Elizabeth-Fairyfarmgirl I am weary and tired. I am taking the time necessary for my own process and healing. “Healer, heal thyself” is an apt description of some of what is going on in my life– as well as “Healer, show a way to those who are in your life towards the Light.” I can only Lead by Example and beckon at the Doorway follow this way… And then there is the LAW of Karma and The LAW of RIght Action that are in play right now on our Earth. Lady Justice is playing a prominent role since the Summer Solstice and continuing on through the 4th of July.

Cosmic J U S T I C E is Karma. The Law of Cause and Effect is in play now as the areas of each life balances out. The saying “what goes around, comes around” is in play. The conditions of the World is showing this Law is active and working to assist us all in being in a New Earth Paradigm.

Sorry no Good Photos of the Crows that were in my yard! LOL

Crows are deeply individual and accept their own quirks. And yet, Crows work as Group providing mutual aid to each other and mutually cooperating while retaining their individuality. Crows are an example of Emancipation and Mutual Cooperation as well as the principles of the New Earth Paradigm of Universal Suffrage for all and Freedom and Cooperation among individuals and groups– Crows are audacious with their creative solutions to the problems they face as individuals and as a group. They also have wonderful intelligence and senses of humor and practice kindness and equitable relationships with each other and their allies. Crows have an innate sense of fairness and fairplay as well as loyalty to each other and the flock. Fairyfarmgirl and I consider these Corvids and all Corvids for that matter to be Sentient. I consider the Crows to be Allies to Humankind and to me.

In the Forest, Crows alert all to danger or changes they have intuited, observed or seen. They are Messengers for the Forest– and the Flora and Fauna of the Forrest. In towns and cities they also serve in this capacity.

Crows are tolerant and adaptable to changing circumstances. They also know when to cut their losses and leave to better digs. They do not make a last stand for something that has moved beyond its usefulness– habits, belief systems, organizing, areas to live. They know when to let go to move forward.

Crows practice Gift Economy. They are masters of this type of Economy is the basis of the New Earth Paradigm Economy as is Social Democracy and Earth Dweller Rights (Human and Sentient Animals, Flora and the Planetary Body) Clean Water, Good Organic Food, Safe, Comfortable, Dry, Harmonious Housing, Climate Appropriate Clothing, Health Care and Empowered Safety and Raising of Young including Emotional, Mental, Psychological, Physical, Spiritual Empowering Individual and Social Development. All of this as well as the Care of the Planetary Body of Earth-Gaia and all her Sentient Systems is part of the New Earth. It is not more household RRRC– it is more than that– this is the Co-Creation of Harmonious Systems with our Human Homeworld Earth and diverse Biospheres throughout the many Climates and Micro-Climates of the World. To do this we, the body of Humankind, as individuals will have to step up– from the Inspired Service to Others Elite (yes they do indeed exist and unlike in the past much harder to burn at the stake by the Service to Self- Negative Elite) to everyone else. Industry must be changed and retooled to be more harmonious with our Planetary Body, Mother Earth -Gaia. This is to the benefit of each Human and Wild Forest. The Crows call our Cities and Towns and Villages as “Human Forests.”

We are each being Called to Purpose to Let Go of that which no longer serves and to Move Forward into the New Earth Paradigm. What have you been dreaming of — what have you caught a glimpse of — almost like seeing the coattails of God(dess) that is Calling you to Purpose. Each individual of Humankind has a role to play in the Co-Creation of the New Earth. Each has a Gift. Give of your Gift as you are Called to Purpose.

To my Fellow Americans here in the USA and Abroad, I wish you a very Happy 4th of July. I bless you with Love. God Bless America and God Bless the World.

July 4, 2020

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