About Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

Elizabeth is known to many as Fairy Farm Girl.  She has been on the Path since her first Expanding Awareness experience in 1995.  She is a gifted Teacher, Intuitive, Artist, Tarot Reader, Writer and Poet. She is a Leader, Teacher, Creatrix Forest Earth Wise Woman and More.

Elizabeth speaks more on Creatrix: I am Creatrix– deeply connected within my own Sacred Geometry as Divine Feminine: Source Energy, Creative, empowering of Heart, Mind, Spirit, Body, Soul. I claim my Sovereign Birthright as a Guardian and Protector of the Miracle and Magic and Mystery of the Life. I walk through my own shadow to stand up in the Light. I seek to connect to the Divine Masculine which is a search that must be turned inward by way and through the Heart and the calling into my own Beingness to live freely, fully, creatively integrating the shadow into my personal sacred geometry. I honor the Earth and her cycles for I am with the Earth. I am with the Moon. I am with the Elementals. I reside there within and throughout– navigating the Spaces in between. This Power of Co-Creation and the Phoenix rise within and through me– flowing ever moving as a Creatrix.


Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth assists others as a Spiritual/Life Guide/Coach, Tarot and Intuitive Readings, As a Creatrix and more.

Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth guides you.  She is a Communicator, Teacher, and Healer working with Energy, Mother Earth and all of Nature (Plant Allies, Mineral Kingdom and Spirit Animals), and the Guides, Helpers and Guardians of the Cosmos.   Her many gifts are offered in Service to Others so that they may walk their Earth Life with greater Ease, Joy and Love.

Elizabeth- Fairyfarmgirl is a woman, Soul, Spirt and Mother of 3. She also shares her home with 4 guinea pigs, and Stella the wonder Dog. She is a consumate Gardener and small lot farmer of Plants, Sprit, Soul, and now chickens. She communes with the birds, speaks with the animals and can see the Omens as they unfold. She is this and so much more.

Let Us Gather Our Hearts

Love Wisdom Kindness Compassion Gratitude

She is the most wise and grounded Creatrix that I have ever met. She is the Real Deal! “– R.S.

“I was very pleased with the 5 card tarot reading that you gave me! You easily picked up what was important to me and how I could enhance my connection to balance my masculine & feminine aspects as well as some practical ways to improve my health through visualizations and physically connecting with my special friends the trees and mycelium network. I found that the juniper resin and leaves have a very pleasant scent and is known for its grounding and anchoring properties, and can be used as a daily purification smudge. I added a wild desert lavender to the mix that I found growing in the same area.

I will be guided by the messages that you found in the cards and the connection between the worlds. Thank you for the reminder to meditate and find my sovereignty.” –-J.L.

“Elizabeth-Fairy’s abilities to see beyond the veil of normality have shed Light on my own life in a magical way.  Elizabeth -Fairy have guided me through some challenging and amazing times in my life. I am very thankful for her guidance. ” –Nick M.

“Elizabeth-Fairy Farm Girl, Gentle and positive reminders delivered in a friendly loving way'” -Andrea S.

“She Keeps it simple.”  -Will.S.

“Elizabeth (Fairy Farm Girl) is a gifted, heart-centered, deeply intuitive, caring person. She is clearly tapped into the awareness of higher consciousness, and brings forward the information she shares with passion and compassion.”  — E. Barron.  

“Elizabeth, Fairy Farm Girl, intuitive card reader, communications with the forest beings and herbalist, are among her many gifts that I am aware.  Elizabeth has helped me though some of my most difficult times with compassion and practicality.  She has a open heart and direct way about her that infuses honesty into any situation you have need of guidance. It is my pleasure to be able to recommend her for guidance into your life…” –J.L.

  “Elizabeth-Fairy created a space that fed me and assisted me in healing my Heart guiding me back to my center. The guidance that flows through her is spot on”  –Sarah O.