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The New Moon: A Time of Rebirth of the Earth

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July 4th and the World Wide Expansion of Awareness

I was enjoying my first cup of coffee, trying to find the inspiration and connect with the Collectives I communicate with when a Flock of Crows landed in my yard and began to speak loudly to me. Crows are synomous with Magic is Afoot, Change is in the Air, Not all things seem as they look like. Continue reading

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Summer Solstice

I bless you with Love! Happy Summer Solstice! Life has taken many turns since the Solstice of 2020. I gave arrived at a new nexus point where Magic, Miracles, Manifestation Meet. Fairyfarmgirl and I are integrating this new Energy Constellation. … Continue reading

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Happy Super Moon, Flower Moon and Lunar Eclipse

CHANGE means to embrace a New Beginning. Change is upon us all. This is a time to turn toward new directions, to go for it. There are important decisions to be made– consider your choices carefully. Embrace the new choices even if the outcome is unclear– Now is a time to say “Yes” to a new direction– a new way. Since this is also a time of being at a crossroads in many of our lives, re-evaluate what is a true desire and true need and be Courageous and Bold and Go For It! Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I bless you with Love. Motherhood, and relationships with the child are often complicated. Love of the Universal Mother, Our Earth is ever Unconditional and Loving. Hug Your Mother Earth. As a Mother, this role I have in this lifetime … Continue reading

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Happy Oestara. Happy Easter

As predawn gave way to Dawn, the Hawk cried out– like in the movies– that Hawk sound. And the Chickadees, sang their song. Followed by the Doves and the Robins and the Crows. The Grackles that live in the shed thrummed with their wings taking off for the break-fast meal to feed their offspring. The sun is shining. The trees are budding out. Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day and The Year of the Metal Ox

I send Loving Gratitude to you! Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Allies, there is so very much going on in our outer and inner worlds. The Shift of the Ages has begun. The New Earth Paradigm is anchored. We are … Continue reading

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Happy Celestial New Year

January 13, 2021 is the Celestial New Year. The Wheel of the Ages has Shifted to the Age of Aquarius. The Energies of Capricorn and Aquarius and the New moon in Pluto is grounding and uplifting energy of Creation and … Continue reading

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A Walk through the Year with Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth Continue reading

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Happy Full Moon

This Dreaming Time Experience has imbued me with a renewed sense of Call To Purpose. Lately I have been soul searching mySelf to understand as to whether I have made a difference in my time here on Earth. And I must admit I have called out to the Universe on more than one occasion. Does what I have done matter? Do I continue? What am I doing here? These and more questions have arose asking/seeking to be answered. Continue reading

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