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Sunday Specials: The Early Edition of Flowing with the Heart’s Movement

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”― Rumi   Blessed Friends, much Light is streaming to the Earth.  The Flow of LightLove is immense and unprecedented in our collective memory.  This Sunday’s ezine is an early addition.  As … Continue reading

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The Potentials for December 2012 and onward are exciting!

The potentials for the next 30 days are really very exciting.  Fairy Farm Girl and I call them potentials because they require probability to exist.  This probability is determined by intention, focus, emotion and action.  This is on the individual … Continue reading

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The Earth, the Flower of Life, and the Individual: All is Interconnected

We are but blades of grass, each is individual and unique and yet part of the whole field. As the blades of grass, expand their awareness and open to the Love already present within and throughout and around, they come … Continue reading

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