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Summer Solstice

The Creatrix is deeply connected within my own Sacred Geometry as Divine Feminine: Source Energy, Creative, empowering of Heart, Mind, Spirit, Body, Soul. Continue reading

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Grace abounds through the Hero

Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth speak about becoming your own Hero Continue reading

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Grateful Love

Light Invocation I bless you with Love.  I bless myself with Love.  Let Light Flow to your Light.  Let your Light be expanded within you, throughout you, around you.  Let all that is Light be filled with Love.  —Elizabeth Let … Continue reading

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The Change is within: The Chrysalis Effect

March 21, 2013 Equinox Beloved Ones: When the butterfly enters chrysalis, the physical caterpillar body dissolves and is re-organized and resurrected as a butterfly. Many of are in the dissolving state, the emerging state, the wing exercising state.  Many are … Continue reading

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The Higher Dimensional Aspects of You and Me and Everybody: Yep, It’s All Interconnected

The post-11/28/12 and previous 11/11/12 have created a Pathway to LoveLight, world wide.  There are many wondering, what is next? It is time to Answer a Call to Purpose The old ways still exist.  And yet, there are reports trickling … Continue reading

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The Trees and Thanksgiving

The Trees of Earth, nurture humanity and all life on earth with their life giving love.  All life on Earth breathes in this Life with each breath.  Trees, Beautiful Standing Ones.   They are the Guardians of the Realm of … Continue reading

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Gratitude, Peace Creating-Anchoring and Dreaming: All is Interconnected

What are you Grateful for?  I am Grateful that I am here on Earth now… Reflections of these past few days and Gratitude, Love and Light I am exceedingly thankful and full of gratitude that I was able to weather … Continue reading

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Interconnectedness: Coming Together in Mutual Cooperation

  Today I am in the midst of an early snow storm in October here in the upper Southeast of the USA where I currently reside. I am in awe at the gentle softness of the falling snow.  The clean, … Continue reading

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