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Happy Valentine’s Day and The Year of the Metal Ox

I send Loving Gratitude to you! Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Allies, there is so very much going on in our outer and inner worlds. The Shift of the Ages has begun. The New Earth Paradigm is anchored. We are … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice

The Creatrix is deeply connected within my own Sacred Geometry as Divine Feminine: Source Energy, Creative, empowering of Heart, Mind, Spirit, Body, Soul. Continue reading

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Grace abounds through the Hero

Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth speak about becoming your own Hero Continue reading

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Beauty: Love More and Expect Miracles

  Good Greetings and A Happy 2nd Day of October!  October is a month of change– Autumn is gearing up and nearing a fullness of color in the Temperate parts of Surface Earth… in other places it is spring… and … Continue reading

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Global Water Meditation

Water is everywhere.  There is ONE Ocean– Humans like to say  there are different Oceans and Seas, and yet, there is only ONE ocean.  The Ocean circulates around the land masses of the continents and islands of the Earth. It … Continue reading

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The Trees and Thanksgiving

The Trees of Earth, nurture humanity and all life on earth with their life giving love.  All life on Earth breathes in this Life with each breath.  Trees, Beautiful Standing Ones.   They are the Guardians of the Realm of … Continue reading

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Love is Powerful: Today is a New Day

Asking and Ye Shall Recieve   Today has been a day of Cascading Love flowing to me from those near and far– Cosmically and up through the Inner Earth.  A Pulse from Gaia-Mother Earth was felt by me early yesterday … Continue reading

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Integrating Red and Blue Create Purple-Violet: Interconnectedness

Red and Blue integrated create the color ray of Purple-Violet.  This is the interconnectedness of opposites.  The Purple-Violet Ray is a healing tool called the Violet Flame.  This Flame is a ray of Color and Sound and Light that transmutes … Continue reading

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Vote: Radiant Light is within You and me and Every Body

Voting is happening all over the world through the focus of mind and emotion.  It is the way the Collective Consciousness is changed or kept the status quo. Vote:  Radiant Light is within You and me and Every Body Recently, … Continue reading

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The Whole World is Interconnected: LOVE

We are all interconnected.  Imagine if you will a infinite ceiling made up of distinct ceiling tiles all interconnected.  Each tile is individual and beautiful and unique and yet each tile is part of the whole.  If one tile is … Continue reading

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