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A little bit about Elizabeth-Fairyfarmgirl

Welcome to The Emporium! So Happy you are here!

I am known to many as Fairy Farm Girl.  I have been on the Path since my first Expanding Awareness experience in 1995. I am a gifted Reader, Intuitive, Spiritual/Life Coach, Teacher, Creatrix-Forest Earth Wisewoman and as ab Artist, Writer and Poet.  

I assist others as a Spiritual Guide/Coach /Teacher/ Creatrix through the use of Tarot, Intuitive Readings, and Messages, Intuitive Art, Poetry and Dreamwork.

I am dynamic and timeless present here now and nowhere.

As Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth I will guide you.  I serve as a Communicator, Teacher, and Healer working with Energy, Mother Earth and all of Nature (Plant Allies, Mineral Kingdom and Spirit Animals), and the Guides, Helpers and Guardians of the Cosmos.  My many gifts are offered in Service to Others so that they may walk their Earth Life with greater Ease, Joy and Love. I Bless you with Loving Gratitude.

—–Elizabeth and Fairyfarmgirl

“Elizabeth (Fairy Farm Girl) is a gifted, heart-centered, deeply intuitive, caring person. She is clearly tapped into the awareness of higher consciousness, and brings forward the information she shares with passion and compassion.”  — E. Barron.  

Tarot Readings

Elizabeth, Fairy Farm Girl, intuitive card reader, communications with the forest beings and herbalist, are among her many gifts that I am aware.  Elizabeth has helped me though some of my most difficult times with compassion and practicality.  She has a open heart and direct way about her that infuses honesty into any situation you have need of guidance. It is my pleasure to be able to recommend her for guidance into your life…” –J.L.

Card Reading

Blessing to you! As an Intuitive and Creatrix, I tell the Story that the Tarot Reading presents to me as I read your cards through Intuition, Psychic Impressions and Communication with the Ancestors, Guides, Angels and Beings of LoveLight and Fairyfarmgirl. This is the Nexus of Manifestation, Miracles and Magic!

I act as a Storyteller/Communicator between you, the seeker and the cards. You make your own choices. A Tarot Reading is simply a tool to assist you in gaining information that you may have been unaware of to assist you in living the best version of your life.

Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth <3

Book your Tarot Reading!

Tarot cards are widely used for guidance navigating the Spiritual path and Expansions of Awareness. A Reading with a Creatrix and Intuitive Practitioner, I will guide you in revealing and uncovering your potential paths to wholeness. Tarot is often thought of as predictions of what is going to happen— the Truth is beyond that. Tarot shows the Themes and Trends and High Potential Futures based on the Now. The Future is made in the moment.

3 Card Reading

3 Card Mini Reading


Tarot cuts through the noise and possible confusion to assist you in seeing the Highest Potential. The Reading beckons you to consider next steps based on changes you are invited to consider in the present. Tarot often reveals and identifies the root issues that are often unseen. This Inspires you to action in new ways of being and relating– you are a Sovereign Soul.

5 card Reading

I Bless you with Love. Thank you!


Full Reading

I Bless you with Love! Thank you!



Pick your own price! I bless you with Love! With Gratitude I welco


“Elizabeth-Fairy’s abilities to see beyond the veil of normality have shed Light on my own life in a magical way.  Elizabeth -Fairy have guided me through some challenging and amazing times in my life. I am very thankful for her guidance. ” –Nick M.

Guided Meditation

Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth creates such a calming presence that come through as if she is beside you. I immediately felt more in control of my life and myself. She is the real deal. I am deeply grateful for this meditation that is so perfect and timely for me! –Mary B.

Guided Meditation

Intuitive Guided and Channeled Meditation! The Guided Meditation will be recorded or written and sent to you via email. Elizabeth-Fairyfarmgirl will create a 5-10 minute Meditation tailored for you! This meditation can be accessed by only you and listened to as many times as you choose.


She keeps it Simple! –William S.

Intuitive Spiritual/Life Coach, Readings and Chats

Seeker Synchronicity Awakening Empath Expanding Awareness Guidance and Coaching

Expanding Awareness Assistance is a service Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth Offers to those who self-identify as Awakening, Evolving, Transforming, Blossoming and/or in need of a Spiritual/Life Coach and/or Guide .

Intuitive Reading/Spiritual Guidance/Coaching Chat

An Intuitive Chat to assist you in Expanding Awareness! Purchase more than one for a longer reading/chat.


Fairyfarmgirl and Elizabeth are spot on. –Anna G.

Creatrix -Forest/Earth WiseWoman

Wise Woman/Energy Working Chat

I will share the Wisdom that flows through me and perform Energy Work via video chat, email, or online and through the Space-Time Threads of the Flower of Life. Ask for Assistance. $30.00 per 1/2 hour


Forest/Earth/Cosmic Creatrix Coaching

Ask for Assistance. Through an exchange via words and Energy I will assist you though Coaching. $60.00 per each 45 minutes.


Forest/Earth/Cosmic Creatrix Guiding

Ask for Assistance. And a Teacher will show up. I am that Teacher. Fairyfarmgirl Flows through me as do the Ancestors and the Collectives that I work with. I am also A Wise Woman and and Energy Worker. I am a Creatrix. My Gifts are many. Ask for Assistance and I will share these Gifts with you. $100.00 per 60 minute sessions via video chat, in person or online.



Glitter Fairy Dust

Hand Crafted Glitter Fairy Dust and Herbs and more. Glitter Fairy Dust with a Crystal! A Fairyfarmgirl Gift to you! This Glitter is Magical packaged in a Glass Vial. The stones and crystals are Amulet Quality. All presented in a beautiful Ethereal Tulle Bag. Perfect Gift for your Magical Loved One in your Life. Elizabeth-Fairyfarmgirl will lovingly and Intuitively select the perfect Glitter Fairy Dust for you. This is a handmade product and is very unique!


Sweet Fern grows wild! Fairyfarmgirl and I wild gathered this Ancient and Powerful Herbal Ally. Elizabeth wildcrafted an infused oil with the Sweet Fern. Sweet Fern is useful for massage, magical and manifestation workings.

Sweet Fern Infused Oil

Sweet Fern Infused Oil


New Products added daily!

Be on the look out for Salves, Magic Stones and Art and more!

Let Us Gather our Hearts with Loving Gratitude— Elizabeth and the Fairy Farm Team

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While Water speaks to us as the tides ebb and flow and we Intuitively are connected like the Flower of Life Pathways— there are easier ways to contact Fairyfarmgirl and Elizabeth. Use the Email below. Earth Based Communication: